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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 News And Updates

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All Mortal Kombat Referencses And Easter Eggs In NBA Jam Plus More

by Roy Arkon on Oct 5, 2022 :: 0
In 1994, Midway released one of their most successful and popular games ever, NBA Jam. On top of everything the game had to offer, it also included a ton of Mortal Kombat secrets and Easter Eggs, from references to already-released MK games in Mortal Kombat 1 and Mortal Kombat II, to hints for the release of Mortal Kombat 3 Vanilla which came to fruition the following, to even having several MK characters making to the game as hidden guest characters. These are the 3 playable MK Ninjas of MK2, Reptile, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, along with Raiden. That's not all though, as NBA Jam actually had hidden Fatalities, which could've happen by pushing players from the opposing teams with the MK characters. Guess it is only natural, when there are MK characters and voidance involved, it's gonna go down to Fatalities :lol:

And top of that, this game also had references for other already-existing and future Midway games, such as an advert for WWE WrestleMania: The Arcade Game, which would be released the following year.

That being said, the MK characters have been taken out of later revisions of the game. Thankfully, longtime fighting game YouTuber named Desk has managed to get an earlier version of the game, showcasing how to unlock the MK characters and Fatalities, along with all of the refences and Easter eggs, both that are related not relegated to MK.

Check out the video from Desk below, enjoy.

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Is MK4's Arcade Port Being Re-released In The Future?

by Roy Arkon on Sep 28, 2022 :: 0
Arcade1Up has already re-released all of the Mortal Kombat games from the Arcade era that have been released in the Arcades: Mortal Kombat 1, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3 Vanilla and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and more than once actually. There is however, on exception, and the game in question is Mortal Kombat 4. While that game is available on GOG, this is the PC port of MK4, and while it is good for what it is, it's a far cry from the original Arcade version. As a matter of fact, all home ports of MK4 didn't get close enough to the Arcade version, as MK4 was developed with a special graphic chip called Zeus, developed by Midway themselds, and that caused all of the home ports of the game to be very far in quality from the Arcade version, unlike the 2D MK games which all had at least one great home port each, even back in the 90's.

It seems however that there is a movement for bringing back MK4 in it's Arcade version, along with the proper hashtag of #FreeMK4. Ed Boon himself noticed that and responded to it with this Tweet, showcasing an MK4 Arcade cabinet with the iconic Quan Chi side panel along with an image of Quan Chi himself from Mortal Kombat XL:
Of course there is no guarantee that this will lead to anything, but the movement to bring back the Arcade version of MK4 seems to be going strong. A similar movement happened not too long ago for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 from the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, which ultimately led the re-release of that game by Arcade1Up just a few weeks ago, and it already sold out. On top of that, while Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios are ultimately bent to the authority of WB Games, Boon can have a convincing speech with WB when it comes to crucial or very beneficial matters, such as he did for the PC port of MKXL. Yes we all know how it began, and it's still like that for an extend even now, but it's still at a much better state nowadays, and it's all thanks to Ed Boon.

All things considered, this can lead to the re-release of MK4 in it's original Arcade version to finally come to fruition, at the very least via Arcade1Up, if not even via home consoles and PC as well. Let's hope that WB would see the value in such investment, which will at end benefit everyone.

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History Of Weapons In The Mortal Kombat Games

by Roy Arkon on Jul 29, 2022 :: 0
The fighting game genre had weapon-based fighting styles being used and showcased across multiple games and across multiple franchises, and the Mortal Kombat franchise is one of them. While it was never a full-on weaon-based series like Soul Calibur or Samurai Shodown, MK had weapons being used for the vast majority of it's games and for a vast majority of characters in the series, with the weapons having their level of usage, visibility and gameplay impact being changed from game to game, and in some cases, from character to character.

In his newest video, Ketchup breaks down everything that weapons have brought to the MK series, from Mortal Kombat II all the way to Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate.

Author's note: Technically speaking, the MK series started to have weapons since Mortal Kombat 1, but it was only with Scorpion and Kano and with only 1 special move each (Scorpion's Spear and Kano's Knife Toss), while MK2 was the game that really gave the signs of things to come for the series as the concept of weapons has been used for more characters and not only way more than just one special move, but Fatalities as well.

Check out the video from Ketchup below, enjoy:

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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Jade PCS Statue

by Roy Arkon on Jul 22, 2022 :: 1
The Mortal Kombat franchise has had a long line up of figurines and statues, and Premium Collectibles Studio just came with an all-new MK statue, which is already available for pre-order.

This is a Jade statue, this is a 1:3 scale statue and it features Jade in her Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 outfit. Also comes with her classic purple Staff and Glave and with to versions of heads (masked and unmasked) and with a standing plate that came straight out of the Dead Pool.

UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 2
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
UMK3 Jade PCS Statue 1
If you wish to pre-order this statue, click here.

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Did Injustice 2 Have Brutalities?

by Roy Arkon on Mar 2, 2022 :: 6
As you know, Mortal Kombat XL reintroduced the Brutalities as mid-match condition-based Finishers, rather than the long combo-based ones that they were in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and then they were brought back in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate. However, did you know that Injustice 2 also had Brutalities, or at least they were planned to be included there?

As discovered by a YouTuber named Ermaccer, IJ2 had a few, hidden and scrapped Brutalities for 3 characters: Aquaman, Supergirl and Superman, all whom were included in the roster for the IJ2 beta, which means that these were originally planned to be in the game, but then the whole idea was scrapped before the game's release, and these Brutalities were remain hidden in the game's files all along.

As you can see in the video below, Aquaman's Brutality is just leftovers of it that only include Aquaman's winning pose and the opponent's final defeat animation. Supergirl's Brutality, while also remain in leftovers form, can be "manually" billed together again, as it is clear that the opponent's final defeat animation of that Brutality, in which the opponent remains stuck with his/her head and torso in the ground, is supposed to be attached to Supergirl's throw, in which Supergirl throw the opponent high into the sky, causing them to land on the ground, headfirst. And finally, we have Superman's Brutality, which is the most complete one, with the opponent, or at least Deadshot (as he is the one shown in the video), having reaction voice to it. In this Brutality, Superman shoots the opponent 3 times with his Heat Vision, causing the opponent to fall to the ground, seemingly killing the opponent.

As shown with both Brutalities from Superman and Supergirl, it's very clear that these Brutalities were planned to look like the Heroic Brutalities from Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, as they are indeed Brutal, but not necessarily fatal like the Mortal Kombat Fatalities or Brutalities. It will be interesting to know why these Brutalities were scrapped from the final game, as the idea of IJ2 having this feature is a pretty big deal. In the words of Atom from IJ2: "What a remarkable discovery"! :mrgreen:

All we can do now is wait and see if NetherRealm Studios and/or WB Games ever tell us the answer to this question.

Check out the video from Ermaccer right here, enjoy.

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