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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Glitches

Arcade, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES


Abbreviation Move Abbreviation Platform
B Back A Arcade (Default)
F Forward SG Sega Genesis
Up Up SS Sega Saturn
LP Low Punch XB XBox 360
HP High Punch PS PlayStation 2/3
LK Low Kick NDS Nintendo DS
HK High Kick PC PC (Windows)
BL Block
R Run

Arcade Glitches

Shang Tsung Can't Morph

Choose Shang Tsung and any other character (For example Kitana). On the VS screen enter 444-444 (Randper Kombat) Kombat Kode. The round will start and your opponent will morph. Shang Tsung will morph too but only for a second and then he will morph back. Only his Lifebar will say the name of the fighter he was supposed to morph into.

No Way-out

When in the test menu, if you enter the hardware info section you will not be able to exit (on bottom of screen it says press any button to exit but you cannot.). To play the game you will have to reset it.

Kabal's Wrong Sweep Frame Glitch

If Kabal is swept, and that sweep is the last attack; meaning you KO Kabal with a sweep, he will lie on the ground in the wrong frame. If you sweep him without winning, he lies down normally.

Messed up Colors

Note: Not for Arcade. 1. Once you unlock the three hidden characters (Mileena, Ermac, and Classic Sub-Zero), the colors on the "Choose Your Fighter" and "Choose Your Destiny" screens will be totally messed up.

2. Sometimes resetting the machine during a game yields wrong colors on the difficulty selection screen. Seems to be a bankswitching problem. It also happens if you let the attract mode, run for a long time and start the game.

Get Ov...

Choose Scorpion and perform his spear move. He will say "Get Ov..." or "Come..." instead of "Get Over Here" or "Come Here". This bug only existed in the arcade in revision 1.0 of UMK3. The later 1.1 and 1.2 revisions did not have this bug. In MAME the two later versions DO have this bug, which is not correct.

No Shadows

In the Kombat Temple background when you jump your shadow disappears behind the second background frame.

Messed Up Arenas

1. In Kahn's Kave, there are a few tiles missing in the background. Can you see the black areas on the screenshot.

2. Some backgrounds have problems when the screen fades, and when the continue screen appears. The lowest background layer will fade too late compared with the rest of the screen, and when the continue screen appears the lowest background layer will just disappear. This happens in at least the following stages: The Graveyard, The Waterfront, Jade's Desert.

Nightwolf's Reflection Shield Glitch

When Reptile's acid spit hits Nightwolf's reflection shield and its reflection hits Reptile, you will hear Sindel's scream.

Note: This glitch also work for the Genesis version.

Babality Killers

Do a forceball with player two, have the two characters appropriately position themselves so that the forceball will hit player 1 after the Babality starts, once the baby appears, and the forceball hits, you are free to attack the baby, where tons and tons of glitches and screen destroying bugs will happen.

2 On 2 Move Cancel Glitches

1. Player 1 is Ermac, P2 is anyone, beat them with a HP out of the air, and cancel to a telekinetic slam, they will bounce off the screen.

2. Player 1 is Kabal, player 2 is anyone, beat player two with the HP out of the air, spin, attack P2 with an extended juggle and they will either fly off the screen or get stuck for the rest of the round.

3. P1 Scorpion, Hp cancel to harpoon with Scorpion, make P2 jump, they will go into wobble frames in air, Scorpion can then do a full juggle combo.

4. P1 is Sub-Zero, HP cancel to freeze, P2 gets stuck in air and when they get out of the freeze they will fall extremely slowly to the ground.

Lie On The Ground

Only in 2 on 2. Beat anyone with Sheeva's stomp. The next character will come out and fall on the ground, sometimes running under Sheeva and she jumps over them.

Scorpion's Fatality Glitch (Revision 1.1)

If you perform Scorpion's Pack Fatality on the subway the game will reset.

Jax' Fatality Glitch

Do Jax's grow and stomp fatality with the character against the wall and the screen will push over many extra layers that are not visible on screen so the side of the screen will loop.

Ermac Glitch

Air throw Ermac out of his teleport punch before he leaves the screen and he will disappear and stay that way until hit again.

Sheeva's Block Glitch

Hold down and block with Sheeva and block a ground combo, release down and she will not stand up (only character who does this).

Smoke's Glitch

Try perform some of Smoke's finishing moves while he is invisible.

Note: This glitch works on Sega Genesis too.

Mercy Bugs

1. Just throw a grenade with Cyrax while performing mercy and see what happens.

2. Release a regular missile when playing as Sektor and perform Mercy.

3. Perform Mercy after you throw slow forceball with Reptile.

4. Hold Low Kick, if you play with Liu Kang, Jax or Kano, while doing Mercy and release it.

5. Do the same with Mileena, but this time hold High Punch.

6. Press Up at the last moment with Sheeva to perform her Teleport Stomp.

Note: This glitches also work for Sega Genesis, SNES, Sega Saturn.

Sektor's Fatality Glitches

1. Throw rocket with Sektor and at last moment perform his dead press fatality. The victim will move away from the crush hit by the rocket, and crush will smash him without touch him.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn too.

2. Play Sektor vs Sektor in 2 player games, and while before you win, let the other Sektor throw a regular missile. Then kill him and while the rocket is flying over perform crash fatality. The screen goes black but you'll be hit by the rocket and you can still do moves or stage fatalities.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn too.

Nightwolf Fatality Glitch

Perform Nightwolf Light fatality on Cyrax, Smoke or Sektor, when in the corner and see what will left oft from the cyber ninja.

Scorpion's Fatality Glitch

Perform Scorpion's Fatality (F, F, D, Up, R (close)) on Smoke, Sektor or Cyrax. Below is the result.

Run Through Me

Choose Liu Kang as your opponent. Sweep him and immediately run. You will be able to run through his body.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn too.

Wrong Damage

Performed during "Finish Him/Her" Jax's or Shang Tsung's fireballs result in really high damage. Jax's fireballs sometimes will take up to 74%.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn too.

Outside The Arena

Just before Kahn says "... Wins" do a Roundhouse, Uppercut or any Special Move that will hit the opponent, the screen will not follow him and he will fall outside the arena.

Backside Sweep

Sometimes when your opponent jumps over you, you will still be able to sweep him, no matter that you will do the sweep facing the wrong direction.

Note: This glitch works on SNES, Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn too.

Buggy Sprites

When Kung Lao runs, if you take a closer look you will notice a small arrow next to his hand. The same can be seen when you hit Jax and make him stagger back or when Stryker do Baton Throw. Obviously someone forgot to remove them :)

Shang Tsung's Bugs

1. Play with Shang Tsung. Morph into Jade and wait 11 cycles from her pose. Then do B, F, HK. While you still blinking you will morph back to Shang Tsung but you will still blinking. Quickly press Down + Low Kick and you will get Green Shang Tsung.

2. Do the same thing but this time don't press Down + Low Kick, just morph into some of the female ninjas. Now you will get Tanya:

3. Do the same as above, but now play as second Shang Tsung (the purple one) and morph into some of the male ninjas. You will now get Rain:

You can morph into another character and the result will be buggy palettes.

Stage Fatality Bugs

1. Spin with Kabal the opponent when it says "Finish Him/Her" and perform Stage Fatality while the opponent is still spinning. This will count as a Fatality but you will just uppercut the victim.

2. On the "The Pit III" stage, play with Shang Tsung. As it says "Finish Him/Her" do Ground Eruption and quickly perform the Stage Fatality.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES and SegaSaturn.

Reptile Fatality Bugs

Do a Slow Forceball and perform some of Reptile's Fatalities. His head will move while you do the Fatality.

Note: This glitch works on Sega Saturn too.

Kitana's Buggy Babality

Throw Air Fan from the other side of the screen and quickly perform Babality.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES and Sega Saturn.

Reptile and Smoke Invisible Glitch

Choose Reptile or Smoke and a character who can throw in the air (Kano, Cyrax, Scorpion...). If Reptile or Smoke is thrown in the air, while invisible they will not appear as it is supposed to be. You can also perform Finishing Moves on them, while they are invisible.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES and Sega Saturn.

Kung Lao's Background Move

This is really a very rare glitch. The conditions needed for it's performing are not completely clear yet. Sometimes, when you perform Kung Lao's Hat Throw fatality in the corner, the camera will simply move and put you in the middle.

Glitchy Mercy

If you perform a Mercy on some if the robots, very often they will come back to life in a different suit - red with light on it.

Late Animality Glitches

If you perform a late Animality, aka in the last moment but with your opponent already dead, there are two glitches that happen sometimes:

1. The Animal will not perform the move.

2. The character will turn back to normal with the palette of the Animal.

Jade's Returning Boomerang Glitch

Play a two players game with Jade and someone else. If Jade performs her returning Boomerang special move (B, B, F, LP) and her opponent is quick enough to kill her and perform a finishing move before the returning boomerang hits him, he will be able to move after that and even perform another finishing move. For example if you perform a Babality, after that you may be able to kill the baby.

Note: This glitch also works for Sega Genesis, SNES and Sega Saturn.

Wrong Target

Play 2on2 Kombat and choose the same character twice for Player 2. Choose Kano or Sheeva for Player 1. Kill the first of Player 2's fighters and step on the dead body. While there, kill the second fighter. While you are still over the dead body of the first fighter perform Kanos Eye Laser Fatality or Sheeva's Animality and the dead body will turn red.

Reptile's Forceball Interrupt Glitches Pattern

For this glitch Player 2 (as Reptile) should be in the corner and on danger. Perform Reptile's slow Forceball and run toward Player 1. Player 1 should jump over him and start running after him (unlimited run required) until they both reach the end of the arena. Kill Reptile and perform a finishing move. The Forceball will interrupt Player 1's Win stance. You are now free to do whatever you want, including special and finishing moves and combos.

Fake Stage Fatality

Finish your opponent with uppercut and while they are falling quickly perform a special move. When you catch the opponent with it, do a Stage Fatality and your character will just uppercut the opponent. The game will count it as a Fatality anyway. It works in the corner with every character if you do a jump kick and then perform a stage fatality before the opponent gets up.

Jax's Missile/Gotcha Grab

Player 1 should play as Shang Tsung morphed in Sektor. Wait until the last second before you morph back into Shang Tsung and perform Sektor's Smart Missile (F, D, B, HP). Then quickly morph into Jax. Have Player 2 jump over Player 1 (now Jax) and perform Jax's Gotcha Grab(F, F, LP). The missile will hit Player 2 and knock him out of the Grab, but Jax will continue punching, which leaves you a small amount of time to try some things, such as Kung Lao's teleport, Jades shield, another one of Shang Tsungs's morph, all return similar results.

- The same glitch can be done with Cyrax (Bomb) and morphed into Jax (Gotcha Grab) Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsungs's Eruption/Soul Steal

While Player 2 is dizzy, position Shang Tsung so that when you perform Shang's Ground Eruption the last Fireball will hit Player 2. While in the eruption stance perform the Soul Steal Fatality (Hold LP, RN, BL, RN, BLK, rel LP).

Ermac's Axe

If the second hit of Ermac's HK, LP combo misses the opponent, Ermac will get an axe for 2-3 frames.

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Sega Saturn Glitches

Note: The Arcade Glitches:Sektor's Fatality Glitches 1 and 2,Run Through Me,Mercy Bugs,Wrong Damage,Backside Sweep,Stage Fatality Bugs,Kitana's Buggy Babality,Reptile Fatality Bugs,Reptile and Smoke Invisible Glitch, Smoke's Invisible Fatality Glitch andJade's Returning Boomerang Glitch work for Sega Saturn too.

Buggy Shang Tsung

1.Turn on the game
2.Go to the Game Konfigurations menu and select the Shang Tsung morphs to "All"
3.Start a two player game and choose Shang Tsung as one character and Kitana as the other
4.Enter the random morph vs. screen code (444-444)
5.Now, pay careful attention to Shang Tsung. If you wait a few seconds, he will still be Shang Tsung but his energy bar will say "Kitana." At this point, do Kitana's fan toss (F, F, HP + LP). You will see what looks like a character fly across the screen and nail your opponent and your character will TURN INTO what looks to be a distorted Shang Tsung fireball. You can hit him to knock him out of it. Now, if Shang Tsung still has "Kitana on his energy bar (if not, wait a few more seconds and the same thing will happen again), do the square wave punch and see Shang fly across the screen. Be careful though, doing the fan lift will cause your character to morph into Kabal and it will crash the game! This works with EVERY character, almost always producing different bizarre results. The drawback is that doing most special moves will crash the game. However, using Kabal doesn't seem to crash it so he might be a good character to try it with. And remember, the Shang morphs have to be set to "ALL" for this glitch to work. Also, when morphing, Shang often times looks distorted, a cross between himself and the other character.

The "Mega Endurance Mixup" Glitch

First, you have to beat the game on the Supreme Master level or tournament mode and then at Shao Kahn's treasure chest, pick the next to the last square for the MEGA ENDURANCE MATCH. If you win the match, it will take you back to the ladder (the choose your destiny screen). When I did it, the ladder had Reptile as the next character I was supposed to fight but I fought Kano instead. The next match took me to Sindel on the ladder but I fought an endurance match against Noob and Ermac. Next on the ladder was the endurance match but I fought Kano instead. Next on the ladder was Motaro but I fought Nightwolf instead. This continued and I actually went one or two notches ABOVE the ladder and then the game crashed and threw me back to the CD audio screen. I may not have the characters on the ladder in exactly the right order but you get the idea. Tip - Probably the easiest way to beat is to choose Cyrax and throw the net again and again, the CPU is a sucker for that move.

The "Galaga" Glitch

If you enter the vs screen code to play Galaga (642-468), after both players lose all their ships, the game crashes.

The "Spikeless Pit" Glitch

Big glitch here! If you perform your characters pit fatality atop the bell tower WHILE the the word "Fini.." is being spoken, there will be a brief pause while the cd-rom loads info, and your character will execute the pit fatality. The neat trick here is that your defeated opponent will NOT land on any spikes. Apparently, if you pull this off FAST enough, the Saturn doesn't have time to load the finishing move and the spikes. Thus, your opponent lands on a spikeless floor in the spread eagle position. Pretty funny, its like a big splat instead of the normal impaling. If you did the pit fatality too slow, the spikes will be loaded as normal. So try to set up your final blow with a sweep or standing HP, so your right beside your opponent when they are defeated. And remember, you have to do it as fast as possible!

The "Tournament Outcome" Glitch

Beat the game with Sub-Zero (this might work with any character) on the second Master tower, and at Shao Kahn's treasure chest, go to the 12th block and hit right once more and the dragon cursor should be 1/4 of the left side of the screen. Hit a button and the screen should say "Tournament Outcome" but it froze and you'll have to reset it. Note - This does not work when beating tournament mode!

The "Beat me, Harpoon me, Kill me, Crash me" Glitch

If you are playing as Scorpion (or H. Smoke) and you are on the fourth tower when you get to the second endurance round with Scorpion, Jade, and Kitana. Finish Scorpion with a spear and pull him in, he disappears as usual but as Jade is jumping in the game crashes. You can't hit reset. Only turning the Saturn off then on will work.

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Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Glitches

Note: The Arcade Glitches:Sektor's Fatality Glitches 1 and 2,Run Through Me,Mercy Bugs,Wrong Damage,Backside Sweep,Stage Fatality Bugs,Kitana's Buggy Babality,Reptile and Smoke Invisible Glitch, Smoke's Invisible Fatality Glitch andJade's Returning Boomerang Glitch work for Sega Genesis too.

Secret Stage

Beat Shao Kahn with the character you want. Before he explodes the collapsing temple will appear several times. When you see it (before Shao Kahn to be completely destroyed) press "Start" on the second controller. Then start a two players game and you will fight on the secret arena in the air with the temple and the light, that comes from Shao Kahn in the background. If you try to play again on this stage, without defeating Shao Kahn, the game will crash.

Above Shao Kahn

When you fight against Shao Kahn press "Start" on the second joypad. The menu screen will appear. Choose "Mortal Kombat" with the first joypad. Then choose your fighter, only one. Don't press start on the second controller. So you will avoid the fight with Shao Kahn and will proceed to the next one :). It's true, Shao Kahn is not the last one.

There are additional 27 battles to the end of the game. You will fight against: Kano - Kano - Kano - Kano - Kano - Kano - Kano - Sonya - Kano - Kano - Kano - Sonya - Kano - Sonya - Kano - Sonya - Kano - Kano - Rain's Icon which will later transform into Kano but you will actually fight against Motaro. After the fight Motaro's icon will appear and then Shao Kahn's - Kano - Kano - Kano - Kano - Kano - Sonya - Kano - Sonya

At the beginning of the 27 battle against Sonya the game will crash and the following screen will appear.

Kabal's Suicide

Choose Kabal. At the end of the round when you hear Finish Him/Her go close to you opponent and make the key combination for Kabal's MK3 Animality (Hold HP, F, F, D, F, then release HP). Kabal's head will fall.

To receive better results run a two player game and choose Kabal and someone else. Make the Extended Fatality Time kode - 955-955. At the end of the round make Kabal's Animality key combination. Kabal's head will fall again as usual but there is more time. If you press any action button except BL and Run Kano will appear and will hit your opponent. If your enemy is Shang Tsung, Kano will morph into Shang Tsung after hitting the opponent. If you press Block, Kano will appear without hitting your opponent.

Press block one more time and Kano will take his normal fighting pose. Now you can control him, but you can't make any Finishing Moves.

If your opponent is Shang Tsung by pressing Block for the second time Kano will morph into him. If you press up Kano will disappear. Run does nothing.

Sound Glitches

1. When Kitana's fan or Jade's boomerang hits the opponent it makes the opponent's special attack sound. (For example: Sindel's scream and Stryker's grenades.

2. When Reptiles' acid spit hits Nightwolf's reflection shield and its reflection hits Reptile, you will hear Sindel's scream.

Note: This glitch also work for the Arcade version.

3. When you exit one of the cheat menus the main menu music and the cheat menu music play at the same time. This also works with the sound test.

Messed up brutalities

Sometimes the computer do some really strange things while doing Brutalites, including passing through the opponent and appearing on his/her other side.

1. Try to perform Kung Lao's brutality when your opponent is in the corner of the stage. When the computer takes the control over Kung Lao's moves he will pass through his opponent and will not finish the Brutality.

Note: Also works in the SNES version.

2. Play as Shang Tsung, when your opponent is in the corner and is on danger, perform Shang Tsung's Tripple Ground Fireball. When a fireball hit your opponent he will fly in the air. Now start your brutality while your opponent is still in air. When the screen goes black and the computer takes the control over Shang Tsung's moves the brutality move will be stopped.

Weird colors

On the endurance matches when the 2nd or 3rd guy jumps out he usually has the color palette of the previous fighter. Have you ever seen the green or the purple Nightwolf? It looks more like his alternative than like a glitch.

On this screenshot Nightwolf has Jax' palette.

Nightwolf's Stage Fatality Glitch

On the Scorpion's Lair or on the Subway background perform your Stage Fatality while you and your opponent are in the corner. After you did it, the camera will move to the center of the background to show the Fatality. Now if you look to the opposite corner you will see the green flames from Nightwolf's battle axe floating in the air.

Human Smoke Glitch

Sometimes after you pick Human Smoke, you will change into Regular Smoke in the next round.

The never dying opponent Glitch

1. In the first winning round, your opponent is not considered knocked out till all his energy is gone and he hits the ground. So if you can keep your opponent in the air you can keep the game going after your opponent is dead. Also works on endurance rounds with the 1st guy.

2. Sometimes when you kill the first guy in the endurance round he doesn't register as dying so he hits you then explodes.

Endurance Matches Glitches

1. In endurance rounds if you finish off the first opponent with a move like Rain's controller or Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick, the guy jumping will be affected by the move even though it doesn't hit him.

2. Sometimes attacking a jumping opponent on the endurance round causes the fighters to freeze until the round ends.

Where Is The Hat

1. Perform Kung Lao's Hat throw Fatality on very close distance. Try (Hold BL, F, F, B, D, release BL, HP). He will throw his hat but it will disappear.

Note: This glitch also works for SNES.

2. Sometimes performing (1) on Cyrax or Sektor will make them freeze in a blue frame.

Invisible Player

Choose Tournament mode and play with Sonya. Make so that the other player enough life to only be able to take one more Jump Kick, hit him with Jump Kick and do then Leg Grab. The next character that will jump, will be invisible until you hit him.

Noob Saibot - Rain Fatality

Choose Noob Saibot or Rain for Player One and Sektor for Player Two. At the end of the final round perform Heat Seeking Missile with Sektor when he has very little life left. Start a Brutality with Noob Saibot or Rain. When the missile hits you the move will be canceled and Fatality will be announced.

The Spear Glitch

If you perform a Stage Fatality immediately after a harpoon/spear with Scorpion, Smoke or Human Smoke the game will freeze and the following error message will appear.

The Motaro Glitch

When you play as Motaro and you get hit in the air, if you press Down Motaro will do some kind of animation similar to his grab move and he will remain in this pose. If you hit him, he will go back to his normal stance. But if you jump over him, he will start morphing into the frames of his teleport move (you should still holding down also). If you press Block, a fireball will appear each time when you press the button.

To place fireballs in different places the foe should push you, since you can't move because you are holding Down. Motaro will change to Kano's palette for few frames.

If you put too many fireballs on the screen the game will become choppy and finally will freeze with the following error screen.

The Invisible Ermac

If you Air Throw Ermac, while he is doing his Air Teleport Punch he will go invisible until the end of the round, or until he gets hit. Same effect works with Bike Kick (Liu Kang and Sonya).

Finished While Invisible

If you Air Throw an invisible foe he will remain invisible. This allows you to perform finishing move to an invisible opponent.

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SNES Glitches

Note: The Arcade Glitches:Sektor's Fatality Glitches 1 and 2,Run Through Me,Mercy Bugs,Wrong Damage,Backside Sweep,Stage Fatality Bugs,Kitana's Buggy Babality, Reptile, Smoke Invisible Glitch andJade's Returning Boomerang Glitch and the Sega Genesis glitchWhere Is The Hat 1 work for SNES too.

Sheeva's Revenge

Play the old MK3 Tournament (L + R + Start). Your icon must be E. And when you use this fighter his powerbar will say Sheeva. You can still perform her combos, but not her special moves.

Fake Finishers

1. When you perform 1-button fatalities with Rain, Ermac, or Sub-Zero, use LK and they will walk to about sweeping distance and freeze and the game says "FRIENDSHIP". Occasionally occurs during demo mode as well!

2. During one-button fatalities or occasionally in demo mode, Rain, Noob, or Human Smoke will walk to a certain distance and just do their winning pose. This is what happens when you attempt a fatality that isn't really there.

3. Enter 1 button brutalities with fatalities OFF. And finish with HP and your character does just half of his/her brutality and then stops!

Liu Kang Kombo Glitch

Doing his HP, HP, B + LP combo causes all following moves to do greatly reduced damage!

Slow Down For a Second Glitch

Doing Nightwolf's axe or Kitana's fans sometimes causes the game to slow down or scroll weirdly.

Mileena With Fans

Use Mileena. At the end of the last round make sure your opponent is on Danger. Go close to him and perform a jump punch and immediately after that pres HP, HP. You will see Millena holding Kitana's fans with wrong palette for a second during her winning pose.

Noob's flashing baby

When your opponent has 10% or less life in the final round, finish him off with this combo: Slam, LP, blast Then do the Babality (F, F, F, LP). The baby will flash and then be discolored! You can also do another blast and Noob himself will flash in his winning pose!

Reptile's floating baby

At the end of the match when you hear Finish Him/Her, stand back a full screen and throw a slow orb. Then quickly do Reptile's Babality (F, F, B, D, LK) before the orb hits. The result the character will transform into a baby while he is in the air and will stay there.

Today is...

Turn the game on and hold L + R on the left controller. A unintelligible message will appear in the upper center of the copyright screen. It says "SEPT 6 11:03 AM".

Silent Kahn

Doing Kahn's verbal taunt at certain times will has no effect.

One Button Friendship Glitch

Ok, here's the pattern. Player x (either player 1 or 2) wins the first round. Player y wins the second round (whoever lost the first must win the second.) Now try pressing buttons to do a one button fatality... you can't do one! The only one button finishing move you can do in this case is the friendship. Best part about it, your opponent can fight you while you're doing the friendship! This produces some *really* funny effects. Bellow are some of them:

a. Attack Rayden: Hit LK for Nightwolf's friendship, then performthe brutality of the other character. You can also simply uppercut Raiden.

b. Brutality glitch#2: Have Scorpion or Reptile do their 1 button friendship and do your brutality. You do it but THEY get credit for it! The screenshots are similar to the one above.

c. Double winning pose: Hit Scorpion or Reptile before the skull or lizard head comes out. Both will do their victory poses!

Messed Up Finishers

1. Try to perform Kung Lao's brutality when your opponent is in the corner of the stage. When the computer takes the control over Kung Lao's moves he will pass through his opponent and will not finish the Brutality.

Note: Also works in the Genesis version.

2.Activate the one-button Fatality code. Get your opponent's energy down so that they can only take one more hit. Make the last hit an uppercut and when they are flying through the air, immediately hit the run button to do the Babality. The opponent will turn into a baby but will stay suspended in mid-air.

3. Activate the one-button Fatality code. Keep in mind that you can only do a one button pit on The Pit3 or Scoprion's Lair stages. If you try it anywhere else, an interesting thing happens. You're character will simply uppercut the opponent. The other player will stand up and stagger for about four seconds while your character stands in his/her winning stance. After the fatality time runs out, the announcer will say that you did a fatality. All the while, the "fatality music" is playing and never stop.

Wrong, Try Again

Occasionally, when you are next to your opponent, they will do a kick instead of a combo starter knee.