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Mortal Kombat II Glitches

Arcade, PC DOS, PC MAT: DE, Sega Genesis, SNES, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, XBox, Nintendo GameCube, GameBoy, Amiga


Abbreviation Move
B Back
F Forward
D Down
Up Up
LP Low Punch
HP High Punch
LK Low Kick
HK High Kick
BL Block

Arcade Glitches

The version of Mortal Kombat II for PlayStation 2, XBox, Nintendo GameCube and PC (MAT: DE) is the original Arcade Version that runs on an emulator, which means that it is completely identical with the original one.

Dead Pool Glitches

1. If your opponent is near the corner of the arena when the Finish Him/Her message appears, jump over him/her and perform the Dead Pool Fatality from his/hers other side (so that you are in the corner). Your opponent will fly in the wrong direction and the skeleton will appear in the wall.

2. Perform Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze Move (F, F, D, HK), then perform the second Part (F, D, F, F, HP) and right after that hold LP + LK. The screen will change for a normal Fatality, but Sub-Zero will uppercut his opponent into the acid.

3. Play as Baraka, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Reptile or Sub-Zero. Kill your opponent by throwing him into the corner with you standing next to him. If your opponent repeatedly performs Uppercuts while holding LP + LK he will uppercut you into the acid, but you will be announced as winner of the match (as it should be).

4. Perform the glitch above with Reptile, while he is invisible and his body will appear, floating in the air.

5. Perform Deep Freeze with Sub-Zero (Fatality 1, Part 1) and then uppercut your opponent into the acid.

6. If you are quick enough, you will be able to uppercut Raiden into the acid while he is still standing up. The result is shown on the screenshot.

7. You can throw your opponent into the acid while performing a combo. For example: Liu Kang - Jump Kick, Air Fireball, Uppercut while holding LP + LK.

I Am Walking Through You

Try to throw Shang Tsung while he performs Special Move. If you succeed, you will be able to walk through him.

Extra Hits

1. Play as Reptile. Normally you will appear only if you are hit. While still invisible uppercut your opponent while both of you are in the corner and Reptile will show up.

2. If you play as Liu Kang you are able to perform a Bicycle Kick after "Finish Him/Her" and then his Dragon Fatality.

3. During the first round Baraka can perform Blade Fury (B, B, B, LP) after throwing into the corner even if the opponent is already dead.

4. Play with Baraka against Kitana or Jade. Kill them with Blade Fury, but perform it right when they throw fan. If you do it correctly they will freeze in this frame until the beginning of the next round.

Projectiles Escape

Some characters can avoid projectiles which normally cannot be escaped by simple ducking. For Example: Kitana and Mileena can avoid Liu Kang's Low Fireball with D + LK. Every character can escape Reptiles Force Ball by pressing D + HK

Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze Glitch

Deep Freeze (Fatality 1, Part 1) your opponent, then jump over him and do this again. It will look like you are trying to freeze him from both sides at the same time.

Fatality Glitches

1. After Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze Move (Fatality 1, Part 1) you can perform any other finishing move. This can be done with Shang Tsung morphed in Sub-Zero too. And after that you can morph to other character and perform his/hers finishing move. This leads to different glitches, most palette glitches. For best results try Jax' Head Smash Fatality or some of the Kiss Fatalities of Kitana and Mileena.

2. Use Scorpion and push your opponent into the corner and kill him. After that jump toward him and in the moment of landing perform Scorpion's Toasty Fatality. If done correctly his skeleton head will be moved.

3. Perform Reptile's first Fatality (B, B, D, LP (half screen)) on the Armory Background and the floor will start moving.

Note: Arcade Only

4. Perform Johnny Cage's Torso Rip Fatality (D, D, F, F, LP (close)) in the corner and Johnny Cage will hold his opponents torso in the air.

5. Most character can perform the so called Late Finishers. If you do this on a stage that has Stage Fatality you will sometimes stuck in one of the frames.

6. When performing Jax's arm rip fatality, there is a single frame that where your opponent has not 2 but four hands.

7. After you do Kombat Tomb stage fatality there is a small window frame where you can input another move or even friendship (i don't know what happens if you do Babality). For example do the stage fatality and then immediately Mileena's drop kick (f,f,lk) and she will knock the opponent from the spikes, or do friendship or something else. There are many fun things to try out.

A.I. Glitches

1. Sometimes a computer controlled character will start walking backwards for no reason. Even if the fighter reaches the end of the background he/she will keep walking backwards until he/she is hit by the enemy.

2. If you can push Kintaro into the corner you will be able to keep him there with LP and HP. He will not be able to do anything until you keep pressing one of those two buttons. This glitch has a very interesting effect in the SNES version of the game.

Kitana's Glitchy Fan Moves

1. Jump over Kitana when she performs Fan Lift and start pushing her from the other side while she still do the move. She will start moving but the fan will not.

2. Play with Kitana and kill Kintaro in the corner with Fan Throw. He will not fall on the ground in his usual stance.

3. At the end of the final round with Shao Kahn, right when there are 2 seconds left, capture Kahn with Kitana's Fan Lift. This will freeze the game.

Female Ball Breaker

Try to perform Johnny Cage's Ball Breaker move on Shang Tsung right when he morphs in Kitana or Mileena. The result is really very interesting.

Scorpion's Babality Glitch

Play as Scorpion or as Shang Tsung morphed into Scorpion. Your opponent must not have enough blood to survive your next attack. In the corner let your opponent jump toward you and perform an air throw on him. In the moment of falling your opponent should rapidly perform Uppercuts while you Scorpion's Babality. So your opponent will uppercut you in the moment you turn him into a baby. You will be able to perform one more move after that: Fatality, Second Babality, Friendship or if you play as Shang Tsung you will be able to morph into someone else and experiment.

The Demo Mode Glitch

In Demo Mode the fighters are completely immortal. You can often see a character with no blood left to throw, kick, punch his/her opponent, or simply walk around.

Move Stuck

If you do for example Scorpion's Teleport 100 times in one round after a while a frame of his move will stuck on screen, and none of the special and basic moves will work. It's confirmed to work with Raiden's Teleport move too.

Double Gotcha

If you are playing with Shang Tsung against Jax, morph into Reptile and just before he morphs back release a forceball. Then quickly morph into Jax and catch your opponent with the Gotcha move before the forceball hits him. While tapping LP let the other Jax performs the Gotcha move too and he will interrupt yours. It cause funny animation effects. Doing the same glitch with Scorpion's Spear will freeze the opponent in the air after the spear hits for a few seconds available to juggle him.

Wrong Move

If CPU Shang Tsung catches you with Fan Lift just before morphs back, he will do something like Kitana's Wave Punch but using Shang Tsung's sprites, because the CPU is programmed to always do specific stuff after some Special Moves.

Late Friendtality

If you perform a late Friendship the game will announce it as a Fatality.

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PC DOS Glitches

The Arcade Glitches: Dead Pool Glitches (all), I Am Walking Through You, Extra Hits (all), Projectiles Escape, Kitana's Fan Lift Glitch, Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze Glitch, Fatality Glitches (1, 2, 4, 5), A.I. Glitches (all), Kitana's Glitchy Fan Moves (all), Female Ball Breaker, Scorpion's Babality Glitch, Double Gotcha, Wrong Move work on PC too.

Scorpion's Burning Head

Play as Shang Tsung against Scorpion. When the time for the finishing move comes, morph into Scorpion and perform his Toasty Fatality. Scorpion's head will look so as it burns. Note: This glitch has been removed for the MK1/MKII Compilation CD.

Easy Victory Against Kintaro

Use one of the ninjas and during the fight jump next to Kintaro, so that you can hit him with close HP. So you can kill him.

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PC MAT: DE Glitches

For PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo GameCube, XBox. The version of Mortal Kombat II for PC, PlayStation 2, XBox, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo GameCube is the original Arcade Version that runs on an emulator, which means that it is completely identical with the original arcade one.  For more glitches check out the arcade ones.

Where Is Smoke

The input of the pause function in Midway Arcade Treasures 2/DE made it impossible to access the hidden Smoke battle in Mortal Kombat II. Although this secret is present in the game, it is completely inaccessible.
An official patch that fixes the problem was release for MAT: DE.

Note: This glitch exists in the PS2, NGC, PSP and XBox versions of the game. The glitch can be removed from the PC version with a patch.

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Sega Genesis

The Arcade Glitches: Dead Pool Glitches (all), I Am Walking Through You, Extra Hits (all), Projectiles Escape, Kitana's Fan Lift Glitch, Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze Glitch, Fatality Glitches (1, 2, 4, 5), A.I. Glitches (all), Kitana's Glitchy Fan Moves (all), Female Ball Breaker, Scorpion's Babality Glitch, Double Gotcha, Wrong Move work on Sega Genesis too.

The never dying Shao Kahn bug

In the options menu enable Test modes and then activate No damage to P1, 1 Hit Kills P2. Then choose background, for example 5. In the Battleplan choose 15 (the battle with Shao Kahn). Begin one player game and choose your fighter. You will go direct to the battle with the emperor. You will fight with him in the "Living Forest" Stage. After you kill him you will see your ending story as usually. After that the game will not over and the next round will begin, the third round against Shao Kahn. You can play only 5 rounds and after that the game will over. If you don't hit him at the beginning of the round, Shao Kahn will prepare to explode and the game will freeze. So you must wait to the end of the round when the "Game Over" screen will appear.

Dead Pool Freeze Fatality

In the options menu enable Test modes and then activate 1 Hit Kills P2. Choose Sub-Zero and play on the Dead Pool arena. In the final round freeze your opponent. This will kill him, because you have activated 1 Hit Kills P2. While he is still frozen uppercut him into the acid.

Kung Lao's Fake Fatality

In the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat II it is not required that you use Up/D to cut your opponent's head during a Fatality. But you can still control the hat with these two buttons. You can make it miss you opponent.

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SNES Glitches

The Arcade Glitches: Dead Pool Glitches (all), I Am Walking Through You, Extra Hits (all), Projectiles Escape, Kitana's Fan Lift Glitch, Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze Glitch, Fatality Glitches (1, 2, 4, 5), A.I. Glitches (all), Kitana's Glitchy Fan Moves (all), Female Ball Breaker, Scorpion's Babality Glitch, Double Gotcha, Wrong Move work on SNES too.

The Glitchy Kintaro

If you keep pressing HP/LP during a battle against Kintaro, he will eventually disappear. Kintaro will appear randomly on the screen trying to hit you unsuccessfully.

Finish The Winner

Play as Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Liu Kang or Baraka. If you kill your opponent by throwing him, he will be able to perform a finishing move in the moment he gets up. After that you will only be able to perform Friendship or Special Move.

Hands In The Air

Perform Jax' first Fatality on other Jax and the hands will stay in the air.

Kung Lao As Special Move

Play as Shang Tsung and morph into Sub-Zero. Wait until the last possible moment and right before you morph back perform Ground Freeze. Then quickly perform a single Fireball. The ice will disappear and your Fireball will for a second look like a yellow Kung Lao.

Duck Sliding

Play with Shang Tsung vs the cpu and when the computer is kind of far away, do single flaming skulls really fast. After a time (it can happen any time from a second to a minute) they will just slide across the screen at you in their ducking pose!

Game Freeze

Have victim continuously jump straight up. Charge up the bicycle kick. This takes some timing. If you can high-punch them AS they are jumping up, and immediately do a bicycle kick. They will go very very high up and you will see the ceiling. This crashes the game often.

Stupid CPU

Continuously keep doing Baraka's blade spark, Reptile's spit, Jax's Energy Wave, or Liu Kang's low-fireball (but they usually block it), and the computer will keep jumping away, and into your projectile.

CPU Freeze in 4 Tournament Mode

If you play vs CPU in Tournament Mode, after you kill the first character, the other three will do absolutely nothing but taking hits and combos from you without blocking (it works always if you hit uppercut while the second character appears from the air).

Wrong Hands

If you Jax's his arm rip off fatality on Rayden, Kung Lao's arms will appear instead of Rayden's.

Staying Invisible

Win the game with Reptile. But be invisible. Instead of doing his pose, he will just stay invisible even after Shao Kahn's explode.

One Button Move

Play as Kitana. After you get them in a fan lift, do a HP, then the square wave. Hit HP exactly as you land, and Kitana will do a second square wave as soon as she lands, even though you only hit HP.


What happens: Makes projectiles stationary, makes an invisible "hit" float on the stage which can hit the opponent, leads to many Fatality glitches.

As Johnny Cage, be across the screen so that your back is up against the edge of the screen. The SNES version is weird--when you try to get both people across the screen, only one person can be all the way against the side of the screen. The other person is about a character's length away from their side, and can't get any farther away.

Be a short character, so Cage's high fireball will go over them. Throw a high fireball, then, before that one gets off the screen--as soon as you recover from the animation,--throw another high fireball. The second one won't come out at all. Now do a Shadow Kick. If your shadows are slightly higher than you are, you did it correctly. If they are exactly even with you (horizontally) like they should be, try again.

Effects of TUG:

-There is an invisible "hit" floating on the stage. (The "hit" is a few steps back from where you did the Shadow Kick.) If your opponent walks into it, they will get hit. If you don't do the Shadow Kick, the invisible hit is not present.

-The next time you do a fireball with Cage, it will come out from where you did the one that disappeared. So if you did TUG from mid-screen, then walked back half a screen and threw another one, it would come out half a screen in front of Cage.

-As Shang Tsung, morph to Johnny Cage (D,D,B+LP). Do the TUG. When you morph back, throw a fire ball (B,B+HP). It will be frozen in mid-air (right where you did the Shadow Kick).

Most characters' projectiles will behave in the same way--they simply get stuck on screen in the same general place (but some appear higher up than others). Below is a list of the different effects of all the character's projectiles that do not behave generically.

-Liu Kang- No matter what fireball you do (high, low, or air) it will be at the height of the regular fireball (F,F+HP).

-Kung Lao- While his hat-toss behaves normally, the "aura" coming off of him from his spin move (U,U+LK) will come out from where you did the shadow kick.

-Mileena- If you do her Sai Shot while right next to them, they will be hit, even though the sais came out behind her. (The sais will still be frozen in mid-air.)

-Scorpion- The Spear will come out normally and float in mid-air, however; when they get hit by it, they are NOT dizzied--they simply stagger backwards.

-Sub-Zero- If they get hit by the Ice Blast, they will stagger and not be frozen, then another Ice Blast will appear directly above where the last one disappeared. If they touch *that* Ice Blast, they will be frozen.

Having stationary projectiles can lead to legions of glitches.

Try fooling around with having a fireball stationary, then doing a Fatality that knocks them into it.

Stay Still

If you kill Jade or Kitana with corkscrew kick while they are doing the fan, they will freeze in this pose.

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GameBoy Glitches

Jax' Fatalities Glitches

1. When it says Finish Him/Her, Hold Kick and press Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward, Punch, then release Kick. This will make you and your opponent do their Fatality at the same time! If you perform this glitch to Mileena or Shang Tsung the game well freeze. If against Sub-Zero, you won't kill him because he'll deep freeze you first!

2. When it says Finish Him/Her, Hold Kick, Press Forward, Forward, Forward, but this time do not release the kick button. Instead, jump on your enemy and release the button in mid-air. This could either do one of three things:
A) Jax will crush thin air above the opponent's head, which will still explode.
B) Jax will explode the opponent's head twice.
C) Jax will fall behind the opponent and then do the trick, but is more likely to do it facing the same way as before he jumped. (he will crush empty air while his opponent's body will go erect behind him, losing his head twice.)

Kitana's Fatality Glitch

During Fatality time, get close to your opponent and perform Kitana's Fan Lift move. Then quickly perform Kitana's Fatality while your opponent is floating in the air. If done correctly, Kitana will swipe once at her opponent, then once the opponent falls she will come in and cut off their head like normal. Afterwards the game will freeze.

Liu Kang's Fatalities Glitches

1. Perform Liu Kang's Fatality. During the Fatality, perform his Fatality again (right before the dragon shoots the flame out). If done correctly, the victim should not burn at all.

2. Perform Liu Kang's fatality, then hold kick to do the bicycle kick. Keep holding Kick while you are far away from your opponent, then release kick and press again. Liu Kang will fly to his opponent, just when he's about to hit him. (you will have to time this well when you press the kick again). He will then perform his fatality.

Mileena's Fatality Glitch

After it says Finish Him/Her, begin holding the A button for Mileena's fatality, but before you release it jump over your opponent. While in the air release the A button. Mileena will then suck in her opponent while she is landing and the body will be sucked into the back of her head.

Reptile's Fatalities Glitches

1. After it says Finish Him/Her, perform Reptile's Tongue Lash Fatality. During the fatality, perform his fatality again. If done correctly his Tongue should not work at all, but still end up killing your opponent.

2. After it says finish Him/Her, perform Reptile's Force Ball and then quickly perform Reptile's Tongue Lash Fatality. Your opponent will fall forward followed by Reptile's Fatality.

Scorpion's Fatalities Glitches

1. After it says Finish Him/Her perform Scorpion's Skull Flame Fatality. During the fatality, perform Scorpion's Fatality again. If done correctly, the victim should not catch on fire.

2. After it says Finish Him/Her, time a jump so you can jump over your opponent and in midair perform Scorpion's Fatality. If done correctly, Scorpion will land behind your opponent burning thin air, but your opponent burns anyway.

Shang Tsung's Fatalities Glitches

1. After it says finish Him/Her, perform Shang Tsung's Soul Sucker Fatality. During the Fatality, perform Shang Tsung's Stage Fatality again as fast and as repeatedly as you can. This will cause Shang Tsung to let go of his opponent in the fatality. This also freezes the game.

2. After it says Finish Him/Her, perform Shang Tsung's fatality while jumping onto or over your opponent. If done correctly, Shang Tsung will do one of three things:
A) Shang Tsung will not be holding the body, but it will still be floating.
B) The soul will be covering up Shang Tsung's face.
C) many other things!

3. Perform the same glitch as above, but have your opponent in the corner. This time the soul will go back into your opponent.

Sub-Zero's Fatality Glitch

After it says finish Him/Her, perform Sub-Zero's Deep Freeze Fatality. While the Deep Freeze Fatality is being completed, perform Sub-Zero's second part of the Fatality over again. If done correctly, Sub Zero's uppercut will not connect with the Opponent.

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Amiga Glitches

Freeze The Game

If you press all directional keys at the same time, the game will freeze.