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Mortal Kombat II The Arcade Version


In 1993 Mortal Kombat II was unleashed upon the sea of bloodthirsty fans. More characters, more moves, more blood.

Screen Information

screen type: raster
screen orientation: horizontal
screen aspect: 4 x 3
resolution x: 400 pixels
resolution y: 254 pixels
colors used: 32768
video frequency: 53.20 Hz

Input Information

number of players: 2
control: joy8way
number of buttons: 5
number of coin slots: 4
tilt: yes
service: yes


TMS34010: 6.250 MHz (cpu)
ADSP2105: 10.240 MHz (cpu)
Custom: 0.000 MHz (audio)


  • This game was the first Midway release to use the DCS Sound System.
  • SFII / MK2: both games were supposed to be released within weeks of each other (at this time, SF and MK were the dominant fighting games). Capcom released SSF2 early so that they could attract fans away from MK. At the same time, Midway released MK2 early for similar reasons. As you can see, the result meant that both came back to square one.


Revision 1.1:

  • First version released to the public even though unfinished
  • Contained almost all moves but not many fatalities
  • Kintaro and Shao Kahn very difficult to beat
  • No ending stories
  • Baraka's blade swipe had no sound
  • Shang Tsung had the ceiling walk bug
  • Could beat Kintaro by just punching the entire match

Revision 1.4:

  • Mileena's ground roll move added
  • Kung Lao's aerial kick added
  • Sub-Zero could do the first part of the freeze-uppercut fatality during the match
  • Danger indicator added

Revision 2.1:

  • First "official" release version
  • Intro text slightly changed
  • Reptile's slide added
  • Ending story and credits added
  • Computer intelligence improved
  • Nearly all fatalities were added
  • Friendships and babalities were added
  • The pit/spike fatality was added
  • Smoke and Jade were added
  • Kintaro and Shao Kahn easier to defeat
  • Could keep Kintaro and Shao Kahn up in the corner by using repeated punches
  • Could crash the game through baby brutalization
  • Doing Shang Tsung's soul stealing fatality against Jax could sometimes crash the game

Revision 3.1:

  • More amounts of blood added
  • Dead Pool fatality added
  • Noob Saibot added
  • Raiden's super uppercut fatality added
  • Kung Lao's friendship added
  • Pictures of the creators added after the credits
  • Revolution X and DCS ads added
  • Comic and CD offer shows picture of CD
  • Computer intelligence increased
  • Computer has ability to do missile weapons in the air
  • Multiple babality problem fixed
  • Repeated punches in the corner against Kintaro fixed
  • Kitana's multiple fan lifts in the corner fixed
  • Sub-Zero freeze - punch - freeze - punch... fixed

Revision 3.2 - European:

  • Nothing specific added yet

Hacked Revisions

Revision 4.2:

  • Uppercuts are faster
  • Cage does red shadow kick and uppercut every time
  • Cages shadow kick goes twice as far
  • Barakas roundhouse has awesome range
  • Noob Saibot after only six wins
  • Pong after only 20 or so wins
  • Secret characters vulnerable to missile weapons
  • Liu Kang has a red dragon fatality
  • Kung Lao has a bones in his hat fatality

Revision 9.1:

  • Play Pong after 12 wins
  • Play against Noob Saibot after 6 wins
  • Jax has a faster face smash
  • Faster Uppercuts
  • Johnny Cage has full time red shadow moves
  • And there is the multiple Dead Pool Fatality (normal upper cut will knock the person in, then you can continue to hit them while they're in the acid)


  • More difficult fight ladder that often begins with Kintaro or a hidden character
  • Dead Pool Fatality where you can punch the opponent out of the acid and make them stick in the air
  • Johnny Cage has full time red shadow moves and all of the secret characters can appear on the fight ladder
  • Super extended time to perform fatalities
  • Fight Noob a lot sooner
  • Play Pong a lot sooner
  • Uppercuts are faster


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