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Mortal Kombat 1 (1992) Strategy Guide: Sonya

Basics: Special Moves, General Gameplay Guide

Character Guides: Sonya, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Kano, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Scorpion

Lt. Sonya Blade - Rank: 1

Sonya is the god tier of Mortal Kombat 1. She can be played defensively and offensively. All you need to win the round with her is just one Leg Grab. This is probably the most broken move in the 2D Mortal Kombat game history after Noob Saibot's fireball in Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Another advantage that Sonya has is her duck block pose. She can duck jab pressure and that makes her almost impossible to hit from close distance. Her uppercut is nice too. Still you may have troubles for using it as aa against some Jump Kicks like Kano's and Ninja's but using the block cancel into uppercut trick will help you then. It can be useful for escaping jab pressure too from some characters. Because its big hitting area you can use it as a punisher after blocked Shadow Kick, Slide and etc when there is no time for leg grab. Like Cage Because of her falling animation some characters can get aaKnee, unblockable Sweep or JK, unblockable Sweep on her.

Her duck LK is awesome. Its better than Liu Kang's but not as good as Kano's. You can use it as an anti air but sometimes its better just to uppercut. Sonya has very bad HK and LK. They are slow and easy punishable. In actual competitive game they will just never be used, except if you have troubles with the Leg Grab and use them for punishing blocked sweeps, fireballs and etc. Her RH is bad too. Can be used as an anti air but its not 100% safe. You can try to get some risky juggle using it like aaRH, aaLP, Leg Grab if you feel cocky. Her HP is good overall. Use it for retaliations or cancel it with block for eventually aa leg grab after it. Her LP is also not bad but it can whiff some characters like Kano and Ninjas. Her JK is short and easy punishable, better go for JP since it has longer hitting area. Sonya's JK is good for "on top" hitting opponents especially when they will try to counter. Her Sweep is another awesome basic move. Its very hard to be punished against most characters. Moves like Slide, Roll, some LKs can still give you a trouble but you can spam as much as you can it especially the whiff sweeps.

The Wave Punch can be used of course against jumpers, but sometimes at the start up you can often get hit by JK for some reason. You can delay this move which is very useful sometimes. If you see a fireball start up animation you can use it as a transport move but its kind of risky, in most of the cases the opponent will try to aaHP or special move you but there is a very huge chance they will miss. Still it can be used safely sometimes. Two wave punches one after another if the first one miss can work too, especially if you play against jumpers. Another situation where the wave punch could be useful is after blocked torpedo. Even because this move cheat the gravity in revision 5.0 you cant add any hits after it.

The Leg Grab is what makes Sonya such a beast. The Leg Grab effects like a Throw, and that for some reason disable the block for the opponent. That means that you can get leg grab - unblockable sweep/c. lk or another Leg Grab. I will go into more details about this infinite after few. The Leg Grab is the ultimate punisher machine - you can punish with it fireballs, special moves, whiff attacks and even c. lks. Even Jump Kicks using aaHP, Leg Grab. Once you got someone with this move all you have to do is trick the opponent using her infinite and the round is yours.

The Fireball/Rings is a useless move. The combination for it is LP, B, LP (thanks to ChaiN for the correct combination since i though its B+LP, B+LP), its not that hard but even from full screen distance the opponent will see what you will try to do. I will not advice to use it even in juggles because the better option is to replace it with the leg grab. In proto revision she could get leg grab after the fireball near the corner because the pushback but this bug is removed in later revisions.

Sonya has one UNESCAPABLE infinite in Revision 5.0. What you have to do is Leg Grab, move forward and while the animation is still running cancel with another Leg Grab. If you not cancel this move the second leg grab will be blockable. It has to be done with perfect timing because if you late it still will be unblockable but the opponent can counter the second leg grab with crouch kick and sometimes even with Uppercut. If you late anyway somehow with the leg grab you can trick the opp with sweep but that will end the unblockable part. Against Raiden you can get it mid-screen without moving forward. Just Leg Grab, repeat. This can happen also against any character near the corner, in those cases its always unblockable and inescapable.

Basic Juggles:

1. aaHPx2, Wave Punch
2. aaHPx2, Leg Grab
3. (corner) JK, aaHP, Leg Grab

Advanced Juggles:

There is really not much to write here since all you have to do is leg grab someone. Moves that can lead to leg grab are:

1. aaHP/aaLP (x2), Leg Grab
2. JK, Leg Grab
3. RH, (Forward is required) Leg Grab