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Mortal Kombat 1 (1992) Glitches

(This section contains 46 Glitches)

Arcade, PC (DOS), Sega Genesis/SegaCD, SNES, Jakks TV Plug and Play


Abbreviation Move
B Back
F Forward
D Down
Up Up
LP Low Punch
HP Hugh Punch
LK Low Kick
HK High Kick
BL Block

Arcade Glitchess

Cage's Fatality Glitches

1. When you play as Johnny Cage just before performing a Fatality throw your opponent and then finish him with a fatality. The screen will go black, but your opponent will stay on ground. The Fatality will be announced. Your opponent will keep his head.

2. While in the corner uppercut your opponent and when he falls on the ground perform Cage's Fatality very quick. So Cage will perform the move before the opponent got up.

3. Kill Raiden with Cage by sweeping him, right in the moment he stand up perform the Fatality.

4. Perform Johnny Cage's Fatality at the end of the third Endurance and the head of your opponent will stay on the ground during the first round VS Goro.

5. Perform Johnny Cage's Fatality and then immediately perform his Ball Breaker move (BL + LP). He will uppercut the head of his opponent and then perform the move has an interesting result. You can also do his Shadow Kick or Fireball special moves after the Fatality.

Cage's Two Heads Fatality

Perform Cage's Fatality and very quickly do it again. Cage will uppercut two heads instead of one. This glitch work only if your opponent is Johnny Cage, Kano, Sub-Zero or Scorpion.

Move After Fatality

Play as Johnny Cage against a computer opponent. Your enemy must already be on danger. Then, when he ducks, keep pressing HP or LP (close to him/her). Usually the AI is programmed to throw you, after you hit him. But this time you will kill him with your punch. After that immediately perform Johnny Cage's Fatality. Your opponent with throw right after the screen goes black. And now you will still be able to move.

Sub-Zero's Freezing Fatality

Kill your opponent by sweeping him. Then immediately freeze him. Now perform the Fatality.

Sub-Zero/Raiden Fatality Glitch

Beat Raiden with Sub-Zero with uppercut. And before he stands up perform Sub-Zero's Fatality. Below is the result.

Freeze Me Baby

Play as Sub-Zero. When you reach the Mirror Match freeze your opponent (Sub-Zero), and then freeze him again, this will freeze you. your opponent will not understand that you are frozen and will freeze you again, which will actually unfreeze you and freeze him. You can repeat this until the time is over. Doing this glitch while both characters are on Danger will cause the game to freeze

Quick Fatality

On The Pit stage you can perform a Pit Fatality without waiting for the Finish Him/Her message. For example, play as Scorpion and harpoon your opponent when he has little energy but enough to survive the attack, and then uppercut him. He will directly fall on the spikes.


Start a one player game. When you get the "Finish Him/Her" message for Endurance 3 hold Back. When Goro fall wait 3-4 seconds and then jump away. You will appear only if you jump or when you are close to Goro and punch him. Only your shadow will stay on the screen.

Frozen Raiden

Just like invisible trick but this time you must be Raiden and wait 5-6 seconds before jump.

Missing Goro

Start a one-player game with Liu Kang. After defeating Endurance 3 and getting the "Finish Him/Her" message perform his Fatality from the end of the screen. Liu Kang will do fatality without hit the opponent. Then you will have little time before computer says "Liu Kang Wins", use it for walk in front of your victim. When you get "... Wins" continue walk sliding your opponent until you reach the corner. Keep walking and Goro will not fall until you release forward direction. Walk forward until the time is about 7 seconds and then release, when Goro falls immediately perform Liu's flying kick. You will kill him by this way from time.

Raiden's Graphical Glitch

During a Mirror Match with Raiden perform a torpedo move right when you are standing up and Raiden will still be using his standing up palette colors.

Moon Gravity

Earlier revisions of MK1 had lower gravity which allowed the performance of huge combos and infinites for lots of characters. This was fixed in the T-Units revisions of the game, so that after 2 air hits (fireballs excluded) the character falls really quick so you can't add another juggle. Anyway this seems to not have been fixed for the bosses, which allows all characters who have infinite against Goro using aaHP/aaLP (after Jump Kick) in corner to perform them. Against Shang Tsung the outcome of these combos can be very weird. Here are some things to try:
  • Jump Kick, aaHP/aaLP, aaHP/aaLP.... (Universal Infinite vs Goro)
  • Jump Kick, Jump Punch, Jump Punch.... (Infinite vs Goro with Cage, Raiden and Kano)
  • aaHP, Teleport Punch, Teleport Punch.... (Infinite vs Goro with Scorpion)
  • Uppercut/Jump Kick, aaLP, Roll vs Shang Tsung will cause Kano to dissappear.
  • JK, aaLP x 2, Flying Kick, Flying Kick... (Infinite with Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung)
  • There are many other combos that could be done against Goro and Shang Tsung. Since we can't list everything here, just try and find some by yourself.

Invisible Opponent

For this glitch you will need to do the early Pit Fatality glitch and Uppercut interrupt first. Uppercut the opponent when he has little energy and when he is shooting fireball at you. When he starts screaming because he is falling into the pit perform immediately Scorpion's Spear. Scorpion will get your opponent with the spear but the foe will disappear.

Moving Before The Round Starts

Perform draw match with both fighters losing their energy. This will cause the game to glitch and when the next round begins you can input a special move while the game says "Round #"

Walking in the Air

The cpu is programmed to throw you (on hardest) right after you perform LP. In Endurance match against Kano and someone else after him, beat him be until he reaches Danger and then make him perform his Spin Attack. Block it and perform LP (not in air). Although he will be dead, try to throw him. The next character will jump in. Kano will throw you to the direction when the second character appeared but you will be able to move and input commands while the throw animation runs. Tap LP rapidly and you will remain in air and in fact you will be able to walk. If you jump you will touch the ground.

Wrong Direction

Play with Scorpion against Shang Tsung. When he shoots his fireballs try to immediately perform Teleport Punch while they are juggling you. If done right and Shang Tsung morphs into Goro, while they juggle you, he will turn into the wrong direction and will stay in that pose until you hit him. You can beat the game by time using this glitch.

Fatality Interrupt

If you kill your opponent with a throw, late jump kick or knee in the corner he can uppercut you while the announcer says "Finish Him/Her". Doing quickly fatality before he uppercuts you will cause him to interrupt your finishing move. The screen will turn dark, your opponent will go into dizzy animation and you will be able to hit him while he is shaking. The game will still register the whole thing as a Fatality.

Your opponent can also perform Block or tap High or Low Punches after the throw. Tapping punches will not allow you to perform a Fatality and your opponent will be able to hit them until the Fatality time is over.

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PC Glitches

Note: The Arcade Glitches: Cage's Fatality Glitches 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Cage's Two Heads Fatality, Sub-Zero/Raiden Fatality Glitch, Quick Fatality, Invisible work for PC too.

Missing Goro (PC Version)

Leave the time to reach zero on the third endurance match with you having more life then your opponent. Normally Goro should appear, but he will not and the game will start acting crazy.

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Sega Genesis/SegaCD Glitches

Note: The Arcade Glitches: Cage's Fatality Glitches 4 works for Sega Genesis too.

Reptile On The Selectscreen

When you are fighting Reptile, press Start on the second Controller. When the character select screen appears, Sub-Zero and Scorpion will turn green for that character. Also all other character will have green in their color palette. Unfortunately this is only temporary.

Second Reptile

If you get to Reptile in the normal way, the Pit Scene will show up on your first endurance match. If you get to him again in the endurance, you will get to fight two Reptiles. The first Reptile looks normal, but the second one will look like the second person who you fought on the bridge (who you did the fatality on). This is very interesting because the person will look like they're doing their own moves while actually doing Reptile's.

Different Kredits

Beat Shang Tsung by letting the time to run out. The kredits will this time be different from usual. No characters will appear and no eyes will blink on the background of Goro's Lair.

Block The Fatality

A human opponent can make it look like they are trying to block your fatality by holding down block and not moving. Their character's block pose will be done as if trying to repel the fatality.


Start a one player game with Sonya. When you get the "Finish Him/Her" message for Endurance 3 hold Back. Perform the Aerial Punch before Goro falls, exactly when you see the text "Danger". You will appear only if you jump or when you are close to Goro and punch him.

Liu Kang's Fatality Glitch

As the "Finish Him/Her" sounds for Liu Kang to do his Fatality, throw the opponent and then immediately do the Fatality. You will cartwheel, but as you land, Liu Kang will get stuck into the opponent and will start turning endless.

Jump and Dive

Use Raiden and jump over your opponent while you perform Raiden's diving move. When you touch the ground Raiden will perform his special move. But he will be faced the wrong side of the screen. So he will push his opponent with his feet. This can also happen when the other player jumps over Raiden as he performs his move. If you opponent is Scorpion or Raiden and teleports, Raiden will keep pulling or pushing the other player against a wall until they die.

Green Goro

Enable the Cheat Menu (Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down) and turn on flag 0, 1, and 2. Then, fight a one-player game until you get to the last match before Goro. Lose until you're at The Pit. Get a double-flawless victory and perform your fatality (just like you would to get to Reptile). When you fight Goro, he'll be spotted with bits of green.

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SNES Glitches

Freeze With Kano

Do you know that Sub-Zero isn't the only one who can freeze! Kano can have the same effect on Goro. Knock him down with a jump kick, and then throw a Knife. If timed correctly, the knife will go through him, and Goro will freeze.

Sub-Zero's Sweep Glitch

If you freeze Goro with Sub-Zero, you can foot-sweep him and not undo the freeze.

Sub-Zero's Fatality Glitch

Play with Sub-Zero. Win your first round any way you wish, then during the second round use three uppercuts and two sweeps. Then freeze your enemy. You will hear Tsung tell "Finish Him!" Do the finishing move, and then check out what happens.

T-1000 Goro

Set the game's difficulty level to "Very Easy" and start a 1-player game, allowing yourself to be defeated in every match until you get to the Hall of Champions. At this stage, the computer will have the ability to throw you no matter where you are on the screen! In addition to this bug, there's a freaky one involving Rayden: perform his fatality on the third endurance stage of a 1-player game and the next opponent you'll fight is a sliver, flashing Goro.

One-Button Projectile

Finish your opponent with a projectile. When the next round starts, you can execute the same attack by pressing the last button you used to do the move. This will only works until you press a different button or until your opponent hits, throws, or jumps over you.

Round ???

Reach round five. This is the last round where you will see a number. At the beginning of the next round you will not see a number but only ???.

What next?

Start a one player match with any fighter (Cage or Liu Kang work best). Repeatedly jump over your opponent and kick without hitting him. Continue doing this until the CPU blocks. Then, jump back over your opponent once more time, without kicking. After landing, wait and do not press any buttons. The CPU opponent will remain motionless until you hit them.

Out of Range

Start a two player tournament battle with any of the fighters. Fight until one of the characters is one throw away from defeat. Allow the time run down until one second is remaining. Finish off the fighter with a throw (stand next to the opponent and press B). In the next round, both characters can be moved off the edge of the screen.

Freeze Goro

Perform Scorpion's teleport punch immediately followed by a spear. If Goro blocks the spear, more often than not, he will be frozen in his block pose. You can just sweep him to death (and he will NOT unfreeze), or you can just hit him with anything else and he will unfreeze.


As Sonya, be in the corner--just a bit away from the very edge--and have your opponent within leg-grab range. Do the leg-grab and then, as they are slightly air-born from the bounce off the ground, do an upper-cut to juggle them.

Effects of TUG:
  • characters can walk through each other
  • characters can walk off of the screen
Doing a throw or another leg-grab will de-activate TUG.

Things to do with TUG:
  • Do Sonya's Fatality (F, F, B, B + BL) from off the screen.
  • As Sub-Zero, be in the corner with the opponent so that you are both facing the same way. Kill them with a sweep (looks weird), then do his Fatality (F, D, F + HP), and he will be well out of range for the back-hand which is suppose to shatter them. They still shatter even though Sub-Zero is almost a half-screen away from them.
  • Do Scorpions spear with the opponent about 1 and 3/4 screens away.
  • Be in the corner with Rayden and have your opponent jump all the way to the other corner. Do a teleport and the view will ZOOM over to the other corner.

Play As Glitches

1. Goro Start a two player game with a random characters. Make draw 4 rounds! In round 5 let player one wins. When the continue screen appears press start on player 2. You'll continue your battle in round 6 where the background will be dark (same when you do a fatality), do nothing in this round, let the game over and press start for player one on the "game over" screen. Then on the character select screen choose various character and start one player game. Your first match will be Johnny Cage VS Johnny Cage (there can be some graphic glitches during the match). Fight on battle plan until you reach Goro (you must not to loose a game or get a continue, that's why you should use 7E04B9A1 code - player 1 is invincible and 7E04BB00 - one hit kill player 2). When the match starts and just when "Fight!" appears press start on player 2...

Goro Moves:
Only forward direction is allowed.
Block: Forward + Down

2. Shang Tsung Same like the trick with Goro but now reach Shang Tsung. Just when the word "Fight!" appears press start on player 2. I notice that there are some graphic glitches while you play as Shang Tsung and try to morph into someone. Interesting thing is that when Shang Tsung morphs into someone and you are close to him he hits you.

Shang Tsung Moves:
Only back direction is allowed.
Morph into Liu Kang: Down + Back + Low Punch
Morph into Cage: Down + Back
Morph into Sonya: Down + Back + Low Kick

3. Reptile This is not a glitch in the game, because it requires a GameGenie code to work proper. But we believe that this is the right section to put it in.

This kode (656A-47AF) is actually a couple kodes in one. So to make it easier I'll explain it as if you were using the code in a one player or two player game.

If you're playing a one player game, start as anyone you want. After you beat the person from the 1st match you will start another match, this time against Reptile. You will keep fighting Reptile until you turn off the Game Genie. If you do turn off the Game Genie you will kontinue your game as usual. If you turn the Game Genie back on, after you beat your opponent you will fight Reptile again. If you lose a match to Reptile, and you kontinue, you will kontinue as Scorpion. But if you lose and don't kontinue, you can watch the computer play against itself as Reptile VS. Reptile (one says Scorpion). If you want to start a new game, let the computer beat itself and don't kontinue. You will then go to the title screen.

If you're playing a 2 player game, player 2 can play as Reptile, sort of. Start a 2 player game and have player 2 choose Scorpion or Sub-Zero as their fighter. Then have player 2 beat up player 1 and don't continue. The next match will then be against Reptile. Have player 1 join in. Player 1 will automatically start as Scorpion. Then when player 2 begins playing, Scorpion or Sub-Zero will be in Reptile's green uniform and it will say Reptile in your energy bar. But even though you look like Reptile, you still can't do both Scorpions and Sub-Zero's special moves. You can only do one or the others. If you choose someone other than those two fighters, your character will be a strange green color.

For a little added "bonus", try the kode 676A-47AF. This kode has a little glitch, but it still works fine.

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Plug and Play Glitches

Note: The Arcade Glitch Raiden's Graphical Glitch works on Jakks TV Plug and Play version. Other glitches might work as well.

Glitchy Goro

Beat Enduraunce match 3 with Raiden and hold block when it says finish him. Continue holding block. When Goro stomps the ground and roars, release it during the first roar. The background will be dark and you can go off the screen and still attack Goro.

Scorpion glitch

When fighting Shang Tsung, get to the corner. When the opponent is close enough to sweep, do a teleport punch. They will turn and do a fireball. Do a spear, and when he morphs, the game will need to load each time.

Finishing The Wrong Person

Play single player game and reach any endurance battle. After you kill the second opponent and the game sais "Finish Him/Her", throw your foe, and step over the dead body of your first opponent. Then perform a Fatality. Your fighter will perform the Fatality on the first opponent. This has a different results for the different fatalities.