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Ultimate Mortal Kombat - News

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GameSpot: Ultimate Mortal Kombat Preview

by Gambid on Nov 6, 2007 :: 0

GameSpot has published a preview of Ultimate Mortal Kombat for Nintendo DS. From the article:

Soon Midway will further its quest to bring classic Mortal Kombat games to every imaginable platform with Ultimate Mortal Kombat on the Nintendo DS. It's become woefully evident in the past few years that improved hardware doesn't necessarily equate to proper emulation of classic arcade games, so we were a little wary of how well this one would play on a system as relatively simple as the DS. Luckily, it seems our concerns were misplaced because it looks like Midway has managed to efficiently cram the entirety of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (and then some) into this cart.
The gameplay is spot-on with the DS controls. Anyone who spent time playing any MK on a Super Nintendo pad will feel right at home here, and even if not, it won't take you more than a few minutes to get up to speed. As veterans of UMK3 ourselves, we were able to jump on then start whipping out combos and fatalities almost instantly. And even if you forget how to do any of your characters' special moves and finishers, you'll see a display of all your moves on the other screen throughout any match. (Which screen displays the fighting and which one shows the move list is configurable in the options.) The bottom line is that we're amazed at how much this game feels like the original arcade game; it's a surprisingly high-quality version of UMK3, from what we've played so far.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat will be released on November 12 (USA, Canada) and on November 30 (Europe). The game is already available for preorder from our Online Store.

Click here to read the entire preview.

IGN: Ultimate Mortal Kombat Hands-on

by Gambid on Oct 18, 2007 :: 0

A couple of days ago IGN posted a Hands-on preview of Ultimate Mortal Kombat for Nintendo DS. Here is the most interesting part of the article:

And it's a pretty spot-on conversion of the arcade game. Other Ocean Interactive, the development team that worked on the Xbox Live Arcade rendition, has emulated the arcade version of Mortal Kombat 3 extremely well. Oh, there are the little things, like a not-as-seamless transition between the two-tier fighting locations after uppercutting an opponent through the ceiling. But the action is smooth, the fatalities are intact, and the blood is ample. Even the game's two player mode via single cartridge multiplayer is near flawless, though you only get four characters to choose from: the male and female palette-swapped ninjas Scorpion and Reptile, as well as Kitana and Jade.
The Nintendo Wi-Fi support is still a key part of the game, though like any early Nintendo DS game it's tough to test this feature out before the release simply due to the lack of people ready to go online. But if it's anything like playing it local wireless you've got nothing to worry about. The game's record keeping is basic but it at least tracks all your wins and losses when you hop online…as well as how many successful fatalities, animalities, babalities, and friendships you performed.

Puzzle Kombat is here and it's just as tightly developed as when it was included in Mortal Kombat Deception. One screen is for the gameplay while the other keeps track of the glorified 3D animations of the fighters. And, just like Mortal Kombat 3, you can swap the screens in a menu option. This also uses single and multi-cartridge multiplayer, and it works over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

The preview comes packed with a few videos and a lot of screenshots:

You should notice the fact that the Ultimate Kombat Kode is now only 5 symbols instead of 10.

Click here to read the entire preview.

GC 2007: Ultimate Mortal Kombat Hands-on

by Gambid on Aug 27, 2007 :: 0

Another review of the Games Convention 2007 version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat for Nintendo DS comes from IGN. From the article:

Now Greg Miller might try to tell you that Liu Kang is the way to go in Mortal Kombat games. But you and I know the truth; Stryker and his police force machismo can not be stopped. Naturally, we pulled up our favorite hero to begin the contest. As previously reported by IGN's own Craig Harris, the DS lends itself nicely to the Mortal Kombat game. The controls are responsive and precise and we didn't find it difficult to string out any combination of Stryker's fearsome moves. Since this is the same Mortal Kombat game you've been playing for years, touch controls and the second screen don't come into play. Even with the low resolution screen, this port of the arcade version makes Stryker look almost as good as he originally did on the big screen.

This isn't just a simple port of the original Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, though. Added to the mix are a local multiplayer game with other DS owners and a wi-fi internet mode. Sadly, no other DSs were on hand with UMK running to try these modes out. The game will also keep track of your stats over time, including wins, losses, streaks, and the number of fatalities, babalities, etc. that you've pulled off.

UMK on DS also sports the Puzzle Kombat mode from Decption. Puzzle Kombat has been adapted to the DS to take advantage of the two screens, but the gameplay is essentially the same. This mode, too, can be played locally or over the wi-fi and the game keeps track of your wins and losses, just like the UMK3 side to this release. Again, we didn't have anyone else to play with so it's tough to say exactly how well those multiplayer modes work.

Click here to read the full article at IGN.

GC '07: Ultimate Mortal Kombat Hands-On

by Gambid on Aug 27, 2007 :: 0

GameSpot was one of the first websites to review the Games Convention 2007 version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat for Nintendo DS. From the article:

What really impresses about the package is how Midway has implemented local and online wireless multiplayer for both games. Two players can link up locally using two carts or game sharing, and you can also use the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to play people across the world. The game saves single-player and multiplayer high scores to the cart, and you can set up user profiles, too.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat DS also houses a number of extras that help add some longevity. There are character bios, credits, and a series of lost treasures to check out. The latter feature allows you to watch all the different character endings, fight super bosses such as Ermec and Noob, and take part in more than three different types of endurance battles.

Click here to read the full article at GameSpot.

First Screenshots From Games Convention 2007

by Gambid on Aug 23, 2007 :: 1

The first three screenshots from this years Games Convention in Leipzig are here. As we already reported Ultimate Mortal Kombat for Nintendo DS is the only Mortal Kombat game to be shown:

We have also updated our Ultimate Mortal Kombat section so don't forget to take a look at it.

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