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Online Store - About The Online Store

The Mortal Kombat Secrets Online Store is created in association with,, and Items sold through our Online Store are being shipped though one of the above stores, depending on the location you live in and the store you chose to access. The goal of this Online Store is to provide a collection of Mortal Kombat related items and help our visitors in the endless search of the desired game/movie/book. Every item purchased through our store supports our site.

Please note that Mortal Kombat Secrets has absolutely no control over shipment, payment or price of the items and therefore cannot be held responsible for delays or any other problems that might occur once you leave our domain and server. Payment methods include all payment methods that are supported by the store in question. Mortal Kombat Secrets has absolutely no access to any shipment, payment or customer information. Mortal Kombat Secrets receives only statistical data about the items that have been purchased and whether they have already been shipped or not.

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