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News Archive - March 2009

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Rumor: Mortal Komabat: Shaolin Monks Sequel In Development

by Gambid on Mar 18, 2009 :: 4

The Game Reviews.Com has published an article discussing a few rumors and tried to back them up with some facts. One of those rumors is about the possible release of a sequel to Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks.

Please note that this news is not officially confirmed yet and we suggest that you interpret it as a rumor. From the article:

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks 2 in development?

There have been a few Mortal Kombat spin-offs as of late. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and Mortal Kombat: Special Forces come to mind, and let’s just say both should have stayed on the drawing board. That, though, doesn’t mean the other spin-off is on the same level of crappiness, oh no. Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks was good, very good, and has fast become MK fans’ favorite MK game. Shaolin Monks was centered around fan favorites Liu Kang and Kung Lao as they go on a journey to defeat Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. Other MK favorites made an appearance either as aiding allies like Johnny Cage and Sonya or were end-of-level bosses like Scorpion and Reptile. The game was received critically and commercially well but no word has been spoken yet regarding a sequel, until now. Thanks to TGR reader “tommystockley” has learned that Shaolin Monks 2 may very well be in the cards.

A while back, Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo did an MKast for the official MK website. During this podcast they were asked by fellow MK fans if they would consider developing another Shaolin Monks. They went on record saying that if there is enough demand for said game then they would seriously consider it. Nothing was said for a few months after that, but the game popped up once again during an MKast addressing what the thousands of MK fans were discussing in the forums, and a few hints were dropped regarding the game’s development. Now we all know about the financial situation at Midway games and how they have filled for Chapter 11. What we learned from the court documents is the fact that Midway has two MK teams on different projects. One team is working on the just-announced Mortal Kombat 9, and the other is working on an action/adventure game... I wonder what that could be?

Midway is in need of their biggest asset bringing in the cash, and what better than a fully mature-rated MK game with high-definition fatalities and also a sequel to the highly rated Shaolin Monks? I think this is a no-brainer, and being a Mortal Kombat fan, I feel like I’m in MK heaven. You bet your ass this is happening and you can expect an announcement at either GDC next week or E3 in the summer. EXCELLENT!

TGR Rating: Highly Likely

Click here to read the entire article.

We will post more details as information gets available.

Mortal Kombat Secrets Goes To School

by Gambid on Mar 1, 2009 :: 5

Yep that's right. If Mortal Kombat Secrets was a child, this year it should start going to school. Why? Because it just turned 7.

The first of march is here (again). Time to a look back at what we have accomplished, time to look forward and make some plans for the future of the site.

We all had a pretty amazing, exciting, shocking, terrifying and sad year. This year just had it all:

Here is a small list of the news that really made this year what it is:


The excitement of the gamers for the not yet announced Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe was so big that a month before Midway Gamer's Day the internet was full of rumors, fake/false information and hundreds of people who claimed that they know someone, who knows someone, whose uncle works at Midway and told them that...

Probably the most successful one was a fake trailer, that appeared on YouTube and actually managed to fool each and everyone of us at one moment or another.

Leaked Mortal Kombat 8 Teaser Trailer?


I am sure that all of you remember this moment but it is and will still be worth mentioning even after 10 years. The big excitement about the upcoming announcement of the next Mortal Kombat game let to an explosive first reaction. Mortal Kombat Secrets was the site that confirmed that the title of the game will be Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe causing a reaction that blew up the entire Mortal Kombat Community. People didn't want to believe, people called the site and me personally liars, people threaten to leave the franchise forever if the story turns out to be true.

A few days later the official announcement was made. This only made things worse. The number of shocked, angry and disappointed people only escalated. Fortunately no one accused us of anything any more. No one apologized for everything that was written about the site all over the Internet either, but that's a completely different story. We survived it and moved on.

This entire situation continued a lot longer then most people expected, showing the MK Team and the world just how passionate and protective the Mortal Kombat Comunity is.

Things started to calm down after more gameplay details were revealed.

Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe News


The most amazing thing surely is the release of Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe. The game left some of the fans with mixed feelings but it has already sold more then 2 million copies worldwide and when the numbers are speaking even the gods are silent.


The success of one game alone can't save an entire company. And unfortunately the financial state of Midway isn't good at all. The company can still operate under the protection of Chapter 11 but the question marks still remains.

The next Mortal Kombat game is currently in development. What will happen with it if Midway's attempts of saving themselves fail. Will the next installment of the game be rushed, just to win some more extra cash, will the next game even make it. With the company in bad shape, the future of the franchise has never been so unclear as it is today.

During our next year online, we plan to expand the content of the site even more and cover the development of next Mortal Kombat game.

We have already put things in motion for some great new projects and features that the site will offer in the future.

We are grateful to you for being a loyal visitors and we promise to do our best not to disappoint in the future just as we never did in the past.

Thank you for making us the great website that we are.

Happy Birthday Mortal Kombat Secrets
The Most Informative Mortal Kombat Site On The Web

The Mortal Kombat Secrets Staff Members

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