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News Archive - August 2004

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Midway Gamers Day

by Gambid on Aug 27, 2004 :: 5

Today is Midway Gamers Day and three of the staff members of Mortal Kombat Online are in San Diego. Here is what they have to report:

To hold you over, two pieces of information were revealed today. The first being that Shujinko will not only feature standard fighting styles, but will also be "an uber-character" that will possess special moves from nearly every fighter in the Mortal Kombat universe. Footage we saw had Shujinko tele-slam his opponent (Kenshi/Ermac), freeze his opponent (Sub-Zero/Frost), and then throw a harpoon (Scorpion). In additional news, it was revealed that neither Smoke nor Noob Saibot will be featured in Mortal Kombat: Deception. However, a new hybrid character named Noob Smoke is present. He is two entities in one, and functions much like a tag-team character for some devestating fighting action.

More information will be available very soon.

Thanks to our site visitor John Mannino for this update.

Official Site Updates

by Gambid on Aug 27, 2004 :: 0

Midway updated the The Official Mortal Kombat: Deception website. The following things were added:

- 14 Konfirmed Kombatants
- 3 New Arenas Revealed
- New Shujinko Hi-Res Shot

Click here to visit the site.

Mileena Appears In Playboy

by Gambid on Aug 26, 2004 :: 1

CNN Money posted an article entitled "Video game gals take it off for Playboy - Silicon will meet silicone in October issue of men's magazine". Below is a part of this aticle:

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – She's a statuesque redhead with green eyes who stands 5'7". Her measurements are 36-22-36 and she's posing topless for the October issue of Playboy magazine.

Oh, just one thing... she's a video game character.

Her name's Bloodrayne and she'll make her naked debut alongside a feature in the upcoming issue of the men's magazine.

Joining her in the CGI photospread (which will accompany an article about the changing face of gaming) will be a handful of gaming characters. While not all the characters will appear in the pixilated buff, you can expect a lot of come hither looks from some butt-kicking women, including familiar faces from Midway's (MWY: Research, Estimates) "Mortal Kombat" and Namco's "Tekken" series as well as Vivendi's (V: Research, Estimates) upcoming "Red Ninja" and "Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude" and Sammy Studios' forthcoming "Darkwatch: Curse of the West". (See the accompanying pop-up gallery for some of the characters that were submitted to the magazine.)

In the magazine will appear the following game characters:

The half-human, half-vampire star of Majesco's "BloodRayne" franchise will appear topless in the October Playboy.

One of "Mortal Kombat's" most familiar faces (who often sports a blue leotard in the game) will be pose seductively, but not nude, for the magazine.

After kicking butt in Namco's "Tekken" franchise for years, Nina will star in her own game ("Death by Degrees") in 2005. She will appear in the Playboy, but will not be nude.

Luba Licious
Luba's the party girl in the upcoming "Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude," so it's probably no surprise she'll be nude in the gallery.

The main character of Vivendi Universal's upcoming "Red Ninja" will pose seductively in the magazine, but not nude.

This dark femme fatale (who also happens to be half-vampire) who will make her debut in Sammy Studios upcoming "Darkwatch: Curse of the West" will also appear in the October Playboy.

Click here to read the complete article.

Thanks to our forums member joyoza for the heads-up on this story.

MK Characters in Unreal Championship 2

by Gambid on Aug 26, 2004 :: 3

The X-Box version of Unreal Championship 2 will feature "special guest appearances from another realm", most probably from Mortal Kombat because of the MK Dragon Logo, that flashes through the screen when this is mentioned in the newest trailer, that appeared at IGN. Somethig very interesting in the trailer is the Finish Him. Could this game contains some Fatalities?

Click here to download the trailer.

Mortal Kombat: Deception Intro Now Available

by Gambid on Aug 26, 2004 :: 5

GameDaily has posted the Mortal Kombat: Deception Intro, that will show the final fate of the Deadly Alliance. The video is in DivX format.

Click here to download the intro. The size of the file is 32 MB.

Thanks to our forum member TheShadow for this update.

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