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News Archive - June 2004

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New Finisher???
by Gambid on Jun 22, 2004 :: 0 Comments

The latest July issue of the Official XBox Magazine has a two page preview of MK: Deception. The most interesting information of all is that a possibility of a new finisher is mentioned:

Longtime fans will also remember Babality and Friendship finishers. As for their inclusion in the game, series co-creator Ed Boon has hinted at the idea, but perhaps he has something more devious up his sleeve. Can you say Lover Fatality? Neither can we.

Our very first affiliated site Total Mortal Kombat also offers scans from the magazine:


Scorpion Appears in Psi-Ops
by Gambid on Jun 22, 2004 :: 26 Comments

In Midway's brand new game Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy there is a way to unlock several skins for your character by using a secret code. One of these characters is Scorpion from MK: DA. Below is the explanation how to unlock the skin:

To obtain Scorpion in the PS2 version of Psi-Ops, highlight the "Extra Content" option on the main menu and press R1. For Xbox users follow the same instructions, but press the right trigger. This will bring up a keypad, upon which you need to enter the code 546546. The game will then notify you that Scorpion has been unlocked!


New Mk: Deception Info Revealed
by Gambid on Jun 15, 2004 :: 13 Comments

On G4 Ed Boon has confirmed the return of three classic Mortal Kombat characters. They are Sektor, Smoke and Kabal. One more arena has been announced - The Living Forest. All of the characters will have a completely new look.

Update - 06.19.2004:
Today Mortal Kombat Online informed that this news was actually fake and that Ed Boon has never made an appearance on G4. We, here at Mortal Kombat Secrets also want to apologize to you for the wrong information. We will made all we can to avoid further misinformation like this one.


Interview With Linden Ashby
by Gambid on Jun 15, 2004 :: 7 Comments

In an interview for TV Guide Linden Ashby confirmed that the third Mortal Kombat movie will begin shooting this summer. The same thing has already been confirmed by Chris Casamassa himself only a month ago.

And is it official that you're set to star in Mortal Kombat 3?
I have been talking to the producers for the past month or so pretty intensely, and they say we are set to go. I'll be reprising my role as Johnny Cage. It's supposed to start shooting this summer.


Kenneth D. Cron Named Chairman Of The Board
by Gambid on Jun 15, 2004 :: 0 Comments

In a press release Midway Games has announced a few changes of the board of the directors of the company:

Chicago, Illinois, June 14, 2004 - Midway Games Inc. (NYSE:MWY) announced today that the Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Kenneth D. Cron, 47, as Chairman of the Board. The Company’s Board of Directors also appointed Shari E. Redstone, 50, as Vice-Chairman of the Board. Mr. Cron and Ms. Redstone were elected as Directors at Midway’s June 10 annual meeting. Midway also announced today the appointment of Joseph A. Califano, Jr., 73, as a new independent director, effective immediately. With the addition of Mr. Califano, Midway’s Board now has eight members.

Midway’s new Chairman, Kenneth D. Cron, stated, “I am a firm believer in the strength and future of the games industry and its growing prominence in the entertainment market. I believe Midway has many of the core assets to be an important player in this dynamic market. To that end, I am honored to lead Midway’s newly-elected Board, and I look forward to helping the company realize its potential.”

Midway’s largest shareholder is Sumner M. Redstone, who directly and through his ownership of National Amusements Inc. owned approximately 70.4% of Midway’s outstanding shares as of June 9, 2004.

Click here to read the whole article.


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