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News Archive - May 2004

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Kombat Kontinues - August 2004

by Gambid on May 23, 2004 :: 5

The webmaster of our affiliated site MKCenter has recently e-mailed Chris Casamassa, the actor who played Scorpion in Mortal Kombat: The Movie and in Mortal Kombat Conquest and asked him about the third movie. Here is what Chris Casamassa had to say about the beginn of filming the next movie.

Possibly start filming in August of 2004. right now that's all I can say.

Mortal Kombat For Mobile

by Gambid on May 21, 2004 :: 8

GameSpot has just added Mortal Kombat to their list of Mobile games. The game seems to be a Mortal Kombat 1 port. Below is all the information that the site has.

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Backbone
Genre: Action
Release Date: October 2004

GameSpot also added the first screenshots of this game:

Thanks to ded_ for the information.

New MK: Deception Movies At GameSpot

by Gambid on May 15, 2004 :: 1

GameSpot has added a lot of new MK: Deception movies:

PlayStation 2 movies
XBox movies

Thanks to MiNeOuT for the heads-up on this update!

First Impressions of MK: Deception

by Gambid on May 12, 2004 :: 5

MKOnline have just published their first impressions of Mortal Kombat: Deception:

The E3 build has twelve characters playable: Scorpion, Baraka, Mileena, Sub-Zero, Hotaru, Sindel, Kenshi, Bo'Rai Cho, Ashrah, Li Mei, Nightwolf, Ermac. The characters have the same level as detail in MK: Deadly Alliance, and we've noticed some details in the characters that have not been seen in renders so far. For example, characters returning from MK Deadly Alliance tend to have the same fighting styles in MKD. However, we have been told that this is not set in stone; their styles may change. Also, small little graphical details can be seen, such as the fact that Mileena's veil is translucent; you can see her teeth underneath the veil. Li Mei's costume is also much improved, in that while her costume is the same color has her MKDA one, it is much more reminiscent of the armor of a soldier in the Dragon King's army. The three ninjas, while LOOKING like ninjas, are VASTLY different in appearance. For example, Ermac's mask is actually black bandages wrapped around his head, while Sub-Zero's is more like a samurai helmet. Also, some characters have returning moves, such as Sub-Zero's ice clone and Scorpion's teleport punch. (In the case of the teleport punch, Scorpion disappears in a whiff of black smoke, and appears on the other side of the current view in a blast of flame.) Ashrah possesses what appears to be souped-up versions of Raiden's torpedo and Kung Lao's spin. Finally, Baraka's weapon style is referred to simply as Blades, and not Baraka blades.

The core fighting engine and how characters move is little changed from MK Deadly Alliance. We have been told that more characters now have throws, and also we have observed that combos are easier to pull off. The biggest change in how the game plays is in the interaction of the characters with the environments. One thing we noticed is that a death trap is considered to be the gameplay equivalent of a ring-out. It does not end the entire match; the game continues to the next round with the characters returning to their starting point in the arena. One thing we noticed in the arena that is constantly falling to pieces is that both characters can fall to their deaths on the spikes below at the same time. We have yet to figure out, however, what method they use to determine the round winner. That part may not be finalized. To pick up a background weapon, you choose your weapon style when within range of the weapon, One thing I did notice is that once you grab a background weapon, you cannot change back into another fighting style. Also, if you get knocked into a death trap and the map resets, you keep your background weapon and a new one is put in place.

Not much can be said about Chess Kombat that has not already been said. However, one item that may not have been noticed is that the fighting arenas in Chess are NOT from Deception; the two used are actually 3-D versions of MK1's The Courtyard (complete with aged Shang Tsung on his throne) and MK2's The Dead Pool. As far as Puzzle Kombat goes, one item that makes it much different from games like Puzzle Fighter is that there are multiple rounds in Puzzle Kombat. Also, fatalities are done automatically in Puzzle Kombat.

They also posted the first and official Mortal Kombat: Deception box art. Click here to see it.

MK: Deception Trailer

by Gambid on May 12, 2004 :: 1

The Official Mortal Kombat: Deception website was just updated with one trailer. The movie is not new, it was already seen at IGN. If you want to download it, click here.

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