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News Archive - March 2004

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Three New Screenshots And A Preview

by Gambid on Mar 24, 2004 :: 9

IGN updated with 3 new pictures of MK: Deception and a preview. On the screenshots you can see Nightwolf, Baraka and Ermac in action.

If you want to take a look at the article, click here.

Mortal Kombat: Deception Preview at GameInformer

by Gambid on Mar 20, 2004 :: 0

Yesterday GameInformer published a Mortal Kombat: Deception preview based on the information, that was gathered at Midway Gamers Day. They confirmed the return of Kabal. As we earlier reported the game will have 24 playable characters. It is now known that there will be 8 new characters, 6 returning from Deadly Alliance characters, and 10 classic characters who will make their 3D debut. Below are parts from the article that contains an interesting information:

Boon stated that the backgrounds in the game will be “more than a portrait.” Environments in Deception will be much more expansive, and some will feature multiple tiers – much like the Dead or Alive series. You’ll be able to blast opponents through breakable walls and watch them fall, and then chase them below, and continue smacking the snot out of them. Boon described two of the levels that will be in the game. One was a collapsing pillar level where through out the match, the outer rings will continue to collapse until you have a small center pillar. The other was a Ying Yang type level where the Ying side was a nice beach area, and the Yang side was a rainy, desolate opposite. While you are fighting the Ying and Yang sides switch randomly.
All you Super Puzzle Fighter fans will be pleased to know that Midway will also be including a Puzzle Kombat mode to round out Deception. Puzzle Kombat is basically a puzzle fighter type game with a Mortal Kombat twist. There will be special moves that you can perform, and of course fatalities will also play a role as well.

If you want to read the full article, click here.

Mortal Kombat: Deception Preview at GameSpot

by Gambid on Mar 20, 2004 :: 4

GameSpot has released a preview of Mortal Kombat: Deception. According to the information the game will include a total of 24 playable characters, 14 of them will be available at the beginning. Below is a part of the article that contains new information:

The additions to the combat system appear to be adding a level of strategy that should please fighting fans looking for more depth. A new position switch move, similar to the position swap seen in Tekken 4, will let you quickly switch your place with an opponent if you're backed into a corner, which should come in very handy. However, the most interesting addition is undoubtedly what Boon dubbed "fight state indicators." The indicator appears vertically on the lower left- and right-hand sides of the screen and identifies your fighter's current state on-the-fly during a battle. The color-coded indicators let you know when you're vulnerable to attack, able to counterattack, or are in a danger zone. Obviously, when the indicator isn’t reacting at all you'll know all is well. The stoplight-like meters, whose appearance is still a work in progress, struck us as a training wheel-like addition to the game. The indicators should help veteran players hone their skills to perfection and let new players get a better understanding of the fighting system, which seems like a pretty savvy equalizer to include.
Another sign of the fighting system's evolution is the way its new features relate to the game's backgrounds. The arenas will be multi-tiered and feature a high level of interactivity that will end up enriching the fighting system. Boon stated that the arenas will end up playing a big role in the flow of the battle, almost as much as the character you choose, based on their unique size and shape. Some will slowly crumble as you fight on them, making a "ring out" sort of victory possible. Another background Boon talked about was a sort of "yin and yang" arena that randomly flips between good and evil. On the good side, you'll see a Virtua Fighter-like beach, complete with seagulls and a generally peaceful setting. But when that flips around, you'll get an evil version of the same background. Getting knocked out of the arena on the good side won't be so bad for the losing player... but getting knocked out when things aren't so pleasant will probably be a bloodier affair.

Part of the preview are three new screenshots:

Click here if you want to read the full article at GameSpot

"Kombat" Still Up For Fighting

by Gambid on Mar 18, 2004 :: 5

The movie site Dark Horizons posted a news regarding the third Mortal Kombat movie. Below is a part of the article:

Despite reports last week it seems to have died, other gossip has surfaced that the third "Mortal Kombat" film still has something of a pulse: 'Dave' contacted Threshold Entertainment and asked if it was off, their response: "No, most certainly not. It's happening, just not at New Line. We have Christopher Lambert, Lynn Red Williams, and Linden Ashby amongst others starring".
As for the film's title, the working title is Mortal Kombat 3, but that will definitely change by the time of release. Titles we are hearing include: MK - Devastation, MK - Deadly Alliance, MK - Deception (which will also rumored to be MK6). Threshold has yet to decide on the official title"

Click here to read the full text of the article.

Mileena's Render

by Gambid on Mar 11, 2004 :: 0

The Official MK Deception site has released a Mileena's render, which was first seen in PSM.

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