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News Archive - July 2003

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New Demo Game

by Gambid on Jul 30, 2003 :: 63

Our forum member Masos sent us a demo version of a game called Mortal Kombat: The Dark Tournament. This game is still in development. The demo version features 2 characters, one playable (Sub-Zero) and one unplayable (Rahan - made up character). The game is created with Smart Engine, written in Turbo Pascal 7.0. The author (Masos) needs ideas and suggestions, so if you have some go to our forum and share them.

Here are two screenshots from the game:

If you want to download this demo version click here. It is only 14kb.

Update: 08.03.2003

Version 1.1 now available for download.
This version is compatible with all Windows OS.
To download it click here.

Update: 08.13.2003

Version 1.2 is now available for download.
There are a lot of changes in these version of the DEMO. But I don't think to describe them here. Just download the game and see them by yourself.
To download it click here.

MK:TE Reviews

by Gambid on Jul 28, 2003 :: 4

Game Informer and Electronic Gaming Monthly are the first two magazines, that reviewed the new Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition.

Here is a part from the article in Game Informer Magazine:

"The core gameplay mechanics haven't changed in the slightest since last year's phenomenal handheld conversion of Deadly Alliance. Tournament Edition simply adds depth to the experience. On the multiplayer end, up to four players can compete for a trophy in tournaments or team up in an intense Tekken Tag-style two-on-two team match."

The game was rated with:
Game Informer - 8.5/10
Electronic Gaming Monthly - 4.0/10

The game will ship later next month.

Forums Style Change

by Gambid on Jul 25, 2003 :: 11

It is finally here. Today we created a skin for our forums. The old blue skin is no more. Now the forums look really great. Hope you will enjoy them.

Pleace tell us what you think about the new skin.

Site Update

by Gambid on Jul 23, 2003 :: 22

A new download subsection is now up. It's name is UT 2003 skins. There you will find 6 skins of the most famous Mortal Kombat characters for Unreal Tournament 2003. The skins are created by our visitor veselaki. If you want to learn more or to download the skins click here.

by Gambid on Jul 12, 2003 :: 43 is finally on-line. The only one thing that's up right now is the logo... Probably this site will become the main source of MK6 information.

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