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Архив Новини - Август 2007


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GC 2007: Ultimate Mortal Kombat Пръв Поглед 2

от Juggernaut на 29 авг, 2007 :: 0

Другото ревю, засягащо Games Convention 2007 версията на Ultimate Mortal Kombat за Nintendo DS, идва от" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">IGN. Още по темата:

Now Greg Miller might try to tell you that Liu Kang is the way to go in Mortal Kombat games. But you and I know the truth; Stryker and his police force machismo can not be stopped. Naturally, we pulled up our favorite hero to begin the contest. As previously reported by IGN's own Craig Harris, the DS lends itself nicely to the Mortal Kombat game. The controls are responsive and precise and we didn't find it difficult to string out any combination of Stryker's fearsome moves. Since this is the same Mortal Kombat game you've been playing for years, touch controls and the second screen don't come into play. Even with the low resolution screen, this port of the arcade version makes Stryker look almost as good as he originally did on the big screen.

This isn't just a simple port of the original Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, though. Added to the mix are a local multiplayer game with other DS owners and a wi-fi internet mode. Sadly, no other DSs were on hand with UMK running to try these modes out. The game will also keep track of your stats over time, including wins, losses, streaks, and the number of fatalities, babalities, etc. that you've pulled off.

UMK on DS also sports the Puzzle Kombat mode from Decption. Puzzle Kombat has been adapted to the DS to take advantage of the two screens, but the gameplay is essentially the same. This mode, too, can be played locally or over the wi-fi and the game keeps track of your wins and losses, just like the UMK3 side to this release. Again, we didn't have anyone else to play with so it's tough to say exactly how well those multiplayer modes work.

Кликнете" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">тук, за да видите цялата статия от" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">IGN.

GC '07: Ultimate Mortal Kombat Пръв Поглед

от Juggernaut на 29 авг, 2007 :: 0" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">GameSpot бяха едни от първите, които пуснаха ревю за Games Convention 2007 версията на Ultimate Mortal Kombat за Nintendo DS. От статията:

What really impresses about the package is how Midway has implemented local and online wireless multiplayer for both games. Two players can link up locally using two carts or game sharing, and you can also use the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to play people across the world. The game saves single-player and multiplayer high scores to the cart, and you can set up user profiles, too.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat DS also houses a number of extras that help add some longevity. There are character bios, credits, and a series of lost treasures to check out. The latter feature allows you to watch all the different character endings, fight super bosses such as Ermec and Noob, and take part in more than three different types of endurance battles.

Кликнете ... 6&mode=all" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">тук, за да прочетете цялата статия от" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">GameSpot.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Био На Ashrah

от Juggernaut на 27 авг, 2007 :: 0

Изминаха два месеца без да бъде пусната нова биография. Може би хората от екипа на МК са заети по работата на нови неща, може би са в отпуска (все пак е лято), но ние се надяваме, че всичко това ще се промени и ще видим повече нови биота скоро. Най-новото, пуснато преди 2 дни, е на Ashrah:

After slaying countless demons with the kriss I discovered in the Netherrealm, my soul was no longer corrupt and I transcended that hell. I emerged in an unfamiliar realm at the feet of celestial beings who glowed with blinding light. They explained to me that the kriss is a tool, able to transform its finder into a warrior powerful enough to purify the world. I am their chosen one, the ascending demon they were searching for.

Awestruck by their celestial beauty, I surrendered myself to the beings’ will. My purpose in the cosmos was never more clear: I would do what they asked of me and consume the darkness, bringing peace to the realms. By doing so I would also achieve absolute purification - I would join them as an angel of light!

The celestials had brought me here, a realm of darkness known as Vaeternus, to begin my crusade against a cunning vampire race. The vile creatures feed off the blood of their prey and spread their corruption unhindered throughout the realms. Seductive and powerful is their dark magic, but it would not save them from the purity of my holy kriss.

And so I hunted them. With each vampire I "pacified" the sword crackled with holy light. I felt as though the blade and I were both growing stronger. Our strength was not enough, however, as one female vampire bested me and escaped to Edenia. Slaying her has become my focus. If I can gain power enough to defeat Nitara, nothing will prevent my ascension!

Кликнете ... ame=ashrah" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">тук, за да видите оригиналната страница на" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">официалния Mortal Kombat: Armageddon сайт.

Първи Screenshot-и От Games Convention 2007

от Juggernaut на 23 авг, 2007 :: 1

Ето и първите картинки от годишния Games Convention в Лайпциг. Както вече казахме, Ultimate Mortal Kombat за Nintendo DS е единствената показана Mortal Kombat игра:

Игрите На Midway За Games Convention 2007

от Juggernaut на 21 авг, 2007 :: 0

В информация до пресата" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none">Midway обявиха своите игри за тазгодишния Games Convention, който ще се проведе в Лайпциг, Германия, от 23 до 27 август. Единствената Mortal Kombat игра, която е част от игрите, е Ultimate Mortal Kombat за Nintendo DS: Още от прес информацията:


Product Line For GC 2007 Features Proven Brands, New Intellectual Properties, Kids Titles and Highly Anticipated Next Generation Games

LONDON, UK, August 20th, 2007 - Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer, today announced its product portfolio to be shown at the annual Games Convention (GC), August 23-27 in Leipzig, Germany. This year’s lineup showcases exciting new properties such as Stranglehold™, highly anticipated next generation games such as BlackSite™, developed by Midway Studios - Austin, proven brands such as Unreal Tournament® 3 from world renowned developer Epic Games and Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Midway’s top-selling fighting franchise’s debut on Nintendo DS™, and kid’s games like Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, based on the top-rated Cartoon Network series.

In addition to showcasing their current games projects, Midway executives will be giving media and industry representatives a glimpse into Midway’s studio system as well as global industry trends during a press briefing entitled “Fewer, Bigger, Better: Midway in the Next Generation.”

“Our 2007 Games Convention lineup truly reflects our product strategy to develop top quality titles in a wide range of genres across all major platforms,” said David F. Zucker, president and CEO, Midway. “With exciting next generation games such as Stranglehold and proven brands like Mortal Kombat, along with games for the younger market and handhelds, this is Midway’s most diverse and strongest line up yet.”

"Games Convention is now firmly established as a highlight of the industry's calendar, and a superb opportunity for us to engage with European partners and press," added Martin Spiess, Managing Director - Europe of Midway Games Ltd. "We're looking forward to showing what is undeniably our strongest portfolio to date, and discussing plans and projects for 2008."

Midway’s GC 2007 line up with expected European ship dates include:
Stranglehold (PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360™, PC; September) – Experience exhilarating, next-gen action for the PS3, Xbox 360™ videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC, as you continue the story of Inspector Tequila created by John Woo for his influential action film, "Hard Boiled" starring Chow Yun-Fat. Run into danger with both fists full of lead and take down the organized crime bosses who stepped over the line when they took your family. Stop at nothing as you destroy the entire world around you to get them back. You are a desperate man following your own rules; honor thy family; do what's right; fear no man.

BlackSite (PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, PC; October) - Featuring a powerful single-player campaign, along with multiple online multiplayer modes, BlackSite delivers vicious combat action, next generation graphics and A.I., and a plethora of powerful weapons and vehicles. Set in present day, players take the role of a decorated military veteran charged by the government to lead a squadron of “secret soldiers,” each with his/her own specialty skill set, into the Rachel, Nevada area to fight off the invasion of unidentified enemy races.

Unreal Tournament 3 -- (PLAYSTATION 3, PC; November) - Unreal Tournament 3 marks the return of the industry’s premiere first-person shooter franchise. In the latest installment of the award-winning Unreal® franchise, players assume the role of a futuristic warrior engaged in contests of intense warfare against dedicated and skilled opponents, controlled either by human contestants online or by A.I. These brutal contests are fought with the most powerful military weapons and vehicles known to man. In Unreal Tournament 3, players can go face-to-face with devastating close quarters weapons like the flak cannon and rocket launcher, or pick off their enemies from a distance with a high-caliber sniper rifle. Players will also be able to fully access the universe's most capable and advanced set of vehicles in his quest to dominate and overwhelm opponents. Unreal Tournament 3 will be exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system and PC in 2007. Thanks to the open network of the PLAYSTATION 3 system, Unreal Tournament 3 will also be the first game to feature robust user generated content including multiplayer maps, custom game modes and much more.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat (Nintendo DS, November) -- Ultimate Mortal Kombat combines the visceral thrills of the classic Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and the addictive puzzle action of the Puzzle Kombat component of Midway’s best-selling Mortal Kombat: Deception® in a single DS-friendly package. With unlockable content, new record-keeping capability, and Wi-Fi-connected multiplayer, players will be able take UMK anywhere for fighting action on the go.

Cruis’n™ (Wii™, November) -- An all new version of the classic Midway arcade racer, Cruis’n is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii. Choose your ride from an impressive lineup of licensed cars and experience a rush of adrenaline as you race opponents through twelve different street circuits using the Wii remote to steer and perform outrageous stunts. Win races and earn upgrades including: turbos, body kits, neon and nitrous, allowing you to create the ultimate ride.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am (PlayStation 2, October) - Jealousy smolders inside Master Shake like chocolate in a fondue pot. Frylock has been admitted into Jersey Pines, South Jersey’s most prestigious and exclusive public golf course. And Shake was rejected. Actually, he didn’t apply. He doesn’t know how to play golf. But what does that matter? He’s mad and must defeat Frylock at his own game. With Meatwad as his caddy, Shake aims to crack some heads and sink some putts. Do battle against Carl, the Mooninites, MC Pee Pants, the Plutonians and other classic villains. Drive your electric golf cart like a real jerk, with complete disregard for your own life. Race against the Frat Aliens in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Hear the actual voices of your favorite cartoon characters, recorded in incredible digital quality. Learn how to finally hit a sand wedge properly. Only you can ensure that Master Shake is triumphant over evil, and the mandatory dress code regarding collared shirts.

Game Party (Wii, November) -- Game Party for the Nintendo Wii is a collection of classic skill games from around the world, from American sports venues to European gathering spots. Using the Wii’s unique control interface, you can play classics such as darts; modern favorites such as table hockey and hoop shoot, or participate in multiplayer trivia contests. More than a half dozen games are available. It’s the ultimate party game.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders (Nintendo DS, November) -- For the first time on the Nintendo DS experience the fun of Cartoon Network’s hit show in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders, playing as head mischief-maker Blooregard Q. Kazoo. Goo has done it again…her overactive imagination has conjured up a group of diabolical cosmic invaders, the Space Nut Boogies. They’ve raided Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and taken Madame Foster hostage in search of The Greatest Thing in the Universe, and it’s up to you to stop them! Play as Bloo as you explore the Foster’s house, sneak past the Space Nut Boogie guards, and gather Mac, Coco, Eduardo and the rest of the gang to rescue Madame Foster!

Hour of Victory™ (PC, September) - Hour of Victory allows you to play a key role in the pivotal and cinematic battles from the European and North African theaters of World War II, using the skills and gameplay style you choose. Built with Unreal Engine 3.0, Hour of Victory allows you to sneak into enemy territory as a covert operative, storm the gates as a British Commando, or snipe from afar as an Army Ranger – each character’s unique attributes will be needed for the fulfillment of the overall objective. Only with all these skill working closely together will you be able to say that you helped define the Hour of Victory.

Wheelman™ (PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, PC; 2008) - Starring Vin Diesel in The Wheelman, you’re on the run from the mafia in the U.S. and returning to Barcelona, a place where you have a dark past and criminal gangs infest the city. It’s your job to set the factions against each other to cover a daring heist. With a focus on over-the-top, intense vehicle combat, build your reputation by undertaking missions, taking part in challenging events, all the while looking to pull off stylish, extreme driving stunts.

TNA iMPACT!™ (PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2; 2008) - TNA iMPACT! is set to be the most complete wrestling videogame to date. Featuring top talent such as Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Rhino, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarret, AJ Styles and more, TNA iMPACT! will deliver all of the excitement and action of the top-rated weekly television show.

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