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Mortal Kombat 11 Terminator T-800 Trailer Teaser

by Roy Arkon on Sep 30, 2019 :: 0

Terminator T-800 is coming soon to Mortal Kombat 11, and we already have a taste of things to come (pun intended), as the The Official Mortal Kombat Twitter Page has Tweeted a tease for the official Terminator trailer that is set to be released tomorrow, at 0600 hours, or 6 AM, although there is no actual time zone confirmed.

In this tease, we see a clip taken from the MK11 story mode showcasing Skarlet, Erron Black and Baraka, except that this is taken in a 1st person view of Terminator as he scans the characters, and when he reaches Baraka, Terminator identifies him as a threat. Finally, a text pops up that notes 3 out of 27 targets have been spotted and they are threat level "lethal", and The Terminator is being sent to NetherRealm to take them out.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Terminator T-800 for MK11 when it drops tomorrow.

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Terminator Voice Actor Has Been Chosen By Schwarzenegger

by Roy Arkon on Sep 28, 2019 :: 0

Last month we reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger won't voice Terminator T-800 for Mortal Kombat 11, despite modeling the character in the game, and that a sound-a-like voice actor was used. It now turns out that the voice actor was chosen by Schwarzenegger himself, as confirmed on Twitter by Senior UI Artist at NetherRealm Studios Dannish Syed, as a response to a question regarding Schwarzenegger voicing Terminator in MK11. According to Syed, Schwarzenegger wasn't able to voice Terminator, but he chose the voice actor for the job.

It is very clear now that Schwarzenegger couldn't do the voice for Terminator due to his busy schedule, but if he himself chose his replacement for the voice acting, then he surely will do a fine job voicing the Terminator.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast 12 New Mode & 3rd Variations

by Roy Arkon on Sep 25, 2019 :: 0

The latest Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast features the update for MK11 that includes a several changes, a new game mode and 3rd Kompetitive Variations for the entire roster.

Gameplay Details:
- It is now possible to get Skeleton Keys in the Krypt by spearing hanging bodies. It's also easier to get Skeleton Keys from chests in the Krypt after they have restocked.
- New indicators have been added to the Gear Select Screen for a visual representation of the newly unlocked Skins and Gear pieces for the player.
- The Tower Platforms in the Towers of Time mode have been reordered, including with new names for each Platform:
** Premier Towers
** Tag Assist Towers
** Rapid Towers
** Summoned Towers
** The Gauntlet
** Heroic Towers
** Character Towers
** Ko-Op Towers
- Added the type name of Towers of Time for Skins and Gear Pieces that need to be unlocked via the Towers of Time in the Gear Select Screen location indicator.
- Added more rewards (Bonus Character Reward) for Tower completion that award a random skin, piece of gear, or augment for the character the player uses to defeat it, including cinematics (Finishing moves, Taunts etc; ).
- The entire Brutal Difficulty rewards in the Towers of Time have been reworked and now it is possible to get items for the character that the player uses.
- More Boss Fights and Tag Team Towers have been Added.
- More First-Round-Win Taunts have been added for the entire roster.
- Augments now have additional effects.
- Added a new mode in the Towers of Time called Team Raid, where 3 players fight a boss character simultaneously and the players have to complete challenges throughout the fight to trigger Modifiers that will benefit the players.
- Added a 3rd Kompetitive Variation For Kompetitive Mode for the entire roster.

The full patch notes will be available very soon, and also there will be another Kombat Kast next week, stay tuned.


Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments.

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A New Game Mode & 3rd Variations To Be Revealed Tomorrow

by Roy Arkon on Sep 25, 2019 :: 0

The Official Mortal Kombat Twitter Page has Tweeted that tomorrow NetherRealm Studios will host a new Kombat Kast to reveal new stuff for Mortal Kombat 11. Those are a new game mode plus 3rd Kompetitive Variations for every character in Kompetitive mode.

What the new game mode will be, and how the new Variations will affect the characters of MK11 in Kompetitive mode? Find out when the Kombat Kast starts tomorrow at 3:00 PM CDT at the official Netherrealm Studios' Twitch Channel.

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Cary Tagawa To Attended Canada Cup Gaming

by Roy Arkon on Sep 20, 2019 :: 0

Canada Cup Gaming, a fighting game tournament event that takes place every year in Canada, has announced in this Tweet that Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, the actor behind the role of Shang Tsung in various Mortal Kombat media, including Mortal Kombat 11, is going to be this year's special guest at the event.

Canada Cup Gaming is gonna take place from 10/31/2019 to 11/04/2019 in Calgary Alberta, Canada. Check out their official website and their page on for more information. So if you can, go to the event and have the chance to meet Tagawa in person.

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