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MKX Goro Fatality Easter Egg in IJ2
by Roy Arkon on Jul 30, 2018 :: 0 Comments

Injustice 2 have already been revealed to have several Mortal Kombat Easter Eggs, which were discovered since it's release last year. Now we have yet another Easter Egg that was found, courtesy of your's truly.

If you look at the far left corner of the Joker's Playground stage in IJ2, you will see that there is a doll sitting there, with it's head stuck in a cavity in it's chest. That is a direct reference to Goro's Peek-A-Boo Fatality in Mortal Kombat XL.

Here is a video from my YouTube channel, showing the Easter Egg. Enjoy.

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Mortal Kombat II - Beyond the Unknown
by Roy Arkon on Jul 21, 2018 :: 0 Comments

Mortal Kombat II was released at the Arcades a little bit over 25 years ago, and all of us can remember how amazing that game was. We all thought we have discovered everything about the game so far, but we were wrong.

A month ago, a YouTuber named Comon2680 has put a combo video that features an all new combo system that only now has been discovered for the game. With this combo system, you start a combo in the corner, either if you face the corner or stand next to it, and keep juggling the opponent by making sure you will be in the corner after the combo starts regardless where you were when you started the combo. This causes an all new list of Infinite combos, that are very difficult to do for the most part, but can take your opponent's entire life bar in seconds. These combos also can work against only certain characters in the game, those are the Male Ninjas, Raiden and Jax, so be cautions of that.

Enjoy the video:

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