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So That is What Awaits at the End of the War Tower

by Roy Arkon on Feb 14, 2018 :: 0

As you probably know, in Mortal Kombat XL there is a mode in the Factions System Section called the War Tower, a special Living Tower that the Faction Champions of that week can add up to 7 matches after the Test Your Might stage, making it a 10-Match Tower at Max. However, ever since MKX was released, it was extremely rare to see the War Tower get to a high amount of matches, let alone to the final match, if it ever happened at all, until now.

Over the last two weeks, the Faction War has gone to insane heights, as the Tower has reached to 8 matches a couple of weeks ago, and then, and probably for the first time ever, it has reached it's max of 10 matches, as you can see in the 2 videos below from my YouTube channel.

First an 8-Match War Tower:

And then a 10-Match War Tower:

And then this week, as the White Lotus Society, the Faction that yours truly is a part of, has become the Faction Champion, yours truly and the rest of the White Lotus build the whole War Tower for the rest of the Factions, and it turns out that after building the 10th match (or 7th, depending on how you look at it), there is yet another extra match that is exclusive to the Faction Champions to gain more War Points, as you can see in this video below, again from my channel.

It's indeed very interesting to see that after 2 and half years since MKX was released, there are still things being discovered in it, and it only shows how deep and rich can the content in NetherRealm Studios Games can be, both in Mortal Kombat and Injustice. Will this extra match at the end of the War Tower for the Faction Champion become more common now? We will see.

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