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Digital Series: New Images and Interviews

by Gambid on Apr 1, 2011 :: 0

Here is a whole bunch of new information about the soon to be released Mortal Kombat Digital Series:

Two new images have been posted on Twitter by Digital Series director, Kevin Tancharoen. You can see them here: Official Images and Set Images.

In an interview for MovieWeb Mortal Kombat: Digital Series director Kevin Tancharoen shares a lot of new details with us, including small bits of information about episodes story lines that involve Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sektor and Cyrax and his own plans and expectations about the movie part of the Mortal Kombat franchise. From the interview:

In the short, we saw Jax and Scorpion and Sonya, but in these Twitpics we've seen a few new characters. Can you talk about Blue and the other new characters we'll see?

Kevin Tancharoen: Yeah. We're really doing a lot of the iconic characters, so we have Sonya, Jax, and Kano, which is a new character in that realistic world. We're going to do an episode with Scorpion and Sub-Zero, but it takes place in ancient Japan. The whole episode is in Japanese and you see the depth of Scorpion's family and clan and how they got murdered, etc. That one is going to be very epic, because of the iconic characters. We're doing Rayden, of course, because you can't do Mortal Kombat without Rayden. We're doing Kitana and Mileena and we're also doing a really, really cool one. The one that I'm most excited about is Cyrax and Sektor.
In the Cyrax/Sektor episode, do those guys actually talk at all? Or is it straight-up fighting?

Kevin Tancharoen: They talk when they're in human form. Then they get changed to robots, and there's a pretty epic fight scene when they're robots. We did full motion-capture for that and we're starting to put the layers on it now, and texturing and shading it and all that good stuff, to make it look photo-real and make it look like it's gigantic. That's one of the most intense visual effects episodes, because it's robots on robots. There's a certain level of expectations you have with fighting robots, because the material is out there already. We're just trying to make them as polished as possible.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Another interview, this time with Mortal Kombat: Digital Series Stunt Coordinator Larnell Stovall has been published by Scott's Introspection Section. From the interview:

Scott Tre: You worked on Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and the upcoming Mortal Kombat Web series. Can you give us an idea of what to expect from this series as far as the fight scenes are concerned?

Larnell Stovall: Well I will say this. I’m very pleased with the fights. With anything I would have liked to have more time with the fights. Some fights had to be cut because of time. We were on a very, very tight schedule. I mean the schedule we were on literally should have been doubled. I will have to give props to the director Kevin because he performed well under that pressure. We all learned some lessons at the end of the day in terms of how to move faster, how to condense things. What’s necessary, what’s not necessary. Then the actors, they did an awesome job. Some actors had little to no time for any training. Some people had only hours to learn their choreography. Some people might have been fortunate to have a day or two. But overall I think the world is going to enjoy the vision of Mortal Kombat. I am definitely very blessed and privileged to breathe new life into that franchise so I definitely consider it to be an honor to be a choreographer of what will be the way Mortal Kombat will be seen from this point on: Gritty, real, with the fantasy elements that definitely will lead to a feature film within the next year. I think the audience is going to be very surprised. I’m very pleased with the fights, but of course as a fight choreographer you can be happy with your product but you will never reach perfection. There’s always going to be something you wish could have been stronger, faster. If you had more time it could have been covered better. That’s just an artist picking apart his art. You can be happy with the final product and pleased with it, but you always look for how it could have been done better, more efficient, more brutal. But at the end of the day as long as the fans are happy I’m good with that.

Click here to read the entire interview.

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