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Ed Boon Denies Mortal Kombat: Vitality

by Gambid on Dec 1, 2011 :: 4

Earlier last week PlayStation.Blog reported that Netherrealm Studios is developing a Mortal Kombat game for PlayStation Vita, called Mortal Kombat: Vitality. Earlier today, Ed Boon denied the existence of a game with this name

RT @Exodus340 @noobde FYI i'm gonna buy MK Vitality when it comes out.
Noobde: Sorry man, there is no game called MK Vitality in the works.

Mortal Kombat Vitality

Does this mean that the name of the game is simply not Mortal Kombat: Vitality or does it mean that there is no Mortal Kombat game in development for the PlayStation Vita at all? This still remains a mystery.

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