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MKast Returns

by Gambid on Sep 15, 2010 :: 5

It has been a long time since it has been announced that there will indeed be a new MKast. The first episode of the second MKast series has just been released and it is actually a video. There is new game footage in it so be sure to watch carefully:

Section Update: Fan Fiction - Mortal Kombat: Resurrection P2

by Gambid on Sep 11, 2010 :: 0

The continuation of the story started in Mortal Kombat: Resurrection Chapter 1 has been released in our new Fan Fiction section.

You can read it here: Mortal Kombat: Resurrection Chapter 2.

More From Pax + Cyrax' Net Fatality

by Gambid on Sep 6, 2010 :: 9

This year's PAX event has brought us a lot new information, interview and most importantly game play and Fatality videos. A video of the second Fatality of Cyrax was published by Machinima with an amazing quality. We now have just the Fatality uploaded on our YouTube Channel. Below you can watch the videos:

And now just the Fatality:

ScrewAttack's First Impressions on Mortal Kombat:

Destructoid: An Ed Boon Interview:

New Gameplay Video from GameTrailers

by Gambid on Sep 5, 2010 :: 4

GameTrailers has just published a new gameplay video featuring a presentation of the game made by senior producer Hans Lo. The video also shows one of the Fatalities of Cyrax. On our YouTube Channel you can also watch a clip that contains just the Fatality.

And now just the Fatality:

New Mortal Kombat (2011) Shadows Wallpapers

by Gambid on Sep 3, 2010 :: 9

8 new Mortal Kombat (2011) wallpapers have been added to our collection. These wallpapers have been inspired by the latest trailer that appeared yesterday.

Click here to visit our Wallpapers section and get them.

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