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Section Update: Fan Fiction - Mortal Kombat: Resurrection #3
by Gambid on Oct 7, 2010 :: 0 Comments

The next, 3rd, chapter of Mortal Kombat: Resurrection has finally arrived, Mortal Kombat: Resurrection Chapter 3.

You can read it here in our relaunched Fan Fiction section.


Mortal Kombat Facebook Application
by Gambid on Oct 5, 2010 :: 0 Comments

As part of their Mortal Monday agenda Netherrealm Studios released a Facebook Application that shows part of the content that was previously seen when the new version of the official Mortal Kombat 2011 website was leaked. In fact, this application might just be e preview of the website, or the leak may actually have been a test of the application. Time will tell which is correct.

But for now, enjoy the new application by clicking here.

Do you know, our Facebook and Twitter subscribers were the first to learn this news. Join today and you will also be the first informed when new updates arrive.


Mortal Kombat - Environment Bio #01 - The Pit
by Gambid on Oct 4, 2010 :: 2 Comments

Netherrealm Studios has just released a new Mortal Kombat (2011) related video. The video appears to be a part of a starting new series that will deal with the environments of the new game. The series starts with one of the most popular stages in the Mortal Kombat Universe, The Pit:


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