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MK Gold Vol.1 Redux
by ded on Mar 18, 2008 :: 0 Comments

Here is the new version of MKK's: MK Gold Vol.1 featuring fantastic quality video and the same insane combos as the original. The original was recorded using low STV method and this one is done via direct screen capture from an emulator. The link is still the same but the size of the file is different, it is 96MB now.

Click here to download the video from or here to watch it online from YouTube.

You can download the original video from MKK.


MK8 Information to be Revealed at Midway Gamer's Day
by Gambid on Mar 12, 2008 :: 0 Comments

During Midway's Q4 2007 conference call Midway Games' CEO David Zucker revealed that the company is finally planning on announcing some details about the next installment of Mortal Kombat, currently only known as Mortal Kombat 8. This will happen on April 17th (remember the countdown on Noob.Com) at Midway Gamer's Day event. Below is a short transcript from the conference call:

"And then later in the year, we expect to launch the next generation debut of our perennial top selling franchise Mortal Kombat. The Mortal Kombat franchise has sold over 7 million units during the PS2 console cycle and we will be unveiling details on the next iteration at our Gamers Day event in mid April."

Click here to visit Midway's Investor Information page for a direct link to the Q4 2007 conference call.

========================================== Updated One More Time
by Gambid on Mar 12, 2008 :: 0 Comments

Ed Boon's personal webpage Noob.Com has once again been updated. Another part of the name of the site has been replaced with an image. The dot between "Noob" and "Com" has turned into the dragon logo.

Click here to visit Noob.Com.


Leaked Mortal Kombat 8 Teaser Trailer?
by Gambid on Mar 10, 2008 :: 10 Comments

Yesterday a possible Mortal Kombat 8 Teaser Trailer has been leaked on YouTube by a person who is supposed to be a MIDWAY employer. The video shows the following lines:


Raiden's new look is also shown at the end of the movie.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Please note that this news is still unconfirmed and there is a possibility that this trailer is fake. We will update again as soon as we find out more.

Update: 03.12.2008

The teaser trailer has been confirmed as being FAKE.
However, this whole story was a nice warm up for what's coming.

========================================== Updated Again
by Gambid on Mar 10, 2008 :: 1 Comments

Ed Boon's personal webpage Noob.Com has once again been updated. This time a count down flash movie has been added. A second "o" has been replaced with a picture, this time of the moon.

The flash movie counts down to April 17th. This probably means that something big will be revealed on this day.

Click here to visit Noob.Com.


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