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MAT2 Official Website

by Gambid on Sep 26, 2004 :: 4

Midway has finally opened the Official Midway Arcade Treasures 2 website.

Click here to visit it.

Fatality Friday Part Five

by Gambid on Sep 25, 2004 :: 1

The fifth Fatality Friday is here. And this time IGN shows us one of Sindel's Fatalities.

Click here to download the movie.

Thanks to our forum member reiko for this news..

Death Traps!

by ded on Sep 24, 2004 :: 0

It seems that IGN Death Traps movies were interesting for the MK fans, because almost immediately after that GameSpot uploaded one big video with most of the Death Traps with the commentary by Mike Taran. In the same day IGN posted another story about Death Traps, called The Six Chambers of Death. The article has it's own video in wmv format.

Click here to watch Gamespot video.
Click here to read IGN article.

Three New Videos

by ded on Sep 23, 2004 :: 3

IGN have updated their MK: Deception section with three new Stage Fatalities videos.

Click here to download the videos.

Thanks to our site visitor Travis for this news.

Official MKDeception Site Update

by ded on Sep 23, 2004 :: 2

Official MK: Deception site has updated again. The new update contains:

- New Press Section
- 3 New Arenas - Quan Chi's Fortress, Kuatan Palace, and Dragon King's Temple
- New Bios - Li Mei , Kenshi, Ermac, Bo' Rai Cho, Ashrah, Sindel, Nightwolf, and Hotaru
- Hi Resolution Dragon King render - Just enter 09193 kode
- 2 New Videos - The awesome Baraka vs Sub-Zero trailer and Konquest Mode video.

Thanks to out site visitors Juggernaut, Sin and reiko for this news.

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