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More News On MK: DA On Cell-Phone
by Gambid on Jun 9, 2004 :: 0 Comments

Mortal Kombat Online contacted Eric Engstrom, CEO of WildSeed to get some exclusive information on the newsest version of MK: DA for cell phone. They uploaded a MP3 file from the interview. The file is 19,2MB. You can download it from here.

The game will appear this summer.


Mortal Kombat Projects: Back In Action
by Gambid on Jun 6, 2004 :: 14 Comments

Veselaki, the webmaster of Mortal Kombat Projects is the person who gave us a lot of high-quallity skins of famous Mortal Kombat characters for Unreal Tournament 2003. All of these skins you can find in our download section. Now, after he finished this project he started a new one. Veselaki plans to convert all Mortal Kombat Gold characters into UT2003/2004 models. Mortal Kombat Secrets received the first three exclusive renders of this projects. The renders are of the two already finished characters: Cyrax and Johnny Cage.

Visit Mortal Kombat Projects for further information.

Expect more exclusive news very soon.


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