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OPM Preview

by Gambid on Apr 4, 2004 :: 5

The latest issue of the Official PlayStation magazine contains a preview of Mortal Kombat: Deception. Part of the article is a screenshot of Sindel VS what is believed to be Li Mei. There is no official confirmation if this character will return or not.

Special thank to our forum member MiNeOuT for this update.

MK Trilogy Trainer Addon

by Gambid on Apr 2, 2004 :: 0

Freez0R updated his Mortal Kombat Trilogy trainer and added some great new features. Here is a part of the readme file, which is part of the archive:

1. Set number of rounds played
2. Set number of wins per player
3. Enter a kombat-code
Well, basically...that's all. Well, there are two more hidden options (yes, one of them is the combo-codes option (which was way hard to implement)), BUT these options can only be accessed by inputting a couple of finishing moves, which has to be done pretty fast (it is possible, i've managed to do it). And maybe some day, I will give out the specific secrets, but try to crack your brain on this and look carefully at the startup hints!

Click here to download the trainer or here for Mirror file.
Please use "Save Target As" or "GetRight" to download the file or you will receive an error.

Click Comment and help us find the way to unlock the secret options.

MK: Kompilation To Be Released In June

by Gambid on Apr 1, 2004 :: 28

Yesterday Ed Boon personally contacted Mortal Kombat Secrets and inform us that Mortal Kombat: Kompilation is almost ready. The title will contain all Mortal Kombat games ever made. It will be released only on PC. There will be some extra features, like online play and a remake of Mortal Kombat Trilogy with a lot better graphics. Mortal Kombat: Kompilation will ship on 06.15.2004.

Update: - 04.02.2004

Highlight here: Sorry gyus but this news was only an April joke. I know you wanted it to be true, just like me, but it is not. So now, please put your smile back on your face and try to remember it so next time you will not fall into the trap. I am speaking about April 2005.

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