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Mortal Kombat Voice Guy Q&A
by Gambid on Nov 27, 2004 :: 1 Comments

GameSpy has posted an interview with Herman Sanchez, the guy who made a lot of voice acting for different Mortal Kombat games.

Click here to read the it.


2004 Awards Nominations From 1UP
by Gambid on Nov 27, 2004 :: 0 Comments

1Up.Com has started their 2004 Awards Nominations for best games. Mortal Kombat: Deception is the first game in the list of nominated fighting/wrestling games. The results will be announced on January 6, 2005.

Click here and vote for your fovourite games.


Raiden's Outfit In Unreal Championship 2
by Gambid on Nov 24, 2004 :: 2 Comments

GameSpot has updated with 4 new Gameplay Footage videos. One of them shows Raiden in action. He looks really great. You can see him using his staff weapon and his Torpedo move. To download the video you must be a GameSpot Basic user.

Click here to go to GameSpot's media section and stream/watch the video (Gameplay Footage 5).


A Lot Of New MK: Shaolin Monks Images
by Gambid on Nov 23, 2004 :: 0 Comments

GameInformer has updated with a total of 64 new Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks images: 51 screenshots and 13 pieces of concept artwork. These images are only available for Game Informer Unlimited members.


MK: Deception to PS2 Holiday Buyers Guide
by ded on Nov 21, 2004 :: 0 Comments

IGN has recently unveiled their 2004 Holiday Buyer's Guide, where they name their top ten best buys for each system this holiday season. MK: Deception is one of the picks in Playstation 2 games category.

Click here to see all picks for Playstation 2.
Click here to see Buyer's Guide.


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