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Top Ten Best Boss Fights
by Gambid on Sep 23, 2003 :: 7 Comments

Only a week ago GameSpot published an article about MKII in their new series of articles called "The Greatest Games of All Time". Now, a week later new article about the MK1 boss Goro was published on their site. The title of the article is "The Ten Boss Fights" and the four-armed boss is on the second place. Once again GameSpot remind us about the old days. I hope that this time, won't be the last time and we will see the Klassic Mortal Kombat games as a part of other articles just like the last two.

Click here if you want to read the article.


The Greatest Games of All Time
by Gambid on Sep 14, 2003 :: 15 Comments

"The Greatest Games of All Time" is one of the new features of (started 3 months ago). Two days ago a new article was added in to the list. The title that was presented is Mortal Kombat II. This is a great article about this classic title, that will remind you about the old days.

If you want to read the article click here.


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