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Pre-Order Mortal Kombat 6

by Gambid on Dec 31, 2003 :: 25

This is supposed to be the last news of this year. The news is so good, that it's hard for me to believe it's true. There is already a website ( where you can pre-order Mortal Kombat 6. The prise is $49.99 and you can take it for Play Station 2 and X-Box. There is a release date too. According to this site the game will ship on 10/12/2004.

Here is the direct link to the page.

Thanks to the forum member ded_ for the heads-up on this news story!


by Gambid on Dec 29, 2003 :: 4

I post this news, because I want to inform you that Mortal Kombat Secrets will be offline for one or maybe two days in the begining of January 2004. The company that hosts the site will move it to a new server. That requires a DNS changing. They informed me that this will make the connection even faster and will garantee 99,99% up-time. So don't worry Mortal Kombat Secrets will be back very soon, more faster than ever.

Important: The E-mail and the Forums will also be offline.

Midway nabs Allison from Atari

by Gambid on Dec 13, 2003 :: 9

According to a report at GameSpot, Midway will soon have a new Chief Marketing Officer. His name is Steve Allison and he has previously worked as VP of Marketing at Atari Games. Below is the text of the complete article posted at GameSpot:

Steve Allison, a 10-year industry veteran renowned for managing the marriage of Hollywood licenses and talent to game products (including Shiny's Enter the Matrix), will leave his post at Atari, effective December 19.

The following Monday, according to a Midway spokesperson, Allison will take over as chief marketing officer for Midway Games. He will report to president David Zucker and be tasked with ramping up marketing efforts for the once-dominant publisher of the Area 51, Gauntlet, and Mortal Kombat franchises.

Speaking with GameSpot today, Allison said his new responsibilities will include marketing strategy for all Midway products, including games that have movie tie-ins, such as Spy Hunter. Über-popular wrestler/actor The Rock will star in Universal's film adaptation of the classic game, which begins production in Spring 2004.

By Curt Feldman, GameSpot [POSTED: 12/12/03 04:31 PM]

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