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Newsletter from Midway

by Gambid on Jun 26, 2002 :: 0

Today I received a new newsletter from Midway. There was a lot info that is already known. But Midway also informed us that the Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance art contest, which has ended, was a big success. They are going to announce the winner very soon. So stay tuned.

Official MK: Deadly Alliance Site Updated

by Gambid on Jun 23, 2002 :: 0

The official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance site was updated. Parts of the update are the Characters and the Arenas sections. The Characters section contains now new Bios and Fighting Styles for Sub-Zero and Scorpion.
There is also a Coming Soon link in the Video section, that will present the musical band Adema and their new MK: DA video called Immortal.

Midway's official site has now an Adema's video from E3. You can download it here.

Kristanna Loken - Terminator

by Gambid on Jun 16, 2002 :: 0

Terminator was a very good film. The machines are taking control of the planet. A computer called Skynet wants to destroy the humankind. The rest of the survived people try to defeat the powerful computer. They are leaded by John Conner. To destroy him Skynet sends two terminators to the past. Their mission is to kill Conner and his mother Sarah, until Conner is still a child. This is the story-line of the first and the second Terminator movies. Soon there is going to be a third movie. The release date is in the summer 2003. I post this news to tell you that the evil terminator will be a woman. The name of the actor is Kristianna Loken. We know her from Mortal Kombat Conquest, where she plays Taja. It will be very interesting to see one of the defenders of the planet trying to destroy it.

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