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2 New Renders And 4 New Screenshots

by Gambid on Apr 15, 2004 :: 6

Here we got some new MK: Deception media for you. Six new pictures are now available. The first two are renderings of Mileena and Baraka.

The others are four new screenshots. On the first two you can see the Konquest Mode of the game. On the others you can see fight scenes from the game. The new here is that there are fighting styles and that some of the fighters have weapons. Below are the screens:

No PC Version of MK: Deception

by Gambid on Apr 14, 2004 :: 4

Bodzio of MKCenter has contacted John Podlasek, the producer of MK: DA asking him question about a possible PC version of the game. Here is what John Podlasek had to say:

"Not at this time. Our engine was developed for cross-platform development on the console side. I'm sure it could be done somehow, but we have our hands full with the Xbox and PS2"

This is a very sad news for all of the PC gamers out there.

Three New Screenshots

by Gambid on Apr 14, 2004 :: 8

MKOnline posted three new screenshots from Mortal Kombat: Deception.

More Information From The German Issue Of PSM

by Gambid on Apr 13, 2004 :: 7

We finally get our hands on a copy of the latest German issue of the PlayStation 2 magazine. The preview is 5 pages and includes an exclusive interview with Ed Boon. The article is in German, so I don't think to upload scans. Below are all the new information in English and the screenshots and renders. So let's start:

1. Fighters:
The character list in the magazine is very rich in new, previously unannounced character. Here is it, right like it was in the magazine, no change. I only translated it in English:

You will recognize a lot of familiar faces under the total of 24 characters who will be in the game. The classic characters are: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Rayden, Baraka, Mileena, Noob Saibot/Smoke, Tanya, Nightwolf, Sindel, Ermac and Liu Kang's Spirit (you remember that Liu Kang was destroyed by Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance). Kabal and Sektor will probably be also a part of the team, but there is а question-mark for the both of them.

Part of the new character in MK: DA will also appear in Deception. They are Li Mei, Blind Kenshi and Bo'Rai Cho. The other 7 characters are completely new to the game. Ashra has a similar to Raiden's outfit and it seems that she is in some way connected with the Thunder God.

Hotaru is a sinister samurai with long grey hair and black colored outfit.

Skab is the most disgusting fighters of all (he reminds me of Meat and Drahmin (comment by Gambid)). If you take a closer look you will see parts from his rotting corpse and a skeleton.

There is no information about the others fighters, only their names: Dairou, Ken-Masters, a female version of Kano and a mystical character, known as 24. The last one is most probably the character you will create in the Konquest Mode...

2. The Konquest Mode:
Earlier it was announced that you will have the opportunity to explore six different worlds. So here are their names: Earthrealm, Outworld, Netherealm, Orderrealm, Chaosrealm and Edenia. When you begin the game your character will be 13 years old. At the end he will be about 60.

3. The Strategy Mini-game:
Main goal in this game is to protect your King/Emperor, who is almost defenseless. Different character will have different Gifts. Some will be able to perform special moves, others will have more energy or will be able to set a trap.

4. Motion Capture:
Carlos Pesina is one of the main persons, who are doing the motion capture for Deception. It was announced that he was used for all Raiden's moves.

5. Interview:
In the exclusive interview with Ed Boon, the creator of Mortal Kombat said that there will be no 4 player mode in this game. He also mentioned that this will probably stay for the next installment of the bloody series - Mortal Kombat 7.

It is finally over. Well... It looks like I wrote a small preview of the game. I hope that there will be no more news today. I need a vacation.

Update: MKOnline have spoken to Midway's internal media relations team about the information in this article. Here is what what Midway had to say: "The news source was an outdated and unofficial gameplay document that was not intended for media use. The unofficial information was taken without prior consent or approval from Midway Games and therefore should not be considered accurate and/or official Mortal Kombat news."
That means that part of the information in the magazine can be wrong, but of cource not all of it. For sure we will know more after E3.

New Info From The UK And DE Issues of PSM

by Gambid on Apr 12, 2004 :: 9

Both, the latest German and Britain issues of PSM have a preview of Mortal Kombat: Deception.

The Britain Issue:
This magazine contains a few new screenshots. On one of them you can see the new character Ashrah with Raiden's hammer. Below is the screenshot:

The German Issue:
We still don't have a copy of the magazine so part of the information can be wrong. The preview announce the return of Raiden, Tanya, Smoke, Sektor and the Liu Kang's Spirit. Returning characters from MK: DA are Li Mei and Bo'Rai Cho. New fighters are also revealed: Dairou, a mystical character, known as 24, a female version of Kano and Skap.

Below is a render that was taken from the magazine's official webpage. It looks like this is an alternative outfit of Noob Saibot.

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