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Mortal Kombat X/XL Special Moves and Finishers Guide

This guide is compatible with the PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC version of Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat XL. Click here to report an error or to give us feedback.

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Show/Hide Abbreviations
Abbreviation Move PlayStation 4 XBoxOne
B Back ←,→ ←,→
F Forward ←,→ ←,→
D Down
Up Up
FP Front Punch X
BP Back Punch Y
FK Front Kick X A
BK Back Kick B
TH Throw L1 LB
INT Interact R1 RB
FS Flip Stance L2 LT
BL Block R2 RT


Welcome to our Mortal Kombat X Moves and Finishers Guide. We are very happy to share you knowledge with you. Our guide is divided and spredas accross more than 40 pages. You can access them all with the menu below. We tried to cover every aspect of the game but in case you notice something we missed, let us know.

--MKSecrets Team