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Mortal Kombat X X-Ray Attacks Guide

This guide is compatible with the PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC version of Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat XL. Click here to report an error or to give us feedback.

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Show/Hide Abbreviations
Abbreviation Move PlayStation 4 XBoxOne
B Back ←,→ ←,→
F Forward ←,→ ←,→
D Down
Up Up
FP Front Punch X
BP Back Punch Y
FK Front Kick X A
BK Back Kick B
TH Throw L1 LB
INT Interact R1 RB
FS Flip Stance L2 LT
BL Block R2 RT


In this guide we will explain how to perform an X-Ray Attack and give some detailed information about the attack.

X-Ray attacks were introduced in Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) and work almost the same way in Mortal Kombat X. They are the most powerful attack a character has and can cause more than 30% damage to the opponent. There are however some basic things you should know about the X-Ray attacks before deciding whether to go for them in a match or to utilize your special meter in some other way.

Relation to the Super Meter

There is one requirement for the X-Ray attack that is identical for every character and that is that you will need to fill up your super meter completely (that means all three bars) for the X-Ray attack to become available and ready for execution. Once this has happen you can go ahead and perform the X-Ray by pressing FS + BL (Flip Stance + Block) at the same time. Independent of whether you were successful in connecting the move or not you will lose your complete super meter. The last aspect is very important especially for characters like Johnny Cage which require the opponent to explicitly make contact with them for the attack to connect. With such characters against more experience players you might just be wasting your super meter.

Specific Requirements

Executing an X-Ray is pretty straight forward, except when it is not. it is through that there are characters for which little skill is needed to connect the X-Ray and with them using it to enjoy the pretty animation is very tempting. But you should be more careful with the characters for which this isn't the case. Some fighter might have specific requirements like Johnny Cage, whose X-Ray requires the opponent to connect an attack. There are also X-Rays which have specific distance requirements or which connect with attack from the air (like Tanya's X-Ray) or in the air. With these characters, the chance to miss and lose your super meter is huge, especially if you are a beginner playing against a more experienced player.

Delays and Cancels

The X-Ray of some characters, like Scorpion and Sub-Zero, offer a more advanced techniques which can help you to trick the opponent and connect the X-Ray. These will however require some mastering. You can delay the start of these X-Rays by holding FS + BL and you can even cancel a delayed execution by pressing either F, F or B, B which delaying. Here is a complete list with characters that have a delay/cancel ability in their X-Ray:

- Scorpion
- Sub-Zero
- Bo' Rai Cho
- Reptile
- Triborg (Cyber Sub-Zero Variation)


So, that's pretty much the basics you need to know. Now select a character specific guide from the menu above to learn the details.