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Mortal Kombat Trilogy - News

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MK Trilogy: Infinito (N64) Combo Video

by ded on Jun 15, 2007 :: 0

Ninja Grinder and I present to you Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Infinito (N64) . This video contains all known Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64) infinites, some of which never shown before in a combo video. The music is mixed by NinjaGrinder.

The video is 7:30min long and contains over 40 infinites. Huge thanks to Battosai for her help with the compression and the intro!

Click here, to download the video or here to watch it online from YouTube.

Cephalic Mortal Kombat Trilogy Combo Video: Redux

by ded on Apr 14, 2007 :: 1

Ninja Grinder's Original N64 MKT Combo Video: Cephalic Kombat Trilogy has been remastered for infinitely better quality, re-edited, and slightly upgraded in some parts by effort of Ninja Grinder and ded_ via better methods of recording. The original was done using clips spliced onto VHS, the new video is done via emulation. The link is still the same, as I have replaced the existing video on the server with the new one. The original download was 21 megs, the new one is 57 megs.

Click here to download this combo video from

MKT (N64) Broken Combo Video Vol. 3

by ded on Nov 30, 2006 :: 22

Presented by Selpex and ded_. The game is turned up a notch this time with the pinnacle in randper kombat and morph combos taking advantage of every possibility available. This is a completely ruthless display of aggression upon a fighting game.

Featuring some extra UMK3 Arcade combos as well.

It is MKT Broken 3:

MKT (N64) Broken Combo Video Vol.2

by ded on Sep 4, 2006 :: 4

Another video, MKT Broken 2, for Nintendo 64 is here, with more inhumane combo's, more 100%'s nad more morph combo's for you to enjoy.

Click here to download the vid.

Presented by Selpex and ded_.

MKTrilogy (N64) Broken Combo Video

by ded on Aug 10, 2006 :: 7

A combo video for N64 Mortal Kombat Trilogy with unrealistic footage and not humanly possible combos. Presented by Selpex and ded_.

Click here to download the vid.

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