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Mortal Kombat Trilogy - News

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MKT Exlusive Video: Stupid Noob

by ded on Jul 26, 2006 :: 1

This is the latest video from Shock, ded_ and DreemerNJ at UltimateMK and DarkTemplarz. It is a short video abusing the exploit of Noob Saibot's Disabler move, but instead for the other characters who have special move limitations. It is a very broken move to begin with, and since no one would ever be dumb enough to backfire it, we decided to explore the combo possibilities.

We would like to see what other people can come up with so we've left a lot to the imagination, there are only 20 combos, but they are rather insane. Remember this is a glitch, because there is no reason for the combo to break just because the effect of the special move wears off, essentially game breaking.

DreemerNJ has a nice new huge server and is hosting the video on there:

The video uses Divx 6.1.1, 45.6 megs, 3 minutes 33 seconds.

This was a fun video, nothing fancy, enjoy!

Maximum Damage Combo Video

by ded on Jul 27, 2005 :: 7

The 8th DarkTemplarz video is here. "Maximum Damage" will offer you over 50 combos, mostly from the arcade versions of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat 3 and Greatest Hits MKT for PSX.

"Ten years after the game was released there is still more to have fun with..."

Check out the vid here.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Section Update

by Gambid on Sep 7, 2004 :: 12

Our section updates continue. We are glad to show you the updated Mortal Kombat Trilogy section. Now with our, tested with all browsers v3.5 design, this section covers every Mortal Kombat Trilogy version. Every code, move or piece of information can be found here. Our section contains:

- Basic Information
- The Story
- Bios of all fighters
- The Endings of all characters
- Special Moves list compatible with all versions of the game
- Kodes and Secrets for all version
- Glitches
- In Development
- Screenshots

Our "In Development" will offer you exclusive information that has never been shown before. The Glitches section contains a total of 31 glitches for all versions of the game. Some of them are Mortal Kombat Secrets' exclusive.

The whole team worked very hard to bring you this section, and I would like to thank them for the good work. I also would like to say thanks to ]{ombat for the information he gave us. Once again we proved that we are The Most Informative Mortal Kombat Source On The Net.

Expect more huge updates very soon.

The History Of Mortal Kombat

by Gambid on Aug 12, 2004 :: 7

GameSpot has released a video with the History Of Mortal Kombat.

Click here to download it. At least a basic membership is required to download the movie.

Thanks to Nino de la Paz and all the others, who have informed us about this news.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy On Windows 2000/XP Patch

by Gambid on Jul 7, 2004 :: 19

Our forum member Cubanraul has made a patch for Mortal Kombat Trilogy, that will allow the game to run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP without any problems. This is not the first patch for Windows XP, but it is the first with Windows 2000 compatibility. Below is the list with all of the changes:

- Removes popup saying your graphics hardware should be at 16 bit if you have it set higher
- Fixes sound for Windows 2000 and XP
- Removes attempts to access the hardware directly by the game
- Misc changes to a few of the windows

Visit the Official Webpage of this Mortal Kombat Trilogy patch.

Click here to download the patch. The size of the file is only 946KB.
Please use "Save Target As" or "GetRight" to download the file or you will receive an error.

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