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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks - News

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Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

by Gambid on Oct 6, 2004 :: 4

The German website GamerFront posted the following news:

Midway plant Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

05.10.04 - Midway scheint an einem weiteren Mortal Kombat-Spiel zu arbeiten. So hat das Unternehmen am 23.09.04 beim amerikanischen Patentamt Titelschutz für Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks beantragt. Details und ein Erscheinungstermin liegen noch nicht vor.


Midway plans Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

05.10.2004 - Midway plans to start working on another Mortal Kombat game. This was announced with the registration of the name Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks on 23.09.2004. There are no other details on this game yet.

Note: This is an information that do not comes direct from Midway, so misstakes are possible.

This is perhaps the third adventure title that was planned long ago and has never been in development because of the results showed by Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. This game was supposed to tell us the story of Liu kang.

Thanks to our site visitor steve for the heads-up on this story.

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