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Mortal Kombat: Special Forces - Kodes And Secrets

Cheat Menu:

Finish successfully the game and save. You will see a message "Cheat menu enabled"

Life and Energy Restore Trick:

Enable the Cheat Menu. Then if you lose life or/and energy during the play, simply press: LP, LP, LP, LP, HP, HP, HP and you will restore them.

Special Thanks go to our forum member ded_ for discovering this trick.

Game Shark Codes:

300B4718 00FF - Infinite Special
800B543C FFFF - Maxed Out Exp
800B5438 000A - Max Level/All Kombos
30118378 00FF - Infinite Machine Gun Ammo
30118382 00FF - Infinite Detonators
300B5380 00FF - Infinite Small Medipak
300B5382 00FF - Infinite Medium Medipak
300B5384 00FF - Infinite Large Medipak