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Mortal Kombat Gold - News and Updates

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Mkgold Combo Video Vol. 1

by ded on Mar 11, 2006 :: 4

The guys from MKK (MKKompetitive) create one really awesome MK Gold Combo video. Lots of Infinites (!) and crazy combos. Even if you are not a Mortal Kombat Gold fan you should definitely take a look.

Download the video here.

Mortal Kombat Gold Emulated

by Gambid on Jul 8, 2004 :: 27

Today is a great day for all of us and Mortal Kombat Secrets is really very proud to be the first website in the whole Community to inform you about this. Today the authors of ChanKast, the first Sega DreamCast emulator, that runs commercial games released a new version, 0.25. I was really very surprised when I loaded Mortal Kombat Gold and the emulator didn't crash. The game started. With this release of the emulator the game runs good with fps between 30 and 60 in gameplay. It slows down sometimes and there is no sound when you play (the movies has an excelent sound) and there are some graphic glitches, but nothing serious. The game is completely playable. I actually finish it with Kung Lao. Below are 8 screenshots taken from Chankast:

To download version 0.25 of ChanKast visit its official webpage.

Mortal Kombat Gold Emulation Progress

by Gambid on Jun 14, 2004 :: 0

The first alpha version of ChanKast appeared two weeks ago and totally blew away the whole emulation community. This small program was able almost perfectly to emulate Sega DreamCast and to run a lot of commercial games at pretty good speed. Unfortunately the first release wasn't able to run Mortal Kombat Gold due to a problem with the VGA cable settings. Two days ago appeared the second official version of the emulator, alpha 0.2. The problem has been fixed and I really hoped that I will finally have the opportunity to play Mortal Kombat Gold on my PC. Unfortunately the emulator crashes at the Sega opening screen, so it is the only thing you can see. We, here at Mortal Kombat Secrets are very sure that Mortal Kombat Gold will become playable very soon. Keep an eye on this site, because we will continue to inform you about all the latest emulation news that regard Mortal Kombat. Below is the screenshot I took from the emulator.

Visit ChanKast' official webpage now and download the latest version.

Mortal Kombat Projects: Back In Action

by Gambid on Jun 6, 2004 :: 14

Veselaki, the webmaster of Mortal Kombat Projects is the person who gave us a lot of high-quallity skins of famous Mortal Kombat characters for Unreal Tournament 2003. All of these skins you can find in our download section. Now, after he finished this project he started a new one. Veselaki plans to convert all Mortal Kombat Gold characters into UT2003/2004 models. Mortal Kombat Secrets received the first three exclusive renders of this projects. The renders are of the two already finished characters: Cyrax and Johnny Cage.

Visit Mortal Kombat Projects for further information.

Expect more exclusive news very soon.

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