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Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm - Episode's Guide

1. Kombat Begins Again
As the Earth Warriors are about to be defeated by Cyrax and Sector, Sub-Zero saves them and joins their ranks.
written by: Sean Catherine Derek

2. Sting of the Scorpion
Scorpion goes to the mountains of Tibet where an ancient tomb leads to other worlds. He plans to use it to organize an army of dead warriors to take over Earth. The Earth Warriors will have to beat him there.
w: Sean Catherine Derek

3. Acid Tongue
A new enemy, a reptilian creature, arrives on Earth and does battle with the Earth Warriors. During the battle, Jax loses an important microchip that allow his cybernetic arms to function and loses his self-confidence.
w: Sean Catherine Derek

4. Skin Deep
A strange energy emission New Guinea leads the team to an encounter with Rain, an old friend of Kitana. Rain tells them Shao Kahn is planning to attack the sacred temple and steal the weapon giving unlimited force. The Earth Warriors agree to help prevent this, only to discover later that Rain is a traitor and has kidnapped Kitana.
w: Steve Granat , Cydne Clark

5. Old Friends Never Die

Sub-Zero goes to meet with Smoke, an old friend not seen for years. Back then, the two friends were apart the Lin Kuei clan before the order for automation of the ninjas was given. Sub-Zero escaped, but Smoke wasn't so lucky. Now, in a cybernetic body, Smoke has orders to destroy Sub-Zero.
w: Mark Hofmeier

6. Familiar Red
Kano is back and creating unnatural holes on Earth. The Earth Warriors will have to fight their way through an Egyptian pyramid to defeat Kano and the Black Dragon.
w: Sean Catherine Derek , Joshua Wexler

7. Fall from Grace
During a battle with Shao Kahn's warriors, Sonya behaves too self-confidencely. As a result, Stryker is seriously wounded. Stryker decides Sonya should be relieved of her command.
w: Mark Hoffmeier

8. The Secret of Quan Chi
Quan Chi finds a magic crystal that can awaken all the evil in a human soul. He uses it on the Earth Warriors, turning them against each other. Only Nightwolf escaped the crystal's influence and it's up to him to stop Quan Chi.
w: Steve Granat , Cydne Clark

9. Resurrection
Shao Kahn resurrects Shang Tsung, who was killed in the tournament by Liu Kang. Shao Kahn entrusts him with a

sphere that controls the elements of the nature. Shang Tsung organizes different natural disasters and, in the process, weakens Raiden.
w: Sean Catherine Derek , Joshua Wexler
10. Swords of Ilkan
The connection of the two Swords of Ilkan creates destructive force and it's possible to open portals. In the past, the Amazon Leader found one of them. Now, to get the second sword, the Amazon Leader takes Jax hostage and Kitana and Sonya will have to go to planet Ilkan to save him.
w: Sean Catherine Derek , Cynthia Harrison, Brooks Wachtel

11. Amends

When Sonya and Sub-Zero are attacked by the Black Dragons, Sonya is almost killed. She is saved by a masked warrior named Kabal. Kabal was a member of the Black Dragons and his was badly scarred after Shao Kahn ordered his destruction. Now the Earth Warriors and Kabal have to stop Kano and his servants lead the army of evil to other worlds.
w: Steve Granat , Cydne Clark, Joshua Wexler, Sean Catherine Derek

12. Abandoned
Tired of all the fighting, Jax decides to leave. He goes to the house of his dead grandfather and meets a girl named Ruby. Unknown to Jax, Ruby is one of Shao Kahn's agents and trying to find the location of Earth Warriors's base.
w: Sean Catherine Derek , Joshua Wexler, Reed Robbins

13. Overthrown
The Defenders of the Realm are preparing for the final

battle with Shao Kahn to end his rule. Kitana has reached an agreement with Sheeva's warriors, but she doesn't know it was really Shang Tsung, who is looking to take over Out World.
w: Sean Catherine Derek , Joshua Wexler

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