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Mortal Kombat: Deception - News

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Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast 17 Fujin & Gameplay Changes

by Roy Arkon on May 21, 2020 :: 0

The latest Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast, which comes not in the traditional way this time for obvious reasons, showcases the first out of 3 new characters that will be added to MK11 via the Aftermath expansion, the God of Wind, Fujin, along with other changes to the overall gameplay. Full Patch notes are coming soon.

Featured Characters:
- Fujin

- Dead Pool
- RetroCade

- “Unbound Rage” Scorpion Skin - based on his Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) Skin
- “Son of Arctika” Sub-Zero Skin - based on his Mortal Kombat: Deception Skin

Gameplay Details
- The story mode extension will add 5 additional chapters to the story mode, on top of the 12 chapters that the story already has.
- As for the gameplay addition that Stephanie Brownback hinted about yesterday, every character in MK11 will now have an armor-breaking move, just like Spawn and Fujin have. It can be either a normal or a special move and it will be different for every character. Examples shown are Scorpion's B3, Sub-Zero's F4 and Shao Kahn's Downward Amplified Shoulder Charge.
- As seen both in the new intro and the Kombat Kast itself, the new RetroCade Stage shows classic Stages on the giant monitor in the background, such as the Portal Stage from Mortal Kombat II and the Temple Stage from Mortal Kombat 3.
- As explained by Derek Kirtzic, the Augment system (which can only be in the Towers of Time mode) will be converted to a new one which will bring several changes to the system:
** The 3rd Augment slot, which is locked at the moment, will become available, and the can be used for only one specific new augment, called the Jinsei Essence augment.
** The Jinsei Essence augment will change how your character plays, and it has multiple levels. For example, Jade will be able to throw 2 Glaves rather then 1 if she uses the level 1 Jinsei Essence augment, and if she uses the level 4 one, she will throw up to 4 Glaves in a row. Each character will have 12 about Jinsei Essence augments.
** As for the lesser augments, which are now called "generic augments", you will no longer have to put a specific augment to a specific Gear piece. Instead, you can now put a generic
augment into any Gear piece. Generic augments will have levels as well, just like the Jinsei Essene ones.
** Also, you no longer would have to re-roll your sockets, but rather spend in-game currency and to purchase the socket that you would want to use.
** Generic augments will also have additional affects as well, such as giving armor to your attacks or boosting your currency rewards.
** The generic augments that you already have will be converted along with the overall update to the system, so they won't be taken away and they will all match to the different new levels of the generic augments.
** Due to the Jinsei Essence augments being very powerful, you will have to play the more difficult Towers of Time in order to unlock them, like Group Battles and Team Raid Towers, or playing the Towers on brutal difficulty level. Generic augments will still be dropping at the usual times as always, such after completing a regular Tower.

Note: There will be another Kombat Kast next Monday, one day before the Aftermath expansion arrives, showcasing Sheeva and RoboCop.


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More MK11 Aftermath Details And More Screenshots [UPDATE]

by Roy Arkon on May 8, 2020 :: 0

We got more details about the Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath expansion, as explained in the official Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath FAQ at the official WB Games site.

As it turns out, the Eternal Skin Pack (which includes the “Unbound Rage” Scorpion Skin which is based on his Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) Skin, the “Son of Arctika” Sub-Zero Skin that is based on his Mortal Kombat: Deception Skin, and the “Kori Power” Frost Skin which is based on both Frost's Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Skin and Sub-Zero's Mortal Kombat II Skin) isn't a part of the MK11 Aftermath expansion, but rather a Pre-Order bonus, similar to the PS4 main menu theme that we've reported on earlier this week. All of the 3 Skin Packs that are included in the expansion are all separated from the Eternal Skin Pack, and those 3 Skin Packs will be released over time.

On top of that, there is a new exclusive Johnny Cage Skin, called the "Thanks a Million" Skin, that will be available exclusively to everyone who purchases the expansion, and will be available once the expansion arrives at May 26.

Also, the new Stages, the Stage Fatalities and the Friendships are also separated from the expansion and will be added for free for everyone, so even if don't buy the expansion, you will still receive them via the free update. Only the story mode extension, the new characters and the new skins will be included in the expansion.

For more details on the expansion, click on the link above. And on that note, here is yet another screenshot, featuring Sheeva and Frost in her new Kori Power Skin.

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 9

We now have two more additional screenshots. First, we have a screenshot of Liu Kang being killed via the Deadpool Stage Fatality, and then we also have a screenshot of Kano's BBQ Friendship.

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 10

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 11

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New Screenshots & PS4 Theme. Plus, Another Split Ending?

by Roy Arkon on May 6, 2020 :: 4

We now have even more news for the Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath expansion set. First, we now have some new screenshots, featuring the new characters, skins and the story mode extension.

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 1

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 2

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 3

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 4

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 5

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 6

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 7

MK11 Aftermath Screenshot 8

Also, those who order the expansion on the PlayStation 4 will receive a new main menu screen theme featuring Raiden and Liu Kang.

MK11 Aftermath PS4 Theme

And finally, if you look at the notifications section for MK11, you will see a new message promoting the Aftermath expansion, and at the end of it, it says that "players will have to decide who they can trust and who they must defeat with fate on the line. Forge a new history".

MK11 Aftermath Split Ending Possibility

As you probably remember, the original MK11 story mode ended in a split ending that gave 3 different options (2 good endings and 1 bad ending) and thanks to the announcement trailer that we got today, we now know which good ending was the canonical one (the one with Liu Kang and Raiden at the Chaotian Age stage). Now with this notification, this could mean that the story mode extension will have yet another split ending. Only time will tell however, we will have to wait and see.

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Jon Greenberg Leaves NetherRealm Studios

by Roy Arkon on May 2, 2020 :: 0

Jon Greenberg, who worked with Midway and NetherRealm Studios since the PlayStation 2 era of Mortal Kombat games on the graphical and visual side, has announced to Twitter that he leaves the company, after 2 decades.

A lot of people have sent their thanks to Greenberg for all of his contributions to the Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises, including Ed Boon.

We also would like to thank Jon Greenberg for all of his contributions to the games that we all love, and wish him good luck in all of his future endeavors.

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MK11 TOT's - April Fools' Day Towers (And Another Meteor)

by Roy Arkon on Apr 2, 2020 :: 0

Even in this very unique time that can lead to depression very easily, NetherRealm Studios still took full advantage of this year's April Fools, and oh boy they went above and beyond with this one.

The latest Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time platform, called the April Fools' Day Towers, features a series of 4 Boss-only Towers that are all under the common theme of April Fools, and they are full of Deception (as if Mortal Kombat: Deception), pranks and some blind luck. In fact, it all starts even before you start the fight, as when you pick your character, the announcer is gonna call the name of any other character but the one you chose, and your opponent is always gonna be disguised by a picture of a character that can't be selected.

First you fight against Jade (disguised by the Dinosaur that Kronika can use in the 2nd stage of the fight against her), then you fight against Johnny Cage (disguised by the Oni from the Kolosseum's Beast Pen stage), followed up by Erron Black (disguised by the Krypt Traveler from the Krypt), and finally, a series of 7 opponents in a Gauntlet match (all hide behind a picture of Shinnok, who can be seen in the first cutscene of the MK11 Story mode, as well as Jade's ending in the Klassic Tower Arcade mode).

Here is a video from my channel, showcasing me all 4 Towers after I've beat them with my Shang Tsung, Jade and Noob Saibot, along with time stamps. On a side note, remember the Meteor in the Towers of Time that we've reported about 4 months ago? I've seen it another one, as you can see in the video below.

00:00 - Shang Tsung Vs. Jade
02:46 - Another Meteor!
03:06 - Noob Saibot Vs. Johnny Cage
05:30 - Jade Vs. Erron Black
08:42 - Noob Saibot in the Gauntlet Match

Here are also some important tips for those Towers:
1) For all the first 3 Towers, you can't use any Konsumables. If you do, then their icon will be replaced by the one of Bo' Rai Cho's Fart Konsumable, and while the animation of the Konsumable will be shown after you have activated it, the actual effect will not happen, essentially indicating that you got pranked, April Fools style. Only the final Tower, which is the Gauntlet Tower, allows you to use Konsumables.

2) The 2nd Tower fight against Johnny Cage actually switches the control between you and the CPU, as you actually control Johnny while the CPU controls the character that you chose, as if going with an automatic AI-only option, but going one extra step further. Of course you can just not do anything as Johnny in the fight, but while the control over the characters are switched, the control of the Konsumables is still the same, so you are still stuck with the now defected version of Bo' Rai Cho's Fart Konsumable (as I've mentioned earlier) and the CPU still controls his Konsumables as usual, while aiming them against your selected character. Which means you need to hope that your character, now being controlled by CPU, will beat "your" Johnny fast before "your" Konsumables will beat "the CPU" character, and will give the win to "your" character. Also, don't pay attention to the Sindel Assist Konsumable that I've picked in my video, I thought that since it is an Assist-type Konsumable rather then a Sidekick-type, the game will let me pick it for my Noob Saibot so he could use it against Johnny, and that experimental battle, by pure coincidence, ended up being the winning battle.

3) The opponent's health bar in the Gauntlet Tower doesn't show any health being reduced while being hit, although they still take the damage, you just can't see it. This effect is actually still active after you do a Mercy on Sub-Zero (the final opponent in the Gauntlet), even though it will still show just 20% of his health.

NRS really did a very clever and unique challenge, and the reward for it is nothing short of excellent, as you will get a ton of Skins, Brutalities and Kombat Kard items for completing these Towers. So go and complete them now while you still can to receive the rewards.

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