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Mortal Kombat: Deception - Chess Kombat

First thought by the fans to be an ordinary chess game with Mortal Kombat pieces, Chess Kombat proves that it is a lot more than a normal chess game. With a lot of interesting features and innovative pieces this game mode has a lot to offer and is a nice addition to the Mortal Kombat list of mini games.


Equivalent in real chess - Pawn
Number on the board - 8
Health - 40%
Can Move - either 2 spaces to the front, back or side, or 1 space
Special features - None

Equivalent in real chess - Rook
Number on the board - 3
Health - 50%
Can Move - 5 spaces any direction
Special features - In battle takes the appearance and all aspects of the opponent, including base health. If the opponent is Shifter too, both keep their original form and receive 100% health.

Equivalent in real chess - Bishop
Number on the board - 2
Health - 30%
Can Move - 2 spaces to the front, back or side
Special features - Can cast Blue and Red spells

Equivalent in real chess - Queen
Number on the board - 2
Health - 100%
Can Move - any number of squares in any direction
Special features - Most maneuverability and health

Equivalent in real chess - King
Number on the board - 1
Health - 80%
Can Move - 1 space in any direction
Special features - The most valuable piece on the board. Once taken the game is over.


In this mini game you will be able to play on five classic Backgrounds from Mortal Kombat 1 and Mortal Kombat II.

The Pit
Stage Fatality - Knock your opponent off the ledge into a pit of

The Portal
Stage Fatality - None

Stage Fatality - Knock your opponent into an acid bath.

Stage Fatality - None

Living Forest
Stage Fatality - None


You may choose to use a spell to even up the odds between you and your opponent. A spell can affect any piece, except those on green cells.

Blue spells are defensive and focus on helping your team.

Heal - fully heals one of your pieces
Teleport - teleports any piece anywhere on the board
Resurrect - brings back one of your killed pieces
Protect - protects one of your pieces from attacks and spells for a
duration of three turns

Red spells are offensive and focus on hurting your opponent.

Kill - kills any enemy grunt or shifter
Imprison - makes any enemy piece unable to move or cast spells for a duration of three turns
Exchange - switches any two friendly or enemy grunts, shifters or champions
Sacrifice - kills any friendly piece in order to fully heal another
friendly piece


At the beginning of a match, one or both of the fighters may gain a health bonus. All of these bonuses are cumulative. Here are the different kinds of bonuses you may get:

Attacker bonus - The attacking fighter gets a 10% health bonus.
Power cell bonus - If a fighter's teammate occupies a green cell, that fighter gets a 25% health for each cell that his team occupies.
On power cell - If one of the fighters occupies a green cell themselves, they automatically get 100% health.