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Mortal Kombat: Conquest - Ending and Story Timeline

This is the official Mortal Kombat movie timeline as it was published on the official Mortal Kombat website back in the nineteens. The timeline resolves the cliff hanger ending of Mortal Kombat: Conquest and aligns the series with the two feature films. It was released after the show's cancellation and the failed attempt to continue the series on a different network. Click on the image below to load the flash version. Scroll down for a complete transcription:

The following transcription of the flash version was made by Kelsey Coe. Click here to visit his Mortal Kombat website.

Chapter I

Kombat Begins

Kung Lao versus Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat: The stage is set for an epic battle, the dark sorcerer Shang Tsung versus the warrior monk who was born and raised to fight, Kung Lao. Both with different styles, fighting for different realms clash in a viscous and deadly struggle with the fate of Earth lying in the balance. Rayden, god of thunder and protector of Earth Realm, hopes for a quick end to the match in order to keep Earth Realm out of the hands of the evil forces trying to invade. Shao Kahn, emperor of Outworld, demands a win along with the soul of Kung Lao so he can take over Earth Realm. The fight is spectacular; the two best fighters in the universe clash head to head! But when Shang Tsung begins to suck the soul of Kung Lao, the warrior monk digs deep down, and remembers the wise words of Rayden. Kung Lao maneuvers out of the sorcerer's lock and swiftly fights back, bringing Shang Tsung to his knees. But when it is time to finish him, Kung Lao chooses to hold back his fatal blow and shows mercy to his gifted opponent. Because of the disgrace suffered by Kahn, he banishes Shang Tsung to the Cobalt Mines, where the evil sorcerer plots his revenge against Kung Lao and Earth Realm. Shortly after, Kung Lao returns with Rayden to the city of Zhu Zin, and his home at the Temple of the Order of Light to be with his forbidden true love Geneviere Reyland, daughter of the Baron. Shang Tsung is united with Vorpax, a vile and seductive prisoner who he forces to do his bidding.

The Scorpion's Bite

Scorpion is fabricated to kill Kung Lao: In Zhu Zin, the Baron forbids his daughter Geneviere to see Kung Lao, but with the two aspiring to wed, they plan to elope in secret. Rayden reminds the warrior monk that his destiny is written, and he is to train new fighters for the next tournament and not be wed. In the Cobalt Mines, Shang Tsung puts his revengeful scheme into action against Kung Lao by creating a lethal scorpion. Through magic he sends this creature to Zhu Zin, where it bites Takeda, one of the Baron's guards, and he slowly begins a transformation into an evil brainwashed warrior of Shang Tsung's creation. Through Takeda's actions, the Baron is able to capture Kung Lao and sentence him to death, while Geneviere's guard Siro is banished from the Baron's trading post. But Siro along with Taja, an imprisoned thief in the trading post, are separately met by the god of thunder in disguise, who convinces them to help free Kung Lao. Along with Geneviere, Siro and Taja help to free Kung Lao before he is executed, but the Baron is the one who ends up losing his life. While Takeda is fully transformed into Scorpion, a rancid ninja from the depths of hell, Scorpion kidnaps Geneviere during the freeing of Kung Lao and holds her at the temple.

Geneviere is killed, but a team is formed: Under the instruction and warnings of Rayden, Kung Lao seeks out Scorpion at the temple. In a fatal and hate filled battle, Kung Lao defeats Scorpion while Geneviere is killed by the evil ninja in the process. From this point on, with Siro and Taja joining the fight against Outworld, Kung Lao accepts his destiny to lead all Earth Realm fighters in the defense of their planet against the evil forces of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung.

Master Freeze

Sub-Zero arrives in Zhu Zin to obtain a magical crystal: The Lin Kuei, an ancient, evil ninja clan is working together with Shang Tsung to gain possession of a magical crystal, which allows inter-realm travel. But in order for Shang Tsung to gain his freedom from the Cobalt Mines where Kahn sent him, he must mastermind a plan to seize the crystal from the trading post where Kung Lao, Siro and Taja reside. Before the Baron's death, he purchased this crystal and hid it within the grounds of the trading post. The Lin Kuei takes their most talented ninja warrior and through rigorous training and preparation, they alter his senses, enabling him with the ability to control the elements of water and temperature to create and disperse freezing ice. Thus creating the mystical ninja Sub-Zero.After Kung Lao, Taja and Siro successfully defend the trading post from multiple Lin Kuei ninjas, Sub-Zero is called on to use his extraordinary powers and seize the crystal. When he comes upon the Earth Realm trio, Sub-Zero reveals his powers by hitting Taja with a ray of ice. While Kung Lao tends to her, Siro goes one on one with the ice-ninja fighting for control of the crystal and blow after blow, neither man backs down. Once Kung Lao and Taja intercede, it's a three on one. Sub-Zero holds his own, but gets weaker with every dispersion of ice. As the trio taunts him into overusing his gifts, Sub-Zero won't leave without the crystal. But Rayden makes his presence known, and intimidates the ice-ninja to retreat and live to fight another day.

Essence of Edenia

Kitana searches for her realm's last hope: When Shao Kahn invaded Edenia, he killed the rightful ruler King Jarrod and annihilated their Realm and took their daughter for himself. Now the stepdaughter of Kahn, Princess Kitana seeks the last remaining entity of Edenia -the essence. Since Kahn is stricken with impure thoughts of lust for his stepdaughter, he is subdued by her beauty and allows Kitana to travel as she may in search for0 the essence. But since he wishes the essence to be destroyed, Kahn warns her that seeking the essence may cost the princess her life. Kitana travels with her life long Edenian friend Qali to Earth Realm in search of Kung Lao. When they find the warrior monk, the mere sight of these two historic warriors emanates energy of pure light. Kitana convinces him to accompany her in finding Daahraan, a warrior with knowledge of the location of the essence, and a friend of the Temple of the Order of Light. When Kung Lao and Kitana find Daahraan, he is fatally wounded and close to death. Before the warrior passes, he tells Kung Lao that she is the stepdaughter of Shao Kahn. When Kung Lao hears this, he confronts Kitana, and they engage in hand to hand kombat. But Kitana uses a series of aerial flips to avoid any more confrontation with the Mortal Kombat champion.After Kung Lao catches up to the princess, she tells him of her true intentions, that she is not Kahn's real daughter, but an Edenian who seeks the last remaining entity of her realm. Now won over, Kung Lao finds the essence, but is also confronted by a double-crossing Qali who works for the emperor, while Vorpax works for Shang Tsung. While Kung Lao has the advantage, Shang Tsung intercedes from his Cobalt Mines and seizes the essence, but Kitana stops his first try. Then the sorcerer uses his magic and gains control of the essence, retreating back to the Cobalt Mines. Kitana shuns Qali, and is left with Kung Lao. After expressing true feelings of sadness, Kung Lao reveals the essence to the princess; he swapped the pouches holding the essence while no one was there to observe. Through preserving a chance at rebuilding Edenian, the two have not only made life long friends, but also have fallen into secret feelings of love for each other.

Chapter II

Evil Darkness

Noob Saibot is unleashed: Because Siro suffered a wounded body along with a wounded ego at the hands of nearly half a dozen thieves, through the beautiful seductress Kiri, Siro is talked into fighting two warriors who reside in an underground temple beneath Zhu Zin. If he destroys the two warriors, he will gain immeasurable power. When Siro finds the temple and squares off with the two ancient warriors, he is beaten badly. But Taja, with the help of a weapon, shatters the two ancient warriors like china. But when the two warriors were destroyed, an evil menace is released. An oily, heartless monster that is broken out of centuries of being condemned?Noob Saibot.Noob Saibot slithers back to Kiri's house, and wishes to right his wrongful past with the emperor. To win Shao Kahn's favor, Kiri suggests Noob Saibot kill Kung Lao. After the black muck-ridden fighter slithers to the trading post to threaten Kung Lao, the monk warrior follows Taja to the underground temple from which he was freed. Noob Saibot appears and now it's a showdown between a warrior from the Order of Light, versus a warrior from eternal darkness. Kung Lao remarkably presses Noob Saibot back with a barrage of aerial kicks and punches. But the muck covering the grounds of the underground temple now cover his body, taking its toll on Kung Lao, slowing him up. Noob Saibot takes advantage of the infected warrior by fabricating a lethal weapon from his exterior and attacking Kung Lao with it. But Siro intercedes and ignites the dark monster into flames with a torch. Noob Saibot's body burns up, but his quintessence slithers back into the muck to replenish.

The Black Dragon

A corrupt organization is formed: Kung Lao's trading post is invaded by an underworld organization bent on evoking fear and extorting precious possessions including opium and women, and places of their choosing. Jola, a fierce warrior of the clan preaches that the Baron couldn't have left the trading post to his daughter Geneviere because through numerous "loans" and gambling debts by the Baron, owed to the Black Dragon, it was time to collect. Kung Lao does not back down and with the aid of Siro, they start to inflict pain and beat up on the corrupt clan. But Kebral puts a stop to the fight, letting it be known that the Black Dragon will gain control of the trading post by other means.When Jola returns to their headquarters buried deep in an underground cavern, Bannak, their father and leader, tries to control his squabbling son and daughter. Jola is filled with rage, and demands they do things the old-fashioned Black Dragon way, by taking what they please by force, while Kebral wants to take the more levelheaded way of crime. Bannak agrees with his son, while Jola wants to make the Black Dragon what it was?a supernatural collection of flames and fatal force that destroyed whomever or whatever stood in their way. But throughout their generations their dark powers caused members self-destruction, thus Bannak has banished that force from the clan.Seeking destruction, Jola approaches an old lover Shang Tsung in the Cobalt Mines and demands he grants her the original horrific and monstrous powers of the Black Dragon of old. So he does, and in return, Kung Lao is to be murdered. After killing her own father, Jola pursues the warrior monk, unleashing the scorching flames of the dragon on Kung Lao and Siro. But as the fight goes on, more energy is drained from Jola, thus her powers are starting to control her. She has a choice, surrender, or her powers of the dragon will consume her, causing her death. Jola backs down, only to become a prisoner of the Cobalt Mines. But the Black Dragon shall rise again.

Black Arts Sorcerer

Quan Chi and his assissins pursue Kung Lao: An evil sorcerer, a master of the black arts, a dark and powerful magician who can travel through realms undetected has his sights on Kung Lao's soul. Quan Chi, an old acquaintance of Shinnok's is inspired by the benefits of delivering the reigning Mortal Kombat champion's soul to Kahn, he would actually be able to name his price. His three loyal assassins are intimidated into serving his every desire, knowing the repercussions of his temper. Siann, Mika and Sora all pledge allegiance to Quan Chi, and set out to Earth Realm to shake up the trio of Kung Lao, Siro and Taja. Each one, through trickery and magic is able to bring out the worst in each fighter. Mika is able to transform Kung Lao into a killing savage, Siann is able to turn Taja back into a kleptomaniac, and Sora is able to convert Siro into a drunken abusive mess. And through the spell, Kung Lao has a blow for blow fight with Siro, injuring him very badly. Rayden intercedes, and catches onto Quan Chi's deceitfulness, but Kung Lao isn't the easiest fighter to convert back to his old self. He travels to the Temple of the Order of Light and is stopped by Rayden just before he is ready to kill a monk. Rayden insists that with his spell Quan Chi has only opened a door. And if so inclined, Kung Lao is capable of walking out. Content with what he's accomplished, Quan Chi arrives at the temple to finish their job, take Kung Lao's soul, and have each of the three warriors die in shame, thus banishing them to the Netherealm. But the black arts sorcerer is met by the god of thunder, who makes sure they have a fair fight. It is Quan Chi versus Kung Lao, in an all out battle. Kung Lao is able to get the best of him, causing him to retreat. And with some physical bumps and emotional bruises, the trio is able to forgive and forget. But they haven't seen the last of Quan Chi.

Princess Watches Over Warrior Monk

Kahn sends Rain after Kung Lao, but Kitana intercedes: Shao Kahn, possessing an unquenchable thirst to destroy Earth Realm's greatest warrior, sends his best assassin to kill the warrior monk. Rain, a ninja possessing the gift to summon and channel lightning from the skies, is ordered by the emperor to take care of Kung Lao. And by doing this, Shang Tsung will be confined to the Cobalt Mines forever, because the only way he can prove himself worthy to Kahn is to kill the very fighter who costed him the takeover of Earth Realm.Rain surprises Kung Lao in the courtyard of their trading post, landing deadly blows on the Earth Realm fighter. In a spectacular exhibition of ground and aerial kicks, Rain has Kung Lao right where he wants him, on the verge of death. He raises his hand towards the heavens and summons a crisp bolt of lightening on a course straight for Kung Lao. But at the last possible second, he maneuvers out of the way, and Taja makes herself known, causing Rain to quickly exit the trading post. Taja finds Kung Lao suffering from nearly fatal wounds, which will immobilize the monk for days. Now Siro is determined to find where the purple ninja is hiding, so he sets out to search for Rain's secret hiding place. When Siro finds an old, empty temple he becomes curious. As he enters, he is attacked by Rain, who not only catches him by surprise, but injures him as well. Ready to deliver the final blow, Rain is hit by Kitana's fan. The princess makes Rain flee once again, because he will not dare harm the emperor's step- daughter.

Kahn sends Mileena to murder Kung Lao, Kitana Spoils his plans: With Kung Lao injured, Shao Kahn realizes now is the time to take advantage of his weakened condition. He sends Mileena, a grotesque clone of Kitana, who was fabricated by sorcerer Shang Tsung at the emperor's request. She shares the exact same physical features with the princess, all except her face. Mileena's face is hideously deformed, but with a little magic,Kahn temporarily restores her looks, now making her look exactly like Kitana.When Mileena (as Kitana) enters the trading post, she explains that she heard Kung Lao was hurt and wanted to repay him by nursing him back to health. But when Mileena starts spending time with Kung Lao, she starts to feel special, having never felt a feeling of that magnitude in her entire existence. And with Kung Lao's life in danger, Shang Tsung becomes very interested in the situation, so much that he disperses Vorpax to break up the charade because if Kung Lao is killed, Shang Tsung will stay in the Cobalt Mines forever. At the same time Taja grows skeptical, because through magical oils applied by Mileena, Kung Lao is getting worse, not better. When Vorpax confronts Mileena, she implies the longer Kung Lao stays alive, the longer she will stay alive as well because once Kung Lao is dead, the emperor will have no more use for her.When Mileena reports to Kahn, she gives excuses as to why it is taking her so long,but the emperor grows impatient and orders that Mileena finish the job immediately. But it will be hard for her; she is falling in love with her temporary appearance, and falling in love with Kung Lao. When Kitana saves Siro from Rain, Siro tells her of the princess' presence at the trading post. Kitana travels straight for Zhu Zin, confronting her evil clone. Kitana and Mileena engage in a vicious and deadly no holds barred battle, as Vorpax is entertained by the carnage. But it is the princess who is victorious, driving Mileena to retreat. With Kung Lao alive, Shang Tsung breathes a sie of relief, as Shao Kahn becomes enraged. But in the real princess' arms, Kung Lao is safe again.

Chapter III

A Rivalry of Hatred

Sub-Zero versus Scorpion, the first of many: Shao Kahn, wretched with failure, calls on two of the most skilled ninjas in the universe to work together and assassinate Earth Realm's reigning Mortal Kombat champion. The only problem is, they despise, loathe and hate each other. Sub-Zero, the Lin Kuei's most powerful warrior and Scorpion, an undead ninja are summoned to Outworld where Kahn gives them both an ultimatum that would be wise not to refuse. With Kung Lao dead, once Outworld wins the next tournament, each fighter gains control of half of Earth Realm. But if they refuse his offer, they will both surely die. Rayden travels to the trading post and tells Kung Lao, Taja and Siro that Sub-Zero and Scorpion have teamed up to kill Kung Lao. The only advise he can give them is to know their enemy, so the Earth Realm trio attempts to find out as much knowledge as they can obtain concerning the deadly ninjas before they make it back to Earth Realm in order to defeat them. A wise master tells Kung Lao and Taja he knows of six families that have suffered from the Lin Kuei, so the two set out to learn what they can while Siro uncover information about Scorpion. Once Sub-Zero and Scorpion arrive on Earth Realm, they waste no time mixing it up in an evenly matched fight, which is broken up by Peron, Scorpion's second in command who insists that the ice ninja be killed, while the Lin Kuei plot to kill Scorpion once the job's done. They will not share Earth Realm. When Scorpion dispatches two of his warriors to kill Sub-Zero's family before Kung Lao can reach them, the warrior monk catches them in the act and disposes of them with a one on two fight that teaches them both a lesson. For safety, he takes Sub-Zero's family to the trading post. When Sub-Zero learns of this, he travels to the trading post where Scorpion, Peron and two of their ninjas are ready to attack. During the attack, Sub-Zero's sister runs away, and is killed by Peron. Sub-Zero returns the favor, also killing two of Scorpion's soldiers in the process.Once Scorpion informs Kahn of Sub-Zero's treachery, he becomes a marked man not only by the emperor and the Lin Kuei, but also by Scorpion. Sub-Zero travels to the trading post,. But when Kung Lao, Taja and Siro join in to stop the reinforcements sent by the Lin Kuei, they scare them off, where he checks on his family and converses with Kung Lao. The warrior monk asks the ice ninja to join Earth Realm in the war against Outworld, but Sub-Zero declines saying they are two different, and freezes Kung Lao just enough to knock him unconscious. He also locks up Siro and Taja he wants Scorpion all to himself. Once Scorpion makes his presence known, one of the most awesome and epic fights ensue, pitting two of the most gifted fighters in the universe against each other. As the battle goes on, these two fighters are equally matched throughoutwhile Scorpion teleports out of Earth Realm. Now Sub-Zero is a wanted man, and must slip back into the shadows to survive.

An Empress Has an Offer

Kreeya plots to bring down kahn while trying to recruit the Earth Realm fighters: Shang Tsung suffers an attack at the hands of some skilled female warriors. When he attempts to use his sorcery, a magic amulet renders his powers useless. So he fights all three, but they are tough, and fight to a stale mate. Now losing, Vorpax approaches. Shang expects help from her, but instead he receives a blow to the face. Vorpax and the three female warriors bring him to her empress Kreeya. Vorpax is Kreeya's daughter, and a princess in her own right; she's been lying to everyone all along. Kreeya has plans for the sorcerer, but when Vorpax tells her of the trio of Earth Realm warriors who also appose Kahn, Kreeya tells her to bring them and make them an offer to join their armies against the emperor. Back in Outworld Kahn plans to crush Kreeya's armies, but cannot. She is now in Earth Realm.When Vorpax gives the invitation to the trio, Siro and Taja are enthusiastic, but Kung Lao is doubtful and stays behind. Siro and Taja and treated with dignity and respect, unharmed. Then Kung Lao is visited by Queen Kreeya, with a present, Shang Tsung in shackles. She brings him to their camp, where the warrior monk sees a society without disease or violence, but only beautiful women warriors. Kreeya tells him that she has been converting realms for centuries, making them better, and that the only thing that can stop them from taking over Earth Realm is Kahn's armies. Back in Outworld, Kahn decides to attack Kreeya. But it is complicated because Kreeya is in Earth Realm. Kahn tells Reiko they will attack and can because they are not attacking Earth Realm, but only Kreeya and her armies. He will inform the elder gods once the time comes. After an exhibition of Kreeya's healing power, Kung Lao parts from the others and searches the woods, finding a man drained of all his life. Deeper into the brush, he stumbles onto a hive containing thousands of fetuses, all for Kreeya's armies. When he confronts Kreeya, he Siro and Taja are taken prisoner, but Rayden cannot interfere unless a rule has been broken. When Kung Lao is imprisoned with Shang Tsung, he forces the sorcerer to strike him, bringing the thunder god into action. He frees the two, who fight Kreeya together, forcing the queen to retreat. Then Shang destroys her entire camp, and every hive he can find. But not knowing otherwise, Kahn still believes Shang Tsung is the traitor. And now Outworld is under attack by Kreeya's armies, but he successfully defends his realm and forces Kreeya's armies out. Now he turns legions of warriors into hive hunters, halting any takeover Kreeya was planning.

A Queen and a Lizard

Kreeya and Reptile unite against Outworld for control of Earth Realm: Queen Kreeya is back in Earth Realm, which stirs up much anger with the emperor. He has been waiting to invade Earth Realm, and will not watch Kreeya take over. When the Earth Realm warriors find out Kreeya has been producing hives again, they set out to destroy all they come in contact with. But when Siro attempts to blow one hive up, he is attacked by a reptilian warrior who guards it. When the reptilian warrior is about to finish him, Kiri and Ankha cause the lizard fighter to flea. Back at the trading post, they explain to the Earth Realm trio that because they work for Kahn and the emperor wants Kreeya dead, for now they are friends. So they set out to blow up Kreeya's hives. In Zaterra, Reptile and one of his generals disagree with going against Kahn's armies. So in a vicious fight, Reptile kills the non-believer as a sign of faith that they are with Kreeya on this. Kreeya swears to the Zaterraean leader that they will not fail. Then they get word of another destroyed hive, and another killed reptilian warrior. Kreeya will leave Vorpax to deal with this. Vorpax travels to Earth Realm to confront Kiri and Ankha, who really work for her. She says that because they are letting the Earth Realm warriors destroy Kreeya's hives, they must now destroy Kung Lao, Taja and Siro if they want to live. Kung Lao and Taja find Kiri and Ankha in their trading post, with Siro missing. Taja searches for him while Kung Lao stays behind. It doesn't take long for the two to turn into reptilian warriors and attempt to kill Kung Lao. The warrior monk defends himself, and is about to be killed by deadly reptilian venom when Siro arrives and saves him, causing Kiri to kill Ankha.

Two Shades of Darkness

Kahn recruits Quan Chi, while the Earth Realm fighters are also is search of a sorcerer: In Outworld, Kahn makes Quan Chi an offer to bring him Shang Tsung. Because he has not turned up yet, Kahn still believes he is the traitor who works with Kreeya. The emperor tells the black arts sorcerer he can name his price to find Shang, who wonders Earth Realm undetected. When the Earth Realm warriors find out dead bodies have been showing up, they know it is Shang Tsung. So against Rayden's hedence, they search for the sorcerer as well. A few miles away, Shang Tsung is attacked by Quan Chi's assassins, who give him a handful. They beat him up pretty badly, so in order to survive, he uses his magic to drive them away, weakening him. When Siro and Taja come back from searching for Shang Tsung, Kung Lao notices they are acting peculiar, and very attracted to each other. In the morning the warrior monk actually catches them in bed together, but he doesn't realize that they are really Quan Chi and Mika, who are relying on Kung Lao to lead them to Shang Tsung. Back in the Ethereal, the real Siro and Taja are shackled up by Siann and Sora. While Siann is on watch, Siro and Taja are able to free themselves and kill the already undead Siann. In Outworld, Sora gives Shao Kahn an update, and tries to assassinate the emperor. But Kahn stops her, and demands she reveals her true form, which is Quan Chi. He explains Kreeya's offer was better, so Kahn banishes him to the Cobalt Mines, where is powers are useless. But when the black arts sorcerer arrives, he steals the soul of another prisoner, and reveals himself as Shang Tsung. It has been Shang all along.At the trading post, Kung Lao is doubtful of his friends, and receives a message to go to the tavern along with another he tears up. He retires, but sneaks out and meets with the real Siro and Taja, along with Rayden who find out that Shang Tsung will be arriving at the trading post momentarily. This time, they will let the two sorcerers fight each other.

Chapter IV

Stretching the Rules

Shao Kahn searches for his traitor: Trying to find out who betrayed him, Kahn tortures many of his warriors in hopes of finding the traitor who works with Kreeya. He declares war, and will not stop until he finds the deviant. At Kreeya's camp, the queen keeps her alliance with Reptile by offering him half of her throne. Meanwhile, Vorpax confronts Kreeya, saying that too many of their warriors have died in vein.

Vorpax offers the Earth Realm warriors a deal: Vorpax travels to the trading post to make the Earth Realm warriors a deal, to kill her mother, Queen Kreeya. Vorpax believes that her mother is unjust in her ruling and should be stopped. And by doing this, their realm will be removing one of the more powerful enemies from their flank. At first, Kung Lao refuses to be someone else's assassin, but is convinced by Siro and Taja to go through with it.

A New Queen is Crowned

Vorpax helps Earth Realm warriors defeat Kreeya: Vorpax convinces her queen that the only way to remain on Earth Realm in safety is to kill the three Earth Realm warriors that have caused them so much complication. Vorpax is to go into the trading post first with four warriors to weaken them, but they act as if they are fighting, throwing around furniture and grunting, so that Kreeya, listening in, thinks there is an actual fight going on. When Kreeya enters, she finds Kung Lao, Taja and Siro waiting for her. Double-crossed by her own princess, Kreeya takes on all three, and is defeated. While her body lies there, Vorpax absorbs her energy, then leaves telling the Earth Realm warriors they will never see her again.

Vorpax approaches Shang Tsung to lead her armies: Now that Vorpax is queen, possessing all of Kreeya's former powers, she approaches Shang to seed an entire army of half warrior, half sorcerers. Shang Tsung agrees, but on one condition, that Kung Lao is to be killed. Taja, spying on them runs back to the trading post to alert Kung Lao and Siro. With this knowledge, they plot to kill the sorcerer before any such armies can be made, but Kung Lao must stay behind because of a wound suffered in the fight with Kreeya. As Shang Tsung and Vorpax are on their way to kill Kung Lao, Siro and Taja stalk them with a crossbow, ready to assassinate both. But Reptile appears in front of the sorcerer and demands that Vorpax give him what is his. But Vorpax tells him even though Kreeya made a deal with him to seed her armies and inherit half her throne, the deal died with the former queen. She demands that Shang Tsung is her new partner. Enraged, Reptile attacks the sorcerer, and they have an all out hate filled battle that ends with Shang hitting the Zaterrean leader with a fireball, sending him back into the depths of the brush. Now fatigued and in the need of fresh souls, Shang Tsung must retreat with Vorpax before he is offed by Siro and Taja.

The Beginning of the End

Shao Kahn sends the Shadow Priests to hunt down prey: The emperor will sit and watch no longer. Waiting centuries to take over Earth Realm, he has seen, heard, and fought fair long enough. Knowing the repercussions, Shao Kahn opens a portal to Earth Realm, dispersing his Shadow priests to kill every single one of his enemies. And possessing dark magical powers that no mortal has ever seen, they cannot be stopped.Meanwhile, Rayden enters the portal and meets Kahn half way between realms, demanding the invasion be stopped. These brothers argue why they are the emperor of Outworld, and the protector of Earth Realm. In Zhu Zin, Kitana approaches Kung Lao in secret and tells him of the danger that lies ahead.

The Shadow Priests commence the slaughtering: In Zaterra, Reptile and Kiri are attacked by the Shadow Priests, and easily killed. Next, in the Temple of the Order of Light, Kitana tries to warn the trio of Earth Realm warriors of the danger they are in, but the Shadow Priests teleport in and slay the princess while using magic to freeze the three, rendering them powerless, subjected to watch the murder. Then Quan Chi is paid a visit by the Shadow Priests, killing the black arts sorcerer and Siann. Even Quan Chi is defenseless against Kahn's magical warriors. The next to go is Shang Tsung and Vorpax, they are killed with no remorse, for they are Kahn's most hated enemies.

Omegis shows the Earth Realm warriors the way to their death: Having seen the Shadow Priests in action and with no sign of Rayden, the trio finds Omegis deep within the woods of Zhu Zin. They convince her to lead them to the portal which Rayden entered. So they set a course to the portal, and through her magic, they make it there to find dozens of Shadow Priests waiting for them. Rayden shouts through the portal for Kung Lao, Taja and Siro to leave immediately, or they will be killed. But it is too late. They cannot beat them, the magical warriors of Shao Kahn are too great.

Chapter V

Power Changes Sides

The Elder Gods intercede on Kahn's treachery, restoring Earth Realm as it was: With Rayden locked up, beaten and fatigued, he prays to the elder gods, who will not allow this to happen any longer. Even though they believe that mortals are the masters of their own fate and should deal with foul play themselves, they will not tolerate the breach of an entire defenseless realm. Kahn's actions are undone by the Elder Gods, thus banning him from any tournaments for five hundred years. He will now act as Rayden does, only as a spectator, and not as a leader, fighter, or anything that has to do with Mortal Kombat.With this set into motion, Kung Lao, Taja and Siro return to Earth Realm in peace, along with Shang Tsung to Outworld, Quan Chi to the Neatherealm, and Vorpax to the Cobalt Mines. Having not aged before the next tournament, Kung Lao remains in top physical shape, but as for Taja and Siro, they start to age and become less competitive.

Death of a Champion

Kung Lao vs. Goro: For years having dealt with nightmares of his death at the hands of a four-armed monster, Kung Lao is about to confront them in the upcoming tournament. Through Rayden's guidance and instruction, Kung Lao is the best he's ever been in mind, body and spirit. But the thunder god reminds him that his opponent is the most powerful Mortal Kombat has ever seen.To win back the emperor's favor, Shang Tsung searches the depths of the universe to find a fighter who will undoubtedly win the next tournament. In the realm of Shokan, he finds Prince Goro, an eight feet tall, four-armed warrior born half man and half dragon. The emperor is very pleased and looks forward to the tournament.When the next Mortal Kombat takes place, it pins the defending champion against the new contender Goro. The match lasts several days, with either man refusing to quit. Rayden watches as Kung Lao starts to lose his edge, and his life force. Any normal man or Outworld fighter would have surely been defeated by the warrior monk, but Goro is nothing like anyone from either realm has ever seen. After nearly a week straight of the most intense match in Mortal Kombat history, the great Kung Lao is killed by the prince of Shokan.

Nine in a Row

Shang Tsung forms an alliance with Goro to dominate the tournament: Now that Kung Lao is dead, Taja and Siro have grown old and withered away, Rayden must find another to train. He confronts Sub-Zero to fight for Earth Realm, but the ice ninja declines. Rayden will not find the chosen one until almost five hundred years later.Because Outworld has won this tournament, Shao Kahn restores Shang Tsung to his side as Outworld's sorcerer, and Goro as the emperor's second in command. Now they will need to finish the set of wins to invade Earth Realm, but neither Shao Kahn nor Shang Tsung is worried. Over five centuries, Outworld amasses eight more victories to make nine, while Rayden looks to the elder gods and demands to know when he will find the chosen one.

Chapter VI

The Sorcerer Moves around Earth Realm

Liu Kang's brother is killed by Shang Tsung, leading him back home.

Sonya tracks down Kano.

Johnny Cage is greeted by his sensei.

God of Thunder Meets the Chosen One

Liu meets Rayden at the Temple of the Order of Light.

Heroic Trio is United

The Earth Realm warriors arrive at the docks.

Shang Tsung and Rayden make their presences known.

Chapter VII

A Tournament Drenched in Tradition

The Earth Realm warriors receive an exhibition and discover Goro.

After Kitana shows them the way, their teamwork is put to the test.

Kombat Begins

Liu Kang starts off the tournament.

Sonya versus Kano.

Johnny Cage versus Scorpion.

Liu Kang versus Kitana.

Liu Kang versus Sub-Zero.

Chapter VIII

The Dragon Prince Shows No Mercy

Goro joins the tournament.

Rayden enlightens the Earth Realm fighters.

Kombat Begins

Johnny Cage versus Goro.

Shang Tsung kidnaps Sonya, Liu and Johnny travel to Outworld.

The Final Battle

Kitana leads Liu and Johnny to Shang Tsung's lair.

Liu Kang versus Shang Tsung.

The Emperor Intercedes

Liu Kang defeats Shang Tsung, saving Earth Realm.

Shao Kahn invades Earth Realm.

Chapter IX

The Merger Begins

Kahn and his army invade Earth Realm.

Johnny Cage suffers a fatal wound.

Earth Realm Retreats

Liu Kang and Kitana witness a Lin Kuei reunion.

The Emperor Reigns Supreme

Sonya reunites with Jax, and is ambushed by Cryax.

Kahn names Sindel new leader of Outerworld armies.

Soul Searching

Nightwolf aids Liu Kang, Jade attempts a seduction.

Sonya versus Mileena.

Chapter X

The Sacrifice of God

Rayden leads the Earth Realm warriors to Outworld.

Liu Kang rescues Kitana.

The Merger is Nearly Complete

Sindel and Jade trick Rayden.

Shinnok instructs his son to attack.

Final Kombat

Rayden is killed, and it's Earth Realm vs. Outworld.

The Elder Gods intercede, Liu Kang vs. Shao Kahn.

Earth Realm is Victorious

Earth Realm is restored, and Rayden becomes an Elder God.