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Mortal Kombat: Conquest - TV Show Mistakes

1. Episode 1: Warrior Eternal Part 1
When Shang Tsung transports the scorpion we see it enter a fire coloured portal in Outworld which then changes to a blue coloured portal on Earth Realm. In all other episodes the portals in the Earth Realm are fire coloured and the ones from Outworld are blue.

2. Episode 6: Noob Saibot
The whole time Siro is fighting the two guards his shirt becomes increasingly caked in oil except for a six-second segment in which it not only becomes sparklingly clean again but also alternates between being short-sleeved and long sleeved.


3. Episode 20: Stolen Lies
After Kung Lao and Siro have beaten the guy sent to recover the portal key, Siro pulls the man's mask off to check who he is. Cut to a close up and Siro pulls the mask off again.