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Mortal Kombat: Conquest - Fighters

The forces of good:

Kung Lao - Paolo Montalban

Earth's greatest warrior. Kung Lao is Earth's last hope. The original "chosen one", the warrior monk who saved the Earth Realm over 500 years ago, a true Mortal Kombat champion. On the outskirts of the city Zhu Zhin, in the old Temple of the Order of Light, Kung Lao was raised for one purpose: to represent Earth Realm in the tournament.

Taja - Kristanna Loken

A former thief, who is ready to die, but to help Kung Lao in his mission. Thanks to Rayden she saved Kung Lao for certain death in the second episode (Warrior Eternal Part 2). As a thief she has some unique skills which will help her and her friend in their quest for saving the Earth.

Siro - Daniel Bernhardt

Gen's ex guard. After her death Siro is chased away from her father. He joins Kung Lao and will help him to protect the Earth and to revenge for Gen's death.

Rayden - Jeff Meek

The god of the thunders is here to protect our world from the evil emperor Shao Kahn and the powers of Outworld. His mission is to find new warriors who are ready to fight for the future of their realm.

The forces of evil:

Shang Tsung - Bruce Locke

After he lost from Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat, Shao Kahn sends him to the cobalt mines of Shokan, where he must pay for his failure. This will be his prison for the eternity. But the sorcerer wants revenge and he will make everything to kill Kung Lao and his friends.

Vorpax - Tracy Douglas

Vorpax meets Shang Tsung in the cobalt mines of Shokan. She is also one of the prisoners there. She helps him in everything. But behind the mask of her beauty and devotion she hides the truth for her real past and her real mission.

Shao Kahn - Jeff Meek

Shao Kahn, the evil emperor of Outworld. He and his ambition are the greatest dangerous for the Earth. This time he is unstoppable and he is ready for everything to have the Earthrealm for himself.