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Mortal Kombat: Conquest Summary

Mortal Kombat: Conquest Cover Title: Mortal Kombat: Conquest

Produced by: New Line Cinema/Threshold Entertainment
Distributed by: Warner Bros.
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 22
Release Date: October 3rd, 1998

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In each of us there burns a soul of a warrior. In every generation a few are chosen to prove it. Centuries ago, in a time of darkness and fury, that fate befell three strangers. A monk Kung Lao, an exiled guard Siro and a thief Taja. Who have to defend our earth realm from the forces of Outworld. By fighting for their lives, by fighting for their honor and by fighting for their realm. In a tournament called Mortal Kombat.


- Season 1: Released
- Season 2: Cancelled

Release Date

- Season 1: October 3rd, 1998

DVD Release Dates

- Season 1: October 19th, 2005 (Australia)
- Season 1: March 31st, 2015 (US)

Cast and Characters (Season 1)

- Paolo Montalban as Kung Lao
- Daniel Bernhardt as Siro
- Kristanna Loken as Taja
- Tracy Douglas as Vorpax
- Bruce Locke as Shang Tsung
- Jeffrey Meek as Lord Rayden/Shao Kahn (as Jeff Meek)
- Jennifer Renton as Geneviere Reyland
- Percy Brown as Rain
- Jim Helsinger as General Reiko
- Kimball Sultan Uddin as Noob Saibot
- Jon Valera as Reptile


- Director: Reza Badiyi (episodes "Thicker Than Blood", "In Kold Blood", "Stolen Lies", "Vengeance")
- Director: Chip Chalmers (episode "Twisted Truths")
- Director: Peter Ellis (III) (episode "Shadow of a Doubt")
- Director: Bruce Seth Green (episodes "Quan Chi", "Kreeya")
- Director: Rick Jacobson ("Undying Dream")
- Director: Jim Johnston (I) (episodes "Essence, The", "Debt of the Dragon")
- Director: Charles T. Kanganis (episode "Unholy Alliance")
- Director: Harvey S. Laidman (episode "Master, The")
- Director: Doug Lefler (episode "Cold Reality")
- Director: Scott Paulin (episodes "Immortal Kombat", "Balance of Power")
- Director: Oley Sassone (episodes "Eternal Warrior 1", "Eternal Warrior 2")
- Director: Jack Sholder (episode "Serpent and the Ice, The")
- Director: Charles Siebert (episodes "Noob Saibot," "Festival of Death", "Flawed Victory")
- Co-Producer: Dean Barnes
- Co-Producer: Sean Catherine Derek
- Executive Producer: Steve Hattman
- Executive Producer: Lawrence Kasanoff
- Producer: Wayne Morris (III)
- Music by: Jonathan Sloate
- Cinematography by: Christopher Faloona
- Special Effects: Jerald Doerr