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Mortal Kombat Advance - Glitches

(This section contains 4 Mortal Kombat Advance Glitches)


Hit your opponent down with uppercut or roundhouse. Force him to go into the corner by running toward him. Now, try to uppercut him. At some point you will realize that this is impossible. You must play against a computer opponent to do this!

False Match End

Play with Rain. Try to do a "late" fatality when your opponent fall. Then the screen will do something like reply but with your fatality this time.

Lame A.I.

This glitch is tested with Kung Lao and Jax but it probably works with other characters too. Just hold Back + Block and the opponent will lead you from one corner of the background to the other.

Funny Shao Kahn Animation

Just kill Shao Kahn in the corner with uppercut, and he'll do a dizzy animation.

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