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Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) - News

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First In-Game Image Of Sindel In Mortal Kombat 11 [UPDATE]
by Roy Arkon on Nov 8, 2019 :: 0 Comments

Ed Boon has twitted this image of Sindel, who is next in line as a DLC character for Mortal Kombat 11, along with yet another cryptic line, "mortal sin". Here it is:

First Sindel MK11 In-Game Image

Quick reminder, Sindel is coming to MK11 in two weeks and a half on 11/26/2019, which means the trailer and the Kombat Kast stream for her should come very soon.

Boon has twitted yet another in-game image of Sindel, who appears alongside Nightwolf in one of her intros, and with the line of "You kept me from destroying Earthrealm", referring to Nightwolf killing Sindel in the story mode of Mortal Kombat 9 (2011). Here is the image:

Second Image Of Sindel In MK11

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Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack Reveal Trailer
by Roy Arkon on Aug 21, 2019 :: 0 Comments

The wait is finally over, the Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack trailer has arrived, showcasing the full cast of character to be included in it. Shang Tsung and Nightwolf are already out for everyone to download, and now we see the final four: Terminator T-800 (being modeled and voiced by none other Arnold Schwarzenegger himself), Sindel, the Joker (being voice by Richard Epcar, who voiced both Raiden and the Joker in Midway and NetherRealm Studios games since Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe), and finally Spawn.

On top of that, we also got the release date for each character:
*Terminator T-800 - 10/08/2019
*Sindel - 11/26/2019
*The Joker - 01/28/2020
*Spawn - 03/17/2020

Author's opinion: An awesome line up indeed. Already have so much fun with Shang Tsung (being the way to play Reptile in MK11) and Nightwolf is also great. Really looking forward to both Sindel and Joker, Terminator looks perfect thanks to Schwarzenegger, and it's great to finally see Spawn making it to Mortal Kombat.

So go order the Kombat Pack if you haven't done so already to get all of those characters and skins that will be available alongside them.

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Nightwolf Trailer This Thursday? [UPDATE #1 & #2]
by Roy Arkon on Jul 31, 2019 :: 0 Comments

Ed Boon has sent this Tweet in which he indicates that this Thursday it's possible that "the wolf will be sent". Does this indicates that we might get the Nightwolf reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 this Thursday? And if it's indeed the case, what does it mean for the rumors regarding a reveal for MK11 at EVO? Will it focus on revealing the entire MK11 Kombat Pack in a trailer form? We will have to wait and see.

Ed Boon has sent yet another Tweet which includes a new outro for Nightwolf, as well as a statement regarding the overall scale of updates and information regarding the Kombat Pack. This statement goes as follows:

"MK11 players waiting to hear news about DLC characters. We know this timing isn't ideal and FWIW this isn't our choice. But thanks for hanging in there with us. Things are still looking good for the Nightwolf game-play trailer tomorrow. Stay tuned..."

Author's opinion: One line to really take into account is the one that mentions that "this isn't their choice". The most logical assumption that can come out of this is that WB Games are pulling some strings behind the scenes that mess up the DLC schedule for MK11 by NetherRealm Studios. Of course, no one can deny that WB Games have helped a ton for the Mortal Kombat franchise, but they are not free of issues that they did with it in past ever since Mortal Kombat 9 (2011). Of course we still can't blame anyone as of right now, and wecan only hope that more information regarding the reason behind it will be revealed, but at least it's great to see that NRS once again have proved that they do listen to the fans and want to deliver to them, unlike people with questionable mindsets all over the internet would like to claim.

The official Mortal Kombat Twitter page has Tweeted this teaser for Nightwolf, which officially confirming that the Nightwolf trailer will indeed be released tomorrow.

Now all is left to do is wait for the Nightwolf trailer, and hopefully for a Kombat Pack trailer as well, possibly at EVO this weekend.

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166 Rapid Fire Questions With Ed Boon
by Roy Arkon on Apr 4, 2019 :: 1 Comments

Continuing with the exclusive Mortal Kombat 11 coverage by Game Informer, Ed Boon was set for a rapid fire interview, in which he was asked no less then 166 questions about various topics in addition to Mortal Kombat. That series of questions includes: What was the best selling MK game ever? Will Easy Fatalities be back in MK11? How long the MK11 story mode will be? Will it include alternate endings? What is the Mortal Kombat series all about and much more.

Check out the whole interview in this video from Game Informer's YouTube channel. Enjoy.

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A Lot Of MK11 News: Tag Mode, Krypt Info, Cetrion & More
by Roy Arkon on Apr 3, 2019 :: 0 Comments

We have now more news regarding Mortal Kombat 11, all which are explained in this video below from Dynasty. Here is a quick rundown:

* The Krypt is going to be played in third person, with the player controlling the character revealed in the Shang Tsung reveal video. And while it's not going to be intricate like a third-person adventure/action game, it will still include things such as traps, puzzles, unlockables, Easter Eggs, exclusive Gear and skins, and items that can be traded for other rewards.

* Tag Team mode will be featured for the first time since Mortal Kombat 9 (2011), although in a more limited format. That feature will be exclusive to the Towers of Time single player mode, with the Tag Team mode being one of the themes that the Towers will be themed around.

* Speaking of the Towers of Time, Derek Kirtizic from NetherRealm Studios also mentioned that one of the themes will be a theme based on Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, the action/adventure MK that was released back in 2005.

* The Towers of Time will also include competitive Co-Op with leaderboards.

* There will also be Group Battles in a similar way to the Guild Boss battles in Injustice 2, although it is also confirmed that there will be neither a Faction system (like there was in Mortal Kombat XL) nor a Guild system (like it was in IJ2) this time around.

* It is now revealed that Cetrion, the newest character in MK11, is an Elder God, and she is the sister of the fallen Elder God, Shinnok. And it's also being revealed that Kronika, the final boss of MK11, is the mother of both Shinnok and Cetrion.

Check out Dynasty's video below, which also includes screenshots of Cetrion and Erron Black, a new selectable skin for Noob Saibot, and a concept art for a new stage for D'Vorah.

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