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Fan Fiction - Mortal Kombat: Resurrection Chapter 4

Outworld, 100,000 years earlier...

Blaze sat on the big rock. His brown bullskin shorts were wet, and he had contemplated taking them off. But if he had, one of the monks would walk by, and that would be awkward, wouldn’t it. So he laid himself out in the sun, birds chirping overhead.

This was a time before the reign of Shao Kahn. Before he overthrew Jarrod and Sindel. Before the Outworld was turned into a burning wasteland. At this time, Jarrod and Sindel were happy. Sindel was with child. A baby name had already been voted on by the people. Kitana.

Blaze was only 21 years of age, yet he was becoming strong already. He trained, of course, and his teacher was the best around. Bo’ Rai Cho was admired by all, and once he saw Blaze that one day in the field doing his Hapkido exercises, he knew that a warrior had been born.

Now it was six years later, and Blaze was becoming one of Bo’ Rai Cho’s most advanced and promising students. His ability to burn things was unmatched in the Academy, and even the master himself was respectful of his power. But Blaze was careful not to get a big head. That was dangerous in a fight. You must always be prepared. And speaking of prepared...

Damn, class was starting. Not wanting to be late, Blaze rolled off the rock and began the walk to the Academy. He was smiling. For, really, there was nothing to be sad about. He was in a great realm, had a nice and humanly leader, and he was at the top of his class. Over all of that, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. Birds were chirping. The monks were outside, practicing their hymns. As he crossed over the Serpent River, he thought things couldn’t be better.

Of course, things hardly ever go the way you plan them. He was not halfway across the bridge when they came out of nowhere. Four men in dark red robes appeared out of thin air and grabbed Blaze. He was caught off guard, and before he had the chance to defend himself, a man had raised a fist and delivered a punch to his face. Blaze fell unconscious. His school books fell from his hands, and within seconds the men, along with Blaze, disappeared from the bridge.

Blaze came to hours later. His first thought was of his class, the second thought being Where the hell am I? He shook his head. Looking around, he saw that he was underground. Lava ran under the floor, visible through cracks in the stone. In the center of the room was an egg.

An egg. A large, huge, giant egg. Standing, Blaze figured that it was at least twice his height. He looked closely at it, but it seemed real. From his Reptilia studies, he knew that this was a lizard egg. But it was different. It looked as if it was a cell, almost. Like a holding cell. A loud noise rang out, and Blaze turned to face this new adversary.

The men that had captured him earlier strode into the room. They did not look at him, instead they never took their eyes off of the egg. The encircled it, bowed to it, and began to chant. They spoke in a language that seemed somewhat familiar to Blaze. Looking back into his studies of foreign cultures, he thought that he remembered this.

Oh yes, there it was. These people were speaking the Nethertounge. It was the language of the Netherrealm. The Netherrealm was where the criminals and the hell-bound went to serve out their sentence. Blaze had never been there, and he did not wish to go. Just learning about the place gave him an eerie feeling.

The men in robes began to chant louder. They were walking in circles around the egg, bowing and chanting. Blaze turned in place, watching them. He was scared, but not too scared. He was in what looked like a volcano. This was his field, his power was greater here. Raising his hands, he focused on one of the lava pools.

The lava bubbled. He smiled, and the lava started to creep out of the small valley it was in and towards the men in robes. His skin, already a dark orange, burned and actually started to steam. His grin escalated into a giant smile, his bright yellow teeth glinting. The lava crept forward, and almost reached the chanting men.

But it didn’t. A chain that had been laying on the ground flew up and wrapped itself around Blazes wrist. He struggled, but it was useless. It tied itself in a knot, then dragged him over to the pedestal that the egg sat on, twisting itself around the base of the column. Blaze held out his other hand, trying to bring the lava out and too him, but his power wasn’t strong enough. it seemed like the chains were draining him of his strength.

The chanting grew faster, as did the movements. Suddenly they stopped, faced the egg, and all raised their right arms.
“Flamaro Chirogi Guardione.”
They chanted it over and over. Blaze could not move, his powers gone, and his strength diminished by the immense heat.

They chanted louder, and louder, until Blaze felt that his ears were going to explode. Then they stopped. He opened his eyes and looked around. They were all staring at him. One took a step forward and raised his palm. Under his feet, Blaze felt an invisible force pushing him up. He floated into the air, the chain automatically untangling and letting him go up.

The man held his left hand steady, and used the other one to remove his hood. Looking into the eyes of his captor, Blaze saw emptiness. It had a lizard-like face, and the skin was scaly and pale green and blue. It smiled, then spoke, slowly, deliberately, and in the native tongue of Outworld.
“You...Guard...Egg.” he said. He turned, and watched as one by one the lizard people filed out of the room. He then turned back to Blaze.
“Guardian Of Egg. Dragon King Egg. Guard well.” Then he turned around and left the room. The door that he exited shimmered, and then disappeared into thin air. Blaze fell to the stone floor with a loud crash.

He stood up and turned in a circle. There was no way out. And, he knew, the lizards wouldn’t be back.

There he stayed for thousands and thousands of years. Until, one day, something happened...

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Written by: C. J. "Wingman" Zepplin
Date: September 11th, 2010