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Fan Fiction - Mortal Kombat: Resurrection Chapter 3


Scorpion had tied Saibot up to a small column. The rusty chains were digging into the man’s skin, and soon they would cut off his blood circulation. To hell with it. No amount of money was worth this. Noob may have a wide wallet, but his pain tolerance was very low.
“Alright, what do you want to know?”

Scorpion walked over to him. He crouched down to his level and stared at the man, his milky white eyes giving no indication of his next move. They stared at each other for almost thirty seconds, neither one of the men moving. Finally Scorpion spoke.
“What is your name, and what is you purpose?”
Noob was quiet for a moment. The man talked robotically, as if he wasn’t really speaking. But the strength of the man was no joke.
“My name is Noob Saibot.”

“Noob Saibot. Where are you from?” Scorpion still had not moved. It was inhuman, to stay in a crouch for that long.
“The Netherrealm.” Before Scorpion could ask his next question, Saibot went ahead and blurted everything out. “I was hired by Shinnok to come here and steal the medallion from Sub-Zero.”

Upon hearing his name, the blue ninja turned for the first time and actually studied the man in black.
“Shinnok, did you say?”
“Yeah-yes.” replied Saibot. His eyes were wide with respect, for his employer had told stories of this ninja’s powers. No, not ninja. Lin Kuei. They used to be ninjas, but broke off.
“Where is Shinnok?”
“I do-do-do-do not know.” stuttered the man. “He contacted me in the d-dark.”
“Where in the dark?” pressed Sub-Zero. Scorpion reached his arm out and grabbed Noob by the throat.
“Do not lie.” he said.

A bright light shone down suddenly into the hall.
“Dammit!” shouted Sub-Zero. He began to run back towards the pedestal where the medallion was. He reached it just in time and inserted the medallion into a small groove in the stone. The light reached a point on the floor that was more polished than others, and it reflected off of that into the ceiling, then bounced around on a series of mirrors, lighting up the room and the pedestal in particular.

Scorpion turned around in the light. Every corner of the room started to move, and the dark shapes that were unnoticeable before suddenly were clear. Six figures in black garbs, similar to Saibot’s, advanced upon the three men. Sub-Zero hadn’t noticed, he was reading out some ancient chant.

Scorpion turned back to Saibot, but he was gone. The chains that had held the man only seconds before were in a clump at the column base. He leaped to a standing position and turned to face the men in black. Assuming a Pi Gua stance, he raised one arm to protect his face and dropped one to his waist. Behind his mask, a small smile formed on his face.

Sub-Zero read the writing on the pedestal to himself, oblivious of the fighting that was going on behind him. Soon, it would be over soon. The bright light began to fade in the room, and if he did not hurry, the writing would be unreadable for thousands of years. For it was every 10,000 years that the moon made this exact lunar path, and only the light of the moon would make the etchings readable.

Scorpion grabbed one man’s wrist, lifted it up, then took his other arm and set it under it, then jerked down. The man screamed as his wrist broke, then he lost his breath as Scorpion gripped his throat and squeezed.

The letters were beginning to fade. Sub-Zero cursed under his breath and read faster.

Someone punched Scorpion in the back. He turned, grabbed him, and threw him into the wall. Another man flipped out a switchblade that he had hidden, then slashed it across Scorpion’s wrist. His glove fell away, revealing a skeletal hand underneath. Scorpion stared at the man, who’s face was full of terror. He pulled his arm back and dropped the knife, shaking.
Scorpion reached his bone hand up to his mask. He placed all fingers under it, then raised it to the middle of his nose. It was all bone, no flesh. Blood dripped off his jawbone. He smiled.
The man screamed, and Scorpion opened his mouth. His eyes turned from their usual milky white to orange, and he exhaled deeply. Fire shot out of his mouth and engulfed the black ninja. Lowering his mask, his eyes returned to his normal color.

Sub-Zero finished reading the pedestal. He looked up, waiting for something to happen. But nothing did. He turned around and saw Scorpion standing in the middle of the room, dead men all around him.
“What happened?”
Scorpion looked around. He shrugged. “Followers. Is it done?”
Now it was Sub-Zero’s turn to shrug. “I don’t know.”
“Come, let us leave.”
Sub-Zero joined Scorpion, and they both walked out of the hall.

Many hours after they had left, Noob Saibot returned to the hall. His body materialized right next to where he was previously bound. He smiled, knowing that the two ninjas were wondering where he had gone. His group had been killed, though. Oh well, it was a necessity. He walked up to the pedestal and reached into the hole in it’s center. He removed the medallion. Turning, he walked back down the stairs, stepping carefully so as not to slip on the blood.

“You have done well, my son.” Shinnok said.
“And my reward?” Noob asked.
“Of course. As payment for your loyal services, Noob Saibot, I offer you the gift of your existence.”
“My existence?”
“Understand, ninja. I shall soon consume all energies, including the life forms of all that live. But I shall spare you.”
“If it weren’t for me, you would still be rotting at the pit of the Netherrealm.”
“Silence!” Shinnok raised his arms and a red mist appeared. He pointed at Noob, then shouted in a high, crisp voice. The mist zoomed toward Saibot. He screamed, but it was too late. He was consumed by it, coved on all sides. Then it sucked into his mouth. His eyes wide, he looked around at Shinnok, who wore a big smile. Saibot gasped for air. Then he exploded.

Laughing, Shinnok held the medallion high over his head. It glowed red, as did his eyes. His laughed echoed off the walls, and the sky above his glass dome was cloudy. With red clouds.

The hall was quiet now. All of the excitement had passed, for now at least. The pedestal was still there, and it was pulsing with a red light. Unbeknownst to Shinnok, or Sub-Zero, was that the chant had been completed and the curse was made. The Guardian would be back soon. And then it would be done.

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Written by: C. J. "Wingman" Zepplin
Date: September 11th, 2010