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Fan Fiction - Mortal Kombat: Resurrection Chapter 2

Let’s Go Back...

Sub-Zero led his friend down the stairs. Down here it was brighter, torches lined the walls. He knew that time was short, that soon the deadline would pass, and he would have to wait.
“Damn it!” He said, tripping over a rat. He fell down, unable to steady himself. Red spots lined his vision. His head cracked against the stone floor. He blacked out.

“What do you want from me?”
“You killed my family!”
Sub-Zero’s mind was clouded. He was reliving the past.
“To defeat my nemesis...I needed the power of a specter.”
“You killed my family!” Scorpion shouted. He ran at Sub-Zero, fire burning in his eyes. And his face.
His head was a skull, flame engulfing it all over. Jaws wide, his ninja garb was tattered, revealing the skeleton underneath...

“The times have changed.” It was Grandmaster Chi. “We must catch up with the new world order. The Lin Kuei and the ninjas have been at each others throats for too long, and this fusion of man with machine will undoubtedly bring about this peace, which we have so longed desired.”

“Shh.., come.” replied Smoke. He raised a metallic arm.
“Are you still in there?” Sub-Zero asked.
“I think so...”

Fire rained down upon his head. Raising his arm, ice spread out from his fingertips and created a shield around his body. Every ember that hit the ice weakened it, and soon it cracked. Covering his eyes, he ran towards his boat. Once he reached it, he jumped into the belly of the small craft.

But there was no craft. He fell through the illusion, down into the water. He tried to come up for breath, but there was no air. Screaming, he fell down, through the sand that was not really there, the black water consuming him, yet he could not feel it. His last vision came up on a wave, and it was of Scorpion. The shibito ran towards a man dressed in green, and then there was a great explosion of light and heat.

And then he woke up.

“Friend. Friend.” said Scorpion, shaking Sub-Zero on the shoulder. “Are you alright?”
He sat up. “I think so.”
“You took a big fall. Come, it is almost time.” Scorpion waited as Sub-Zero pushed himself up.
“You did not damage it, I hope?” Scorpion asked, his eyes as white as the smoke around them. Sub-Zero reached inside his vest pouch and felt around. He sighed in relief and removed his hand.
“No, it is fine.”
“Then we should continue.”

It was hard for the man in hiding to suppress the laugh he felt while watching Sub-Zero fall, but he had. It wasn’t worth enough, not enough to jeopardize his mission. And with the torches it was harder to hide himself. Shinnok would not tolerate his failure.
Shinnok himself was interesting as an employer. He was not powerful, not anymore, but there was an aura around him that suggested he had great strength. He scared Saibot, but he needed the money. And, once he had captured the medallion, Shinnok promised him great wealth.

“This is it.” Sub-Zero said. Scorpion looked around.
“I hear something.”
“I hear nothing. Look, there is the pedestal.” He removed the gold medallion from his pouch, the gold and the jewels glinting in the firelight. He raised it high, above his head, and set it on the steed.

A loud clang rang out in the hall. Scorpion whirled around and threw out his spear, the chain automatically mending itself and forming a new blade. It struck something in the shadows, and Scorpion tugged it toward him. It was a man in a black thief outfit, robes around his head and torso. He grimaced at the pain, but said nothing.

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Written by: C. J. "Wingman" Zepplin
Date: September 11th, 2010